Why a former punk good dad

It so happened that most of my friends – people are not narrow-minded format. I think this is a good thing. Now is the time when everything started to get married and have children – and these guys including. While flight normal. It made me wonder why former punks make good parents – often much better than people with a narrow-minded past.

It does not irritate the mess

These guys lived in different conditions. In such even it is difficult to convey. They lived in squats – these are abandoned houses that enthusiasts adapt to the housing, hold to the light and water and live there happily ever after. Can you imagine what is the atmosphere there? Prompt: all things in common and a lot of domestic problems and dirt in the bargain.

They are a hundred times been on the list is when someone stays overnight as many faces as he wants, it’s all upside down, people drink, and sleep on any horizontal surfaces and scatter everything everywhere. Former punks seen a Destro that any astrolog envy. Therefore, the scattered cubes, dirty diapers, and or in the night – it’s the little things.

He used to be miserable

And for many years he wore torn jeans and battered t-shirts! He painted the hair in all colors of the rainbow, and then – again in reverse order. He went to «Martin» in the summer and jackets in winter. It is a thousand times looked bad, so not particularly upset when his child will vomit on him or his genius jam. Let the smears! He would photograph and then show the son, who fifteen years will require expensive clothes.

It is difficult to confuse

This will benefit him when the daughter will be going to braid him spit or paint eyes. So if he never went with painted eyes and weird hairstyles! I, too, embarrassment. Now it looks even more decent than it was then. These guys will be playing with his son in the war games in the Park and not be embarrassed of negotiations on an imaginary walkie-talkie in the face of severe passers-by. And why should they be embarrassed? They’re half of my life to those engaged in that provoked the surprised looks.

He knows that could mean clothes

These guys ordered through the Internet t-shirts with pictures of favorite bands, because I couldn’t find them in hoy stores, hung with trappings of «Cinema» and «Aria». They independently drew on the prints with acrylic, because such merchandise is just not sold. They jumped for joy when I found a second-hand cool clothes that cost a penny. Therefore, they do not scold the children when they constantly wear the same thing, and do it only when the baby goes to sleep. Well, that’s a reasonable approach.

Concerts prepared him for a physical attack

Children are not accustomed to think that other people are also experiencing pain. They just run at you hit on the leg pinching the arm and do all sorts of nasty things, because they do not care. They still don’t know what hurt is bad. Former punks went to concerts, where the dance is more reminiscent of the chaotic and aggressive Brownian motion of particles the size of a man. There was no way to escape without bruises. Compared to these childish antics?

He understands crazy ideas

These guys pierce their anything. They did the strange tattoo and maybe still do. They zabrivali themselves the Iroquois. They are specially cut sleeves off denim jackets. They met with bald women. They read Bakunin and Kropotkin and can intelligibly explain what’s wrong with the idea of power. And these people can not understand the idea transdermal railway, headquarters in the bushes, why have to change into a transformer and like this one the cue ball itself rolled around to your apartment in search of a better life. By the way, Yes, where’s the baby could take the cue ball?

Noise is music

But, seriously, lots of varieties of noise, hardcore and punk. And all it Oh as is uneasy to listen to. If the man had broader views, he could appreciate the rhythmic swotting like trance and arrhythmic swotting in the form breakcore. He likes. So when a child plays, pokolachivaya Povarskoy battery, this is not their concern.

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