Why are you so afraid of change

Why are you so afraid of change

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_xWsfOh9WzGK1SWhen in your life something bad happens, you stranglehold bulldog cling to these moments, concentrating on the problems. And memories of all the good disappear so quickly, like they never existed. Change can be absolutely a necessary tool for changing your life for the better. But, unfortunately, there is an equal chance that things will only get worse. Change is an integral part of life that it is impossible to ignore, and sooner or later the question of such a choice will appear before you in all its sheer size. You can’t avoid change, but you can just hate it by default. But why? Today we will try to answer this question.


«Better a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush»… the Last words sink in a swamp of shitty domestics and the futility of man. So, you are not satisfied with the current state of Affairs, but, hell, it can be even worse! Maybe Yes, maybe no. You can never change your life that you’re not satisfied for any reason, if you’re going to sit around and do nothing. Or are you willing to risk your comfort that’s made you grumpy old man, eternally dissatisfied whiner, for possible prospects to use your life like you always wanted, but were afraid?

Some people are willing to take the risk, but most don’t. Therefore, the majority is gray, the biomass, which is not clear for what purpose treads this earth. To buy a new car and the flagship smartphone — the plan maximum for this year. And the older we get, the more afraid of losing what we already have. We spent so many years reaching and developing what you already have, and the thought of any risk to her own life, surrounded by things from IKEA, resulting in superstitious terror. That’s just the pseudo-retardation stops personal, spiritual and emotional development of the person, transforming it into a multipurpose vegetable.


Change in reality is one of the most difficult things a person can do. Where to start? Which way to go? What to bring and what to finally throw overboard? The problem is that there is no one right answer, script or template. It is possible to decide to turn her life upside down, should be something unusual, something that will overflow the Cup and break the backs of the poor camel. At such moments, something in you clicks, and you understand that ready to move, travel into the unknown without a return ticket, jump from one plane of life to another.

Perhaps you will have similar «Aha!»-moment, and possibly never will. Can you squander your time, while in this waiting room. On the other hand, the gradual realization, deliberate steps and a slow but steady path to change — better the above turning points. You will be able to develop a plan, organically inscribed in it all the elements of the equation, and not go on about the circumstances.


Each of us wants to be self-sufficient, and the idea to keep relying on someone other than yourself, does not cause violent delight. We act only when it is really needed or we have no other choice. So, if you have the opportunity to shamefully hide your head in the sand, we will certainly use this chance, but would not make the hard decisions. Any system tends toward stability and balance, but with each your leg shackled. And the name of his – «laziness» and «cowardice».


Any change is stressful, the probability of a crushing blow to Ego when you begin to feel too weak and helpless, unable to finish begun up to the end. There is no turning back, and to clean up the rubble, blocking the path to success, it is necessary to raise the lowered arm. Failures are a part of our life, and stronger than trying to change it, the harder you fall when things go awry. We hate change because they are lead by the hand of frustration and pain, which we hate even more.


Time is not slowing down, it never stops flowing, and the changes are a reminder of the inevitable end of human life. The older you get, the more hateful for you any changes. The more the world changes around you, the more I realize that the situation a long time is not under your control, and years of your life flow away like sand through his fingers. Stay wrapped in my warm and safe cocoon, because you’re thirty now, and you’re too old for this shit.


Human beings are quite characteristic of an educated desire to plan for the future to best take advantage of future changes in our environment. Just as you would the painted or not sort through possible events that may happen that something unexpected and unforeseen.

You also know this and hate it. Therefore it is better to solve problems, which she tossed to fate, than to think about how to correct the matter in their own hands, accusing himself of folly and stupidity. You tried, you failed. Better to burrow in self-pity than to start all over again. You’ll never make the same mistake. Although really just stuck somewhere in the middle, and not finding the courage to continue the fight, took himself in hand after the failure.

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