Who’s who in the company of women

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2014_panSxE7yhHylwMen’s fraternity — the special power and unwavering. But girls also like to gather in large clumps, which, as males, have a number of features. They just wanted to call the pack. Most of these «flocks» — a thing strange and incomprehensible man. A flock of bar, restaurant, cafe or at some event, you find them among the most cool and want to meet only with one, but it’s not easy. The collective unconscious female of the pack will not give you a reason to approach a lady. Need a strategic plan of action, to discourage any from a pack of prey and not become a laughing stock among the other she-wolf. It’s not impossible, my friend! Even if you don’t apply this knowledge in practice, you probably will be interested to know what is happening in the women’s team. The enemy must know in person.

1. Nanny

This is the only girl who is not drunk will be drunk before midnight. Why? Because she’s incredibly responsible not only for themselves but for their girlfriends. In fact, women’s school for her is a drunk kindergarten, in which she plays the role of supervisor and nanny. You can easily define a «nanny» for conservative clothes and a smug face, which radiates experience.

This girl has a unique ability to refuse a free drink. If you approach it with a serious face, she is serious. If you start to joke, it will become more severe, but occasionally will smile to show that she’s listening to you. Regardless, what fun around here, «nanny» as severe as the hundreds of Chelyabinsk men.

If you want to go, act the same babysitter, but for dudes. Show that you’re the kind of guy that will bring home friends, when they drink. She will feel in you a kindred spirit, will thaw, and you will talk normally. It is worth noting that in sex girls like a rule, terrible. No improvisation — net settlement and the chain of command.

2. Ugly or «What the hell?»

Why is she here? She has a car. As a rule, the machine have separatisten babysitter, but not always, the entire female flock can fit in one car. Another significant function of monster — on its background look beautiful. Often much ugly girls are very good and behave like the chief jester in the court. They joke, smile and readily accept and not very good jokes the other girls. She can be fat, mustachioed, simple or just plain ugly girl.

A girl undemanding, happy for any attention, so get it easier. To show the world that she is popular among men, «What the fuck» can be used left and right to anyone who suffers from spermotoksikoza. Like love «win,» lady terribly proud.

Most often she is able to very much. To change the oil in the car, fix the toilet tank, to nail a shelf, paint a portrait with India ink, to operate the ferret, to quote by heart every poem of Mandelstam coverage of interest (often false) in a similar ugly girls huge. This does not mean that only ugly girls are interested in something, it’s tempting to think that it had nothing to do in the lonely winter evenings. Sexual intercourse with a girl is the Vietnam war: you’d want to wear warm socks and hurry back.

3. The only very very drunk

Drink, of course, nearly everything but the girl especially a lot of drinks.

She started drinking before the party, she was drunk taxi, drunk out of her purse in the toilet, and during approach and just drank in very large quantity. If she can drink a man with the appearance of a maniac, she will happily agree, and then naively go with him to walk hand in hand in a dark alley. In the bar you can see it a mile away, and hear even better. She’s loud, constantly hiccups, curses, but with each passing hour stay at the bar said even more vaguely.

This girl could drink endlessly, her mood changes from the slightest breeze. From inappropriate behavior and drinking obscene amounts of alcohol is not stopping her no broken heels, no makeup soggy or fall from a great height onto the floor.

To approach her easier. Buying drinks, and it’s yours! In the morning she turns into a normal girl who suffers from extremely strong hangover.

4. Very affordable and always lonely

You learn from the thousands of vulgar short dresses three sizes smaller than you need. She always stays for the after party, and she knows a huge number of people. Most often she has a «worn» look which is immediately clear that such a life was terribly exhausting and makes you look older. This lady loves to tease men and considers it his duty to touch even those with whom she is not familiar. Stick your hands in your pants or slap on the perineum is its theme, be ready. Underwear is absolutely no need for the subject of her wardrobe, which she, for some naivety remains. In the University years, this «wolf» was a real prom Queen and the one that took the freshmen to the wonderful world of sex. Of course, she has some standards of beauty, and she wouldn’t do IT with anyone. However, the boundaries of these standards or very broad, or too vague.

Each new fight an experienced boxer makes his body stronger nails for coffins. Each new sex makes the junk this girl is stronger than steel. The state of the vagina girls also hints at a decent amount of people who visited her there. It seems that if she decides to give birth, children can stand up and calmly walk out of there with his Luggage.

How to get it? Get smart, surely you were already there! Approach this person and say, «hi!» Further talk is pointless! To access her body so easily that words cannot describe. But the one-time love with this lady can bring you a lot of problems in the face of sexually transmitted diseases. It is because of this lady we learn about their diversity.

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