Why are we shitty generation

shitty generation

Our generation is often criticized. The word «our» I mean, apparently, those born in the mid-eighties to mid-nineties — I remember in generation includes people born in any decade. So, we criticize. While I understand that this is a common trend: older people will always grumble at those who are younger — there’s nothing you can do about it. In another case. When I separate myself and look at us from the side, I in truth think that we are some fools. Why? Now tell.

We have nothing in common

If we look back at the past, it becomes apparent that at least the last century was rich in reasons for action, which United young women for something more. One revolution, the other revolution, the First world war, Great Patriotic war, five-year plan, increased development of industry, to catch up and overtake America — we constantly need something. What we have now? Even the upcoming Sochi Olympics are perceived differently than the one that took place in Moscow in the Soviet years. Why? Don’t even want to breed this holivar. We now have nothing in common, we never get anywhere, we have no common goal which would be above the personal. We therefore worthless generation.

We rely too much on technology

Yeah, I know, old argument, but still he does not cease to be true. What happens if you break or lose the phone? All contacts are lost, no handwritten notebooks. No, seriously, do you have a notebook with phones? I don’t have. We manage your life from the laptop, once again not to raise your butt and not move to desktop. We are forever digging in the Internet, understand the latest joke from social networks, and how to establish a relationship with a neighbor, do not have a clue. We are helpless. And so we too bad generation.

We don’t have to overcome

Seriously. Is there a need? Have you ever downright awful in poverty, could not afford to buy food and knew where to get help can not? You fight your way in this big scary world, forced his way through difficulties, proving to myself and everyone else? Don’t be ridiculous! Almost all have higher education, everyone can afford not to hurry to find a good job in the office instead of standing at the counter McDuck, we, unlike our ancestors, can easily even leave the village because we have a passport (in Stalin’s time, the farmers have the luxury of not was) — in short, in a normal condition. Live and prosper. And no worries.

We have some silly examples to follow

Now let’s look at the world I adored mass culture. Honestly, I find its aesthetics. First, popular culture is much broader than many think, and the underground starts much deeper than many can imagine, so I see no reason to beat yourself heel in the chest, proving kontrkulturnaya another metal-salasaca. Secondly, this is mass culture can be exciting, interesting and enjoyable, and it makes no sense to deny it, the build of a refined aesthete or like the student, will appear on the wall steal of the class with chalk: «REP — cal’s».

In short, our role models. A very controversial topic. I agree, sometimes there is a feeling that the talent in the world means almost nothing. All our editorial staff is affected phenomenon Nicki Minaj: her music is neither of us like, it looks frankly not really moving too. How many fans? Or the same Macklemore — it’s all a mystery to me. Have you seen his clips? Cars, crazy outfits, the weirdest and extremely expensive scenery — where he got so much dough? About it nobody has heard of three years ago! If some rich guy just can afford to be a pop star. I have the feeling that connections and money can do for you all that we are and seek to emulate, forgetting that connections and money are acquired only through long and hard work. And this fact makes the generation crappy.

We all want to get rich quick

When another lucky, something knocks on Kickstarter or sell the world some interesting concept, many of us start itching in the ass, saying, what have I done? I also know how can also, here I am, uncut diamond from the depths of the Siberian ores! And what makes this new diamond? The trick tirelessly and without losing faith? Nothing of the sort! He devotes several hours of his venture, suffers over it haphazardly and soon throws the case, not seeing him any dividends. We don’t just want to get rich — we want to do it quickly, in an instant, without lifting a finger — here’s the dream. She’s not exactly paint — rather, turns in a truly shitty generation.

Such insights. Not to say that I knew the recipe from this disaster — just shared with you my observations. If you know what to do — accomplish your goal in the comments. As I don’t need to do absolutely nothing. This, if anything, this stage of evolution — or its dead end.

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