Why are large family – it’s sad, not cool

For five consecutive years, our country was a very strange pastime – to say that the birth rate since the Soviet Union exceeded the death rate. Five years, if not more, apparently, that we fully believe in it. And what is the main prescription for recovery demographic collapse? Right, high fertility and large families. Regarding the latter, there are many questions. Our government and all leaders cry some heresy about the traditional Russian family, about a peasant family, which had 13 children and happy mothers-heroines, look unhappy and tired.

We are not China: many areas, the population is small. Well, as little comfortable areas in our country a little bit. From the far Northern cities of the smooth columns of people move to the South, closer to the water and heat. Moreover, most cities are not providing their citizens with housing. And apartment prices are such that the parent capital is not enough. Of course, if to give birth to four, it will last for a one-bedroom apartment in a new building. In the crowded but not mad, as they say, six of us, but as the ancestors! That’s the joy! Although the Federal law and promised to give to large families the earth under housing construction, in fact, the land handed out reluctantly.

Too sarcastically? Sorry, I don’t put the population in such conditions and don’t need to tell you that the joy of fatherhood and moral grace needs to be more hedonistic needs. Of the happy lifestyle of the parents will be discussed shortly, but for now let’s talk about the banner, which needs to go fans to «be fruitful and multiply». The flag depicts the traditional family: mom, dad and three kids. Around this flag was even an interesting story: one of the Deputy «United Russia» (no matter what his name is) was even accused that he stole the logo of the French movement La Manif Pour Tous, which opposes gay marriage, but there three kids. By the way, it was very fun to listen to excuses that the Deputy who threw the blame on the artist. By the way, calling names and contact information of the artist, he flatly refused, because «he’s a creative person and not used to communicate with the press.» The MP said that the idea of the flag allegedly discussed with the French, but those from something said about copyright infringement. Apparently, once again to annoy the damned «Rusam». But back to the flag. Isn’t that a nice cheerful picture? Only here in life all not so fun.


In General, for a very very traditional pattern it is worth noting that kids should be much more from the mother after 30 needs to develop chronic mastitis or uterine prolapse – popular in Russian villages and in large families the disease. What should be the head of the family? He must be nervous, weary and sad, because if you don’t get a billion-dollar inheritance or capital turn, you’ll have to work twelve hours a day to feed this Horde, as, indeed, worked traditionally the breadwinners of the traditional family. And you will not be neither extreme nor life’s pleasures, no expensive booze, no trips to the gym, because stupidly there is no time and nothing.

Vladimir Solovyov, for example, is the proud owner of eight children. In his Holiness Okhlobystin – 6. Abramovich – 8, Mick Jagger – 7, and the list goes on. They like to put an example (and they don’t mind), only to forget to remind you that these children from different marriages. Well, God with them, with these different marriages, these people earn enough to for the New year to get a new pair of socks, and good gifts. Even though they have to work like dads Carlo. To tour with the solo performances, play in shit, to say something with which they disagree. But they earn enough, whereas in poor families children are increasingly taken to the guardianship. This is despite the fact that the parents – normal, sober people. Just poor. Be prepared not to get out of back-breaking work, and you need to find yourself another job.

And forget about the rest. Now, you can enjoy your «fruit of love», but do not forget that children bring many problems. And they grow, cry, indulge, them all need to pay attention to. Came home exhausted – and again in battle. Don’t think you will be able to stay in silence. And don’t expect to relax on vacation, hope you have it all will be suddenly some kind of part time job will turn up.

Simply put, a lot cheaper condom than the child. Young parents there is one idiotic trait: they think that the child is a very fun and simple. A couple of months they start to «fuse» their grandparents.



Most children, as is often the case, unsolicited. Someone afraid to have an abortion for religious reasons, who on moral and ethical (as well, it’s murder), and someone out of fear that you will not be able to get pregnant. Okay in the villages, there is sometimes a paramedic there, and love that I want, and often love under the green serpent, and at such times difficult to control yourself.

But most often the reason lies in the ladies ‘ idiocy. The frightened woman, knowing that inside her sits someone, for some known only to her reasons, gaining confidence and keeping the baby. Thus, comes a lot of unwanted children.

Rarely give birth to only «Catalonia», some do it for religious reasons, some see this as their mission, but some people just don’t know how to control it. Anyway, the kids parents have no time left, and where it to take if you want to earn stupid. Educated by elder sisters and brothers, sometimes no, children are left to themselves, because older is not always wakes up responsibility for the younger. Parents find it difficult to pay attention to everyone in the family is born of jealousy, in the end, everything ends sadly, cretinism and gangsterism. Not everyone turns to raise a Horde of normal. To check which lessons have four children at once?

We like to show the discouraged parents, surrounded by at least an embarrassed crowd of children in front of the camera smoothly, as if the dwarfs from the cartoon of Cinderella to help relatives. Unfortunately, the reality is not always so. The eldest son in prison, the eldest daughter to 18 years, the second time gave birth. And normally, once live. Somehow…

The family has its black sheep

The saddest feature in a large family are more likely to have a child with special needs. Most likely, at least one child would be disabled simply by the law of large numbers. Are you ready for this? Many are not willing, this child is much more difficult, and some healthy children to educate normally can’t.

Do not forget that a woman’s body will also cease to be attractive after the third confinement. It’s not a toy, this is a serious matter, a woman’s body, though created for procreation, but very exhausting. Problems with the teeth, spine, stretching is only a small.


Even the presence of two adorable tots hard on the budget. Baby products under the laws of the market are the same as adults. Kind of like will want to buy their child a licensed form of the German national team, but to the other three was not jealous, need to buy something and they. And eat would be nice.

You can talk about the traditional family, happiness, unity. Only here the children interact with their peers, who can afford to go on Sundays, bowling, ride the sea, play computer, and you have no money for that. You don’t think about the value, and that in our more or less developed century, your children will develop complexes. And try to explain to them than having 4 brothers, which sometimes does not happen, it is better to separate rooms.

We are sure that you will not become one of those dirty half-drunk obrigado scenes from «Let them talk» mushrooming drunk future traitors and criminals that you are smart enough to give birth to as many children as you can support.

Other times

Earlier the large family was necessary. There was a high percentage of infant mortality, not all survived and those who survived, helped on the farm. It was the workers who worked for the food in the literal sense. Besides, now more or less eliminated the need for dynastic marriages and arranged marriages. So stop looking at large families of Muslims, to be jealous of them. They have a society differently constituted, in many Muslim countries even children’s homes no, not leave their. We have to live so far. So, before looking at her love, think, and do not doom you to a miserable life, you will be able to give them a decent upbringing and education. And think about yourself, if you can live without pleasures, sacrificing all for children?

Don’t forget the main thing: where to get help, state help, the weather will not play. Please note that all calls to «be fruitful», in addition to improving the demographics do not promise anything. It’s funny, there are 146 million good life can’t guarantee, but the urge to increase the number of children.

Do not think that we are childfree. We do not hate children. On the contrary, it is about them we are worried. Poor children grow into unhappy adults. That’s why you see those sullen faces in public transport.

Ideally, you should impose limits, allowing to have large families only to people with high incomes. When the poor begets the poor, it turns out very sad.

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