Why 30 years is not so bad as you think


Thirty is the threshold. Thirty is a liability. Thirty is approaching the point where already starting to turn gray hair, and brains turn into jelly-like pulp. Nonsense! Thirty is just a number, another unhappy figure, which you’ll do the same as with all other figures in their lives. Clearly, we will always have a problem with round-number anniversaries. We no longer understand the society around them, slowing down more, or regress, because «we are in the Prime of life». In thirty years we no longer put my body hell to test, because we understand that it is not created of concrete or even wooden beams. Stop upotreblyat alcohol, you begin to think about the women in his bed, which pull from different sleep, suddenly remember something about family values. In other words — become progressively more boring.

But such a model of behavior do not need to take an example, because, in fact, your broken time the body is still workable. And the mind, though not distinguished by speed of thought, but it works, for a number of reasons, better than before. In General, the advantages of this age much more than before. And even bleak not necessary to be the age to such not oblige seriously. But now we are more on the positive aspects, and they, sure I do.

1. A woman such as is

If your the years have passed rapidly and you have mastered not only all the positions in sex, know not only all the breast forms, but have studied the mind of a human being called «woman», then you, in his thirties, it will be much easier to cope with them. You will finally understand when a friend just playing you as a young boy and when your relationship has real feelings and is malicious women there is a good woman with whom you enjoy spending time. Remember the disease of adolescence — the construction of a girls on a pedestal of purity, like you’re in some badly written knight novel. So, in thirty years, if you have experience, all this disappears. You perceive man as he is, and not through some idealistic or nihilistic view.

2. A great time for Dating


If girls in thirty starts violent pursuit of youth, that men nothing to worry about — it’s time for a relationship of any kind. Moreover, nobody will say that to have a twenty-year girl is not normal, after all, thirty is the intermediate stage, when everything is normal. It’s okay to be gouging, nothing coercive relationship and normal to have a family. Here’ll you turn forty and then you will have not to young maidens, and the payment of alimony. So enjoy your freedom while you still can, soon it was not to be.

3. Some stability

Stability is boring for people who just turned twenty, and they had never seen. Give them languages, quick money and other buns that should appear here now. Realizes their fate of wandering in the rented apartment, they take out a mortgage, which to pay a ten years and they’re not sure in tomorrow. Fortunately, up to thirty years, you gradually aklimatizirovalis in this world, will get a house a car and maybe a woman. Of course, you’ll have steady work, or at least hints of it. All this may not be, but this is the problem of a loser. The bulk of people, even in the face of the Russian economy, some stability there. And that’s the benefit of thirty years that no kids, no Russian elderly people.

4. More features

That gives rise to financial stability, not more features? Thirty, if you’re not burdened by family obligations, you may devote all his spare time. Education, as a rule, by this time we all have. Constant work also. And the money is available. Your parents are not so old to care for them, which means you do not need to think about some kind of debt. Even the army is not necessary — by this time, you or passed, or «walk». Your life is in your hands and you can dictate its terms. The main thing — not to relax, because there is still a lot of cool and interesting, it is as though banal did not sound.

5. Respect without flattery


Another charm of an intermediate age when you are treated not as a boy who «knows nothing about life», but not as a man who needs to bow down just because all his teeth fell out, gray has reached the pubic area, and ears smell like mold. Of course, respect does not only depend on age. Is affected by the social and financial situation, occupation (header will be respected less than the Forester, even if the latter is notorious CAD), the behavior, the works. But looking through sober eyes, the prejudices of the age, the thirty years pass by. I think you yourself were a witness to this.

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