Why 30 is so difficult to build relationships


Today, man, I’ll get his hurdy-gurdy on the topic of our generation, and once again show it is not in the best light. I’m sorry, but it is hard to resist when you constantly see before them a confirmation of his ideas. I already told you, why do you think we are the shittiest generation. Do not give up their words and I hasten to add another small truck of the reasons why we in your negotiate and posiadaczami so hard to build relationships. I know that from bitter experience and experience of friends. It’s time to recap and share them with the world.

1. We are selfish

Very often people in the twenty-odd — the only one in the family children, they’ve learned that all the best goes to them. We strive to grow in the place where we pass an industrial practice that we were invited there to work. Then, from this work we try to do a good job and receive a salary, which can be at ease to spend on video games, clothes, large and other needs of the first necessity. Materialistic assholes are fixated on themselves.

2. We have a wide range of partners and there is no taboo

Meet now in any place, you can even pick up girls over the Internet, you can meet directly with the two and tell everyone that mind monogamy and don’t want a serious relationship — allegedly this is your position in life. No moral authority. Me too, dude, no offense.

3. We Mature much later

Much longer feel like children, much stronger than fear and more rapidly to avoid obligations. We like to be flexible, to change plans on the go and sort out spread before us full of possibilities.

4. We want to travel

Not yet started a family and children, which in the first three years the plane is better not to take. I want to see the world, to stock up on impressions and, I agree, much easier and cheaper to do it alone when no one is fussing around you and trying to adjust your plans so that he (that is, it was more convenient.

5. We only learn life

We are still so new that any night, you can dart off and go hang out in any club; what do we already sell alcohol (and even strong) legally; that we can stay for the night who want is still news.

6. We have roommates

And when it comes to sex, having neighbors is strictly contraindicated. Much harder not to disturb anyone with noise and voices when you’re having fun, and then he’ll be sick that you supposedly woke up.

7. Those who have no neighbors, that stupid Studio

The kitchen is right in the room, crumbs everywhere, all filled up with strange stuff, and it does not sets in an erotic mood.

8. Who should pay for two

And that someone most likely you, because you’re a man. You should be able to pay for lunch in a cafe or movie tickets, because this is our peasant share. And when you yourself get the absolute value of oil or for an amount close to that, it becomes a daunting task.

9. People over 20 are divided into 2 types

Some have married and now have their babies (or is it already available), while others entirely deny the possibility in your life a permanent partner, and therefore behave in a relationship is disrespectful. It’s hard to find something in between these two extremes.

10. Any information about you is on the Internet

All! From high school graduation and before graduation at the University, pictures of the most insane and crazy party photos of you drunk with a red face, you are patient, you any — everything is easy to find online. Therefore, it becomes afraid that the girl will see this and will make of you the wrong idea (or right, but bad).

11. We perceive sex is childish

And still not aware that the number of sexual partners, their gender and combined in any way, absolutely does not affect the person’s character and his personal value. We’re still little idiots who giggle shyly at the words «sex», «dick» and «vagina.»

12. We have incorrect views on marriage and relationships

Not all, but many: they were not lucky, and they grew up in environments where relationships and marriage are not considered important. For example, I. My parents got divorced, and I’m glad of this. So think about what kind of man I am such and how to build with me.

13. We have not yet established relations with the family

Have not identified your role in it, has not coped with children’s grievances and difficulties, failed to come to terms with something over it it’s time. You must first take your place in the family and to determine their relationships with each of its members, and then bring back a new man.

14. We lie about their past relationships

15. We are very concerned about someone else’s opinion about us

What do you think about us to our friends? And colleagues? And friends in social networks? If it is bad to look at Instagram pics, who wants to meet with you?

16. The value of something we define novelty and interest

The idea years to work in one place, constantly doing the same thing, to do something everyday, to spend my life with one and the same person we think is horrible.

17. We strongly appreciate all

You love Tsoi and think nothing of ASAP Year? What? You never know who ASAP Year? Now you’re nothing to me. Sorry, can’t help it. And it is so behave do all in their twenties. But who has the time to be aware of?

18. We don’t know how to communicate

I myself sometimes a hundred times easier to write SMS and put a stupid smiley face to Express their attitude to something, because when I deployed require no judgment, I don’t feel like an idiot. Any serious talk cause we have the irony.

19. We have little money

We get a few and half of these babies spend on rent.

20. Many of us still live with your parents

And this is bad for a serious relationship. Some circumstances, of course, exceptions, but in General all want to meet independent person, neither of whom is independent and responsible for himself, it concerns including Finance. If you still rely on mom and dad, shame on you.

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