Why 20 years is the ideal age to stop extorting money from parents


Well when you are taught to work from an early age. Perhaps you’ll have less carefree childhood, but you are much easier to pour into adulthood. But not all parents are guided by such considerations. If they have money all right, they continue to fuel your child financially, even if he is 20 years old. They pay for College, pay rent, buy food, and many other pieces. They can work harder, just to make sure that you have everything and you lead the life that you want. I doubt that before someone came up with would have to take care of their sons, but today I see this attitude every step of the way. Adult children who live at the expense of parental money, you know what you are doing something wrong, but afraid to get out of this vicious circle, because beyond — the unknown. But if you’re already twenty and you still pull bills with a maternal or a paternal paycheck, it’s time to change your life — it’s time to become independent.

Earnings is independence

Your twentieth anniversary is a significant milestone in life when your body and soul strive for complete independence. For a long time you were under guardianship, long went to independence, for years he studied and wound on a mustache simple truths to stay at the same place. Even moving into his own apartment will not save if the residence you continue to take money from his mother. To reach a new level of independence you have to find a good job that will make the financial component of your life stable. And only then will you be able to feel the air of freedom, because you don’t have to ask for money.

If you have money, it’s hard to stay

Well, you moved to a rented apartment and even pay for it yourself, because you’re lucky to find a decent job. But one Sunday morning you don’t have enough money for petrol, asking the father to throw a thousand on all these car things, and he does it — there’s gas, but at what cost? Understand that your parents will be happy to help you, but if you asked once, no doubt, will soon ask for more, because there is always something you will miss. And to reach tuition or apartment that is not very good when you have a head on your shoulders, you’re not sick and have a job. In this matter it is better to be proud and keep your head higher than you prefer. Do not use the kindness of relatives to save on something. They spent the best years of my life and a huge amount of money to raise you — that should be respected. Now they are the help you need.



All fathers and mothers in the world want their children to become successful and, of course, financially independent. If your parents realize that your financial life is looking up, they sure did their job, taught you well. For their souls will come such a big burden, which is full of doubts and fears. It is at the heart of every parent, because you never know whether you did in your life, and well educated. If you want to start a family, then definitely know what it is. And this dark clot of doubt, is treated only one — a living example of your success. You can start with financial responsibility.

Money is a tool of manipulation

We do not need to tell you that your parents would never do that — there are no saints, but you can go the way that they do not like. When this happens, gaining momentum, the reverse side of the money you borrowed from a Bank under the name «Mother and father». I think they gave everything just like that? You’re too naive. Any help can’t be free, you will have to wait a certain attitude, gratitude, which, perhaps, you can’t give, because of their personal choice. So, learn to work and earn money for yourself, so that you have more opportunities and less chilling put.

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