Why are you so stupid?

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_tAmC2XUazktI8There are no perfect people. Each of us has a number of disgusting traits that we are trying to get rid of in a lifetime. And all of them are like the Hydra — getting rid of one, new. But people still can live a decent life, because personality is a set of not only positive settings, and various system errors, bugs. It would be boring to live in a world where everyone would be a refined ideal. So your flaws are part of yourself, and gait, taste, education, and manner of speaking.But among all the disadvantages that must be destroyed at the root as soon as you noticed him. We’re not talking about drug abuse, sadism, or other terrible things (this refers to the men in white coats). The main drawback of the human person, which owns almost the entire population of this planet is stupidity. And not the stupidity of the wise man, when he understands that he knows nothing about this world, and therefore, it is necessary to study. But she is clumsy, true, nothing blurred stupid that you might demonstrate almost every day. It’s not your intellectual abilities they can be on top, you can even be a member of the RAS, but to be stupid. Stupid in the understanding of the interaction with the simple things that surround us. And that’s too bad. After all, when all around you no one will remain when the meteorite hit Earth, leaving alive only you and a handful of hamsters, then you just die. For there is no one to help you so always ask.

The mind is not just a bunch of information in your head

It is also the ability to use it. True. You can be very encyclopaedic bookworm who knows all the history of the Iberian Peninsula by the hour, but at the same time, you may not be able to use the kettle, iron or turnstile. Smart man and well-read people — are concepts that are close but are not identical. A smart guy can do without all this burden of millions of letters (although we recommend you to read still) and, most importantly, to reach good positions in society. Why’s he doing? Why do you think «people» it a fabulous life? The answer is simple: they know how to use even the meager information they received. So we think that really smart guy is perfectly able to adapt to unfamiliar conditions. If it curled in the jungle, likely to survive such a person will be much greater — he will find a source of water, guess where you sleep, and where not, have a wife from the tribe tukuna.

Education yourself

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_S67F08ayoJjniWhy are some people able to be independent and others not? Why some instead of having to get their colleagues endless questions, find their own solution to the problems, while others can not do without helping hands? It’s not in nature, and in education. In contemporary society many men are afraid to be independent, you yourself have noticed, perhaps even by myself. We are afraid to take responsibility that we are traditionally waiting, and so like helpless puppies who are waiting for mercy and support from more senior colleagues. But there is no «older», there are no «experts» in your way. Simply, there are people who are not afraid to take responsibility for their mistakes and actions and you have to join a good community of people who are not afraid to take risks.

Yes, maybe the parents caressed you from all sides, and you were mom’s little boy. Then you fell into the clutches of a girl who became your concrete wall, the fence that protects you from aggressive world. All seems to be the opposite, but you made it. It’s bad. But not critical, because you can and educate yourself. How to do it? Refuse of any kind. Start doing everything by yourself. The more you expose your brain to the violence of self-selection, the better you will be given the choice. Going to make a lot of mistakes, so. But learn to use their brains.

None of you will not solve your problem

This expression is let into your soul as soon as you realize the futility of their existence. Did you use the kindness of loved ones, transferred to them their duties, and, in the end, learned nothing. Loved ones soon cease to be friends, because they bothered to babysit you — they have their own life. So why not start a little to think for themselves? So, to delve into some uncharted territory is always difficult. But if you need length and breadth to explore, such as Photoshop, then why ask for help? You’re an adult uncle, can Google all the necessary information to find something on YouTube yourself and become a master of editing. If you find it difficult, it’s just another excuse to strain more, because if you can’t learn these things now, then in old age the brain is completely atrophied.

Including the brain

Zaradi.com.ua_18.08.2016_u9sBh7Bqi9O2tGenerally it is strange that the image of the foolish man is the image of the person dependent. Why is he not independent? Because you can’t use your brain like we wrote about this above. In a sense, the amorphousness of Russian society in terms of economy, politics and culture is also a consequence of stupidity — unwillingness to include brains. Why do we have these elections? What the hell I read about the Russian economy and the crisis? Why should I go to the theatre? Of course, you are all to one place, because for you have put all the priorities that made you dependent on the state and cultural level. And if a person has no opinion, backed by experience and knowledge and, most importantly, a conscious choice, then who is he, a fool?

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