Why are bats afraid of the moon??

Dude, have you ever asked yourself the question: why are bats afraid of the moon? I personally, no. But scientists from Mexico this question was asked and even managed to answer it.

First, the scientists dudes first research empirically proved that the mouse is really afraid of moonlight.

Using data collected as a result of research by various independent scientists and, after 11 their own research, the scientists were able to simulate patterns of bats in different geographic areas, habitats and in different phases of the moon. The data convincingly showed that the «lunar phobia» is very common among the flying creatures. The strongest form of suffering mice that live in close proximity to the equator together with bats, which they hunt on the water and in the open countryside.

The answer is quite simple: the moonlight makes predators very noticeable to the animals that eat them.

These studies will help to better understand the complex and exciting world of amazing animals like bats.

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