Why are we looking for enemies among their

Zaradi.com.ua_18.10.2016_1Zg7HEFzoD7UzA human being is brutal, harder the lion eats the cubs of his rival from pride, and female praying mantis, which bites off the head of her husband as soon as he will release seeds to reproduce. Sometimes it seems that man is the only creation of the universe, which shows the violence against the middle mindlessly, «for fun.» But if you delve into the wilds of social psychology, we find that many destructive relationships inside the companies is quite logical, though unpleasant. But you can always avoid going back to the original state, if you have a head on his shoulders.At school you studied the structure of modern society, where, as you found out, the common system is only a superstructure over hundreds of thousands of smaller groups, which each other in any way cannot be crossed. One person can be in several groups. For example, for political reasons you can be attributed to the anarchists, and working up to Manager of sales of a particular company. No reason to explain the conflicts that arise at the site of confrontation between these groups. Anarchists will always love nationalists and Nazis everywhere and always will be hated in return. Attitudes and goals are different, hence the carnage, conflict and hatred. But what happens when the enemies start to appear in the external environment and the internal? Why do people seek and often find the enemy among his own? And whether the hostile attitude?

This question can be answered by social psychology and, more specifically, the effect of «black sheep». According to him, relations within the group are more polarized than the relationship outside the group. That is, if in your workplace someone is showing miracles of tact, you with great enthusiasm to make friends with him, but if he differs from you, or working or just talking weird, his destiny — to become the «black sheep», which under certain circumstances will try to survive from the team. He is not fulfilling the norms established within the group and therefore it is perceived much more negative than a stranger that they are not performing.Armed with this knowledge? Now look around you — look at the people who work and live together with you, be sure to think about all the societies where you are, and even chat rooms, where the flood of hundreds of messages per minute. All of this small social group, to which you have a direct relationship. They you occupy a certain place, perhaps even the leader (we congratulate you), and perhaps a place of antagonist. You can also be a passive participant, but it is boring because the most interesting events are born in the interaction of leader and antilinear. The existence of the latter due to the inability of a leader to be a leader, that is, to find allies, to find a compromise and be able to manage people. If in team there is a point of resistance, then the cause of this is often a weak leader. Nature abhors the weak, so the conflict can not be avoided, not inhibited. You can only decide, but for this we need to understand why there is such a situation.

Every human group since the days of the last wild was in a state of constant danger. Weak groups perished under the onslaught of saber-toothed beasts or copies an enemy tribe. To look for the enemy within the group — classes, the equivalent of death, because the world itself was the enemy of man. Now the dust had settled, the man was able to relax. No major wars is not, and we all arrive at rest, but it’s artificial. Millennia of human life tell us that we should be afraid of, to look for enemies and kill them first, otherwise kill you. To the world we are absolutely not suited.

Look at the military conflicts that are born in the middle East or the Arabian Peninsula. They are absolute nonsense, if you stand on the position of rationalism.

People are fighting to get worse, because can not long be in the world.

European man is not far removed from such practices, but we are looking for enemies closer so there was no need to hop on a plane and fly to Damascus. In the absence of an external threat, we create an internal danger. And we do it often unconsciously. Here and there a «fifth column» and «enemies of the people». Terms that have arisen in the minds of headless boys, hungry for blood. Do not care that the government manipulates this state is clear in the rhetoric of the news, but you have a brain. They, like it or not, but I have to think. Especially when you roam in search of the enemy within a small team.

manygoodtips.com_18.10.2016_ut2mqjX6E5LKeThe reason for this search, according to social psychology: group goal that can be called home. The goal should be aggressive and predatory, because the man himself — he was still an aggressive asshole. If the leader manages to create such a goal, all the forces of the group will come together in unison. If this goal is not, then the group will search for the objective inside. It should be understood that the aggression can be expressed completely peacefully. Favorite target of the humanists-techies, for example, is expressed in «conquest of space», where a required item is the creation of human colonies in other star systems. It is not for aggressive expansion? But when this sort of thing society does not put before him, it begins to look for «extra» people usually shot them in droves, and then cry for him because «they know not what they do». It all sounds globally, but similar stories can happen at the level of groups of 3-4 people.

For example, there is a conditional firm where the fall sale. The head of the company decides to focus all his attention on the repression of employees to optimize business processes. Start cleaning, be «the flaws of the system», but the firm continues to lose money. Why?

Because instead of having to develop, to fix problems, the leader decided to find someone to blame.

In these situations, dismissed the culprit is replaced by another, and then the next, and so on to infinity, while the Bank does not declare the owner bankrupt. Optimization is good, but it will not save the working team, which has no real aggressive and selfish goals. This happens in cases of inability to identify the leader among a group of alternative opinion leaders. A smart man immediately embeds them into the system, and stupid — trying to reset them, ensures a happy future, because the opinion leader can be stronger than a figurehead.

If you need examples, you need not go far: the decay of rock bands, splitting of companies, infinite courts within organizations and, Yes, a coup d’etat. A revolution different from revolution in that it is usually a conflict within the ruling elite, that is, a small group of people who concentrated all power in his hands. Recently you had the opportunity to observe a bad performance in Turkey, where the military tried to overthrow President Erdogan. The conflict arose in a moment of epic standing on Taksim square, it began much earlier — in the government halls of Ankara. In place of these war will come the other guys are angry, you can be sure of it. This can happen before your eyes when you watch the fight between the nominal leader of the group and its underground leader, who will call an enemy and an asshole. Now was the time to stock up on popcorn and see who will be the winner.

The «enemy» in a small group is active people with its position. If his activity is perceived as good, then there is no conflict, will not be Union and prosperity, and improve relations between all community members. But if such activity is perceived by the leader as something that is destructive, harmful and more, it would be two scenarios:

a) change of government (the enemy becomes the leader and the leader of the enemy);

b) the enemy is pushed out of the group, there is a it apart.

In fact, everything in the animal Kingdom, is nothing new. The wolf pack definitely has a leader. If you believe the BBC, the leader is not born — it becomes through the pain, suffering and misunderstanding of the team. Zoologists are inclined to think that the leader of the pack is often a renegade from another pack, who chewed and beaten. In the end, such a «sucker» leaves from the pack and arrange your own. Is there something human, or we have something animal — it is difficult to understand.

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