Why am I quitter?


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I have matured a little one. Its essence is that because of weak character, or not, I always have a crazy urge to throw almost any work started. Like start something which is unknown to me, and after a while this is the case is very annoying. For example, tried to learn foreign languages, studied all the components of the «organs» of the computer. But this is booorrr-ing.. I often said, «Undertook a tug — do not say that a pound»

Counting on your advice.

This theme is clear, dude, I know. The point here is this. Often we admire these fashionable and sometimes more elitist things that, frankly, we do not need nafig. They don’t cling, we don’t like. Sometimes we have frankly not giving enough to them normally and fruitfully interact. Or soul does not lie. In short, if you are not attracted to any crystal growth or the study of Cisco, fuck this. Well, it happens, so that doesn’t lie.

There is another side and another view. It concerns useful things, such as the ability to do something with his hands, languages and sports. This inability to force myself to do something. Someone thinks that this is a weakness of character, and I personally believe that this is self-pity. Self-pity is IMPOSSIBLE. At all. I want to sculpt something? Work hard and watch yourself anything. People who are not accustomed himself to something to force, dump at the first opportunity because «you cannot do violence against you.» Nonsense! Need! The event, of course, is to know, but self-pity is in vain. Pity is a despicable feeling. Yesterday my friend has taken to rocking back none. First time in her nearly 25 years. Frankly did not expect this, already thinking to quit, because there is «so they». Gave a good kick. In any case useful mainly to develop the habit. And it so happens that at first you hate some process, and then over time you realize that can not live without it. So I have been drawing, reading, and rolling pin. We recently wrote a good article about why innovations are not impressive. The pursuit of innovation is a wasted effort. Ever find something new is very difficult. But the constant favorite thing is fun always. Anyway, dude, do it. I do NOT like? Grit your teeth to crunch and do it. Sometimes you need to develop the habit and endure.

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