Why an empath to be not so good

Many who heard the word «empathy», but not everyone knows what it means. If you say something like «some garbage on psychology», you’re absolutely right. To be an empath-you feel the energy of other people, have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive them. Empaths can feel the physical and spiritual condition of other people, and also just to understand their intentions and what motivates them.

It would seem that gold people prices down. But that’s why they are unhappy. Places where there is disharmony, and it is about 90% of the globe, they are contraindicated.

Your problem is my mourning

Empaths are particularly susceptible to all sorts of emotional turmoil. So when a TV screen or in the news is found a detailed and rather cynical story about another tragedy, be it an explosion or someone’s death, empath almost instantly imbued with other people’s grief and begins to yearn. He’s just too sensitive to emotional turmoil, and people say he’s a hypocrite, a doormat and a whiner. They just can not justify the suffering they feel and see. Therefore, on the one hand, to work as doctors or lifeguards, it is strictly contraindicated, otherwise, next should work the psychologist snapped empath. But on the other hand, they do their work several times more responsible, they push their own needs on the backburner and rushed to help others, without thinking of any benefits or public recognition.

Very touching music

Strong emotional sensitivity is good, but not in cases when it comes to music. Sometimes the lyrics and melody can have a strong influence, especially if it is correlated with recent experiences. And instead of enjoying, say, «Pavano» Gabriel fauré, begin to weep and lament on the subject, what the hell, great music.

Emotional dump

People of all classes are subconsciously drawn to ampata, being attracted by their sincere warmth and true sympathy. It’s just people-magnets, which, apparently, did nothing outstanding, but over time you realize that you’re with this person interesting. Even complete strangers can easily start a conversation about all sorts of things, but not all are so sincere, as empaths. And people have such a bad trait over time, they start to parasite on good people to overwhelm them with attention and to stifle their problems.

Empaths rarely denied, but due to the sensitive emotional receptivity of other people’s experiences over time, begin to weigh them heavily. The feelings and emotions of others they perceive as their own. Some empaths feel at a small distance from yourself, others can feel the feelings of others for many miles. They can quickly become a «dump» of other people’s issues and problems, especially if they take them as their own.

While empaths may unknowingly adopt the positive or negative attitude of others on any issue for its own, and it is scary.

Public farce

Stay in public places can cause a feeling of depression. And it’s not sociopathy, that’s the most that neither is empathy. In places such as shopping malls, supermarkets or stadiums, where a large number of people, they are empathetic and sensitive to negative emotions, we have to perenosyatsya energy discharged to the outside. And it is, indeed, a weighty problem. So if you see in the queue in the «Auchan» in front of an emaciated man who was almost crying, do not rush to put him the label «hysterical», perhaps he’s an empath, which is on the brink.

Using force will not work

Erratum can quickly something to annoy or distract the attention, if there is no incentive. Work, school, home life should be interesting and busy, otherwise interest instantly disappears, and starts depression, fatigue, apathy, and increasingly the question arises about their own place under the sun. So if you’re tired of the work — most likely, you just don’t have emotions.

But to get empath, with clenched teeth, to perform their duties — a completely useless thing. He’s just not physically able to do what we don’t like. Feel that life seems to him incorrect. And it’s not whims, just these people here. And work in the service sector they should not. You also need to always meet the customer with a smile and a positive attitude, and ampato think it’s ugly and pointless lying, especially given the recent experiences.

The hurt — together

Because of the great sympathy for the diseases and symptoms of diseases of others, empaths can learn from their physical symptoms themselves. Permanent moral decline because of the excessive burden in the form of other people’s problems bring them to this exhaustion. That is, the chronic fatigue syndrome for them — quite normal and usual state.

Sometimes, to somehow resist it, empaths, like all ordinary people, diving into the maelstrom of bad habits. Alcohol, sex, drugs, and bad rock-n-roll are just some of the addictions that empaths can be subjected to in an attempt to block the flow of other people’s emotions and energies. It is a form of self-protection, which manages to destroy.

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