Why all men need a Platonic friend

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_Sq0QF8upvuodvThere is an old Hollywood film «When Harry met Sally,» starring Billy crystal and Meg Ryan. You might have seen it since the movie is very noble and popular. So, the story is told about a man and a woman who all their lives considered themselves friends, but are ultimately sabotaged your friendships sex. Harry would have said, «Sex always gets in the way».With the release of the film took almost 30 years, a lot has happened in the relationship between a man and a woman, a lot has happened in the understanding of these relations. A well-known statement that man and woman cannot be friends continues to prevail in our heads. But it’s not only wrong, it is also destructive. Men should be Platonic friends of the opposite sex, it is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with your sexual partner, we’re serious. But how to learn to be friends with girls, and not just want? To answer this question, one has to understand the value of Platonic relationships.

They develop your communication skills

Can men and women be friends? Of course they can, if keep their borders intact. Setting boundaries early in a relationship is the key to this friendship. To avoid emotional intimacy, you’ll have to keep my mouth shut when it comes to juicy details of your sex life. This kind of talk can lead to the type of emotional connection, which creates a romance out of nowhere.

However, it is difficult to maintain a Platonic friendship with a friend when you have someone else. You can easily come to sever relations with someone. So, in principle, and often ends the friendship with a friend. Platonic love can die when your sexual partner goes on the warpath, thinking that you ditched her for new friends. So, all this shit can be solved with a simple conversation and don’t say it’s nonsense.

The inability to properly communicate with each other — this is a problem that will have to be addressed. But keep the healthy relationship is quite real.

Double agent

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_hK3zl2tuxZqSrOne of the coolest arguments in favor of Platonic friendship. It is possible to draw knowledge from a man who is on the other side of the fence. And this knowledge is extremely useful.

Not every man will be able to explain to the girl why so many guys love wings deep-fried and the movie «Gladiator», and not every friend will find time to explain the need for pins and the principle of their action. But if you’re Dating someone, a friend can help to explain how you might accidentally hurt the girl. Sometimes, when feeling especially dull. Did you know that girls don’t like it when you fall asleep in front of the TV during a date? Or why are they stealing our jackets, and then pretend that it was just cold and need to warm up? If you have a friend of the opposite sex, it will help you to understand many things, which you yourself never would have guessed. One will tell you about what could potentially annoy your partner. For example, do not need to collect all the hair that she left in the gutter to put on her side of the bed. The joke fails.

Integrate friends into your relationship is good for couples

The more transparent will your friendship with the girls, the easier it is to accept your sexual partner. Just be open, talk more in General companies and more generally to communicate — it helps. Thus you will reach a new level of trust with your partner, which is already very fruitful influence on a serious relationship. But remember that your other friends don’t have to feel rejected.

Platonic friendship helps to establish a strong connection

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_umVeLXsGur466A lot of men who are friends with women, waiting in the wings. Because this is one of the oldest strategies pairing of all time. You’re acting like a good guy, help a girl out when things go wrong, and then she chooses you. This is a great reproductive strategy, and so you have to keep the border always in sight, to maintain friendly relations.

Do not treat friends as to the reserve of mistresses. It would be great if you will find the person you are absolutely not interested in the sexual sense. The sight of your naked torso just rip out. Conversely, even a friendship is a two way street. Keep your boundaries, keep your friends remain friends. Lose sight of and do not have time to recover, end up in bed with a friend, you were a friend. I think a good prospect? Why then do was to make a friend, if he doesn’t stay in your life for a long time? In any case, maintaining a friendship with someone of the opposite sex will open up a lot of possibilities, a whole new world, it will benefit many aspects of your personal life.

And what about the sex? Sex is just sex, it can be done with any girl.

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