Why ants are cool, and why do you need an ant farm

Are you already sure that the whole edition manygoodtips.com freaked out, but our brain is not attacked by a race of humanoid ants. We have decided that the ants are cool. Here only nobody knows about it, and therefore get ready for an exciting and psychedelic adventure through the world of ants.

The uniqueness of ants

Ants are social insects with a very rigid hierarchy, where all of society is divided into workers, females and males. If these insects were more so a little smarter, they could subjugate the planet for themselves, to enslave humanity. Fortunately, evolution has made a choice in our favor. We welcome that, because it doesn’t feel right to continue to live in a cave, hiding from the huge ants who want to drag you into their nest.

If you imagine this picture, and then add the knowledge which we now possess, you get a completely post-apocalyptic. World of ants is very strange.

For example, there is such an effect as a «death spiral» — it looks very scary, but weird. It is not known why ants gather in groups, and then start running in circles, engaging in a «ritual» even more ants. The problem of «spiral» in that it stops only with death — chills run, run, run and then fall over dead. Such the circular mill can take the Titanic.

For example, in 1921, the traveler William Beebe observed in Guyana, the death spiral circle around 365 meters. The whirling lasted two days, while a separate group of ants for strange reasons is not separated from the basic circle — a small group of brave men saved the rest of his ant family. It seems that ants are very similar to humans, isn’t it?Ant the word «zombie» is not an invention of the writers of horror, folklore or crazy filmmakers, it is a reality. Moreover, there are two ways that can make normal ants ants are zombies. In one case, mind control ants flies garbacki, which in the larval state sent chills in a humid place. Hatch flies-Gorbatko from the head of the ant — here’s a real horror (by the way, these larvae are used as combat fire ants). But there is a more interesting case is when the goose control the fungus. Affected by fungus ants leave their brothers and mothers to scatter the fungal spores. The fungus does not kill the victim, and controls it as long as the spores ripen, where you such saw?

In fact, above we talked about how ants are vulnerable. But, man, look at the representatives of his family and himself — you’re much more vulnerable. For example, you will not find ants alcoholics or ants sex addicts. They have clearly divided responsibilities — a socialist Paradise, which makes them the most competitive insects. It is clear that there is no personality in the ant there, but they don’t need it — all the will of the collective. Besides, ants are well composed they can overcome prey much larger than themselves. About ant’s strength you should know about the ant’s weakness is no one knows.

Ants as alternative to dogs and cats

If you think that ants is a boring creature, you just don’t know what they do in their free time. The fact that they have no free time — they are constantly at work. You can observe them and night and day and morning. They build, work, fight, create and develop. Sometimes it seems that these insects are much smarter than you. But, of course, to watch all this «nation-building», one must either be a lazy ant, or owner of an ant farm. Hardly we read the ants, so the output you have one — to become the owner of the farm.

What is an ant farm? It is a closed nest in the cut. They are very popular in the West, you could see many English movies. American students sometimes even give the job — to make an ant farm. True homemade farm extremely short-lived, because to the colony develops, you need to create a society where would be the ants who would be responsible for exploration of new areas, hunting, the care of the new generation. Must be clearly defined «professions» and the division into castes, otherwise the ant will die quickly. So if you want to observe the life of the ant’s state, then you need a proper ant farm.

In Russia, this subject deals with the project «AntPlanet». They are actively promoting is fairly new for Russia kind of hobby which is liked by not only children but also adults. For example, a lot of people put an ant farm on the desktop. Tired from work, but the deadline is tomorrow? Look at the workaholic ants — they will give strength to your endeavors. Ants unpretentious, though, and require some care (but they sure are steamed less than a dog). While ant colonies can survive for twenty years, if you go to look. In fact, even if you don’t want to buy a farm, buy it to others as a gift. It will please people who are interested in nature, insects and even sociology (the ants remarkably similar people).Anyway, if you already have a burning desire to enjoy the farm, then we recommend you to pay attention to the following factors: the species of ants, the farm and how to care for ants. Will tell you more about that.

Species of ants

Ants are numerous. And each kind differs from the other by appearance, behavior and even the structure of society. For example, predatory ants, which fear large animals. And there are ants that are more similar to Dobryakov, researchers, and generally good friends. There are ants are nomadic, and there are nest maintenance workers whose abilities useful to our would-be architects.

When you select ants to consider their financial capabilities (large range of prices: from 300 rubles to 7000 rubles), their knowledge about ants (you should start with those for whom it is easier to follow), their aesthetic tastes (ants are really different from each other). When you select is recommended to consult with the people who had to deal with ants. However, will give some guidance. For entry-level perfect red and jet black ants (active predators, but quite peaceful) and the reapers is actually the top ants for a beginner (no more low maintenance). In fact, there are dozens of other species, which are better to read here — very detailed and clear description.

View the ant farm

How did you know that you should start with the selection ants, and only then move on to the farm. Why? Because some ants requires certain housing conditions — it should be considered. Modern ant farms made from durable and lightweight material — acrylic. Thanks to him, you get a farm of high quality, which eliminates the possibility of any cracks through which your students will want to escape.

If we take an example of ant farm AntPlanet, they include two components: a system of tunnels and the arena. The most interesting action takes place in «the arena» is a place where the ants are hunting or doing research. Each farm is equipped with cameras moisture, which helps to maintain the required climate.

Actually, if you look at the farm, you will find there’s great variety, and color, and forms. Each ant farm has its own soul, personality. Farms are horizontal, vertical, sand, modular, compact and spacious. You can even order the farm for a personal drawing. We recommend you carefully review each farm and focus on that, which will say that you should be the owner.How to care for ants

Here it is necessary to understand that if you are a beginner, it is better to take ants, which require virtually no care. However, even the most ordinary ants won’t survive if you just score on them — the ants need to feed, to regulate the humidity and temperature.

Each species of ants deserve special treatment, but there are some General recommendations that relate to diet of these amazing and interesting creatures. Ants food should be rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Protein is the building material, the basis for the growth and development of not only goosebumps, but for all organisms. Carbohydrates — a source of energy. If there is not enough carbohydrates, then the ants will be very weak. If you take all this into account, it is good food for ants are seeds (though not all ants feed on seeds) and the special nutritive jelly (rich in amino acids and carbohydrates as energetic charging for ants). But the main food you will produce myself. For example, there are ants that eat sugar or honey syrup, which is easy to make at home. And there are ants that find a food source in other insect predators, and they can’t help it.

As you can see, the diversity in the world of ants no less than in the usual domestic animals. But these industrious insects don’t spoil Slippers, parquet and carpet, they won’t eat from your plate and rape your leg or a pillow. Yes, these creatures are not fluffy and soft, but they build a prototype, which is sometimes more interesting to watch than all of humanity.

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