Who the hell is this Banksy?

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2016_TvIEO0NErm4FQWhen graffiti was considered vandalism by fun (and a huge portion of the planetary population still thinks so), now the character won street art. But one thing – charged zakrytymi nicknames fences, another gorgeous beauty of his paintings, with a storm of surreal fantasies from the «acid moment father of Lewis Carroll». Even the gray-haired mayor, deep down, I hate «pseudo-artists», took the fashion to appear in front of the cameras arm in arm with them, and to highlight especially the walls of nondescript buildings model cities for their creativity. However, while such cases are rare.

That’s why our today’s hero for many is the epitome of antiheroism. Definitely a talented artist that became a mega-star of street art «outside the law» which condemns half native England and who are inspired by colleagues from around the world. Banksy cool though, because making me talk about myself brought street art to a new level of discussion. Perhaps, since one of the Austrian, is the most famous provocateur, one way or another connected with the construction of the compositions.

Who is this?

I have no desire to show himself to the public. I’m just trying to make my work look good, but I don’t try to look good myself. Besides, I am convinced that the truth can be a bitter disappointment for several 15-year-olds.»Who is Banksy?» – question, ad nauseam, the answer to which we learn more soon. The real name of the provocateur from the art a long time dominates the minds of the British. Information about the real name of Banksy even sold at auction, and the rate rose to nearly a million, more to 999,999 dollars. But at the last moment the lot was removed from the auction. Why is another mystery, probably because it is at least not ethical.

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2016_EOmClVa9WrtYsAlthough there are many versions. Scientists at the University of London Queen Mary’s claim to know the name of the bad boy – Robin Gunningham from Bristol. About the same claimed jaundiced tabloid Mail on Sunday, back in 2008. They allegedly found a photo of Banksy at work in Bristol (hometown of the artist) said that the real name of Banksy is Robin Gunningham. Just like that, the whole country is wondering and in Bristol every dog knows. And then just talked with family and friends. As simple as that. Actually, because of the primitiveness of the evidence, no one believes even the scientists, blaming them for cheap publicity. Although men of science swore by Science (God they are trouble), carried out geographical profiling and complex statistical analysis that is applied in criminology to catch criminals. Analysis of Bristol have shown that Banksy painted graffiti near the same pub, the dwelling house and playgrounds; in London the figures appeared around the three duplicate address. However, they did not consider that the drawings appeared at different times and what works may not be owned by the artist, because he doesn’t Nikas Safronov, does not do it for money and their work is not signed. And finally, who will believe the legendary British scientist»? Again engaged in garbage instead of curing cancer and innate propensity for terrorism to look.

There are many versions, even more than in the mysteries of the Kennedy assassination. One of the most common opinions is that Banksy is not one person but a group of artists, this art version of Kozma prutkov, on the other – the Bristol butcher. Perhaps his paintings bile and blood draws.

Here’s unethical nation: ready for the few feeble facts to inflate a sensation and to negotiate the common man. But who knows, maybe pictures of tabloid real Banksy: the old, like Sean Penn and cleaner from a local eatery at the same time. Because we have long imagined the guys from the «Krovostok» a little differently. Anyway, 20 years younger.

Banksy himself trying to debunk the mystery is not very popular, so it strongly is nervous through their lawyers and agents, which, by the way, do not know who Banksy is a group of people or just a mysterious anonymous.

All we know about Banksy and not shy to tell

It is very frustrating: when you realize that the best collectors of your work are employees of the police Department.

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2016_9VstNFQweEuBxAll that is known about the alleged Robin is the fact that his life’s work he pursued in the early 90s. If you believe the rumors, at that time, he could not quite become a football player, earning millions, not hiding his face. Being a goalkeeper for the Bristol Eastern football team Cowboys and Cowgirls, it in 2001, the year he went on a tour of Mexico and played against the fighters of the Zapatista army of national liberation. Inspired by the struggle for freedom of a group of young revolutionaries, Banksy left behind a masterpiece of street art. Probably, the mother of Banksy would love this turn. Still better than to provoke the society and hide. Besides, mother, as a supporter of conservative views, had a peculiar fascination with the son, so miserable Banksy justified that moonlighted as a house painter, because graffitist no better than the addict.

After months of work, his drawings became bigger, and to get away from the police he became difficult. One day, hiding from the police, Banksy decided to start using stencils to save time. It was the beginning of the unique style of Banksy – black and white drawings on sharp social themes. Teddy bears, attacking law enforcement, gorillas in pink masks and the like beauty. As he said himself, the Maestro:

Graffiti is one of the few means of expression that you can afford, even if you don’t have anything. And even if you don’t deal with graffiti of world poverty you can make someone smile while he fed.It is strange that his critical works he earns very good money. Can even afford to work with a former agent Sean Penn. His works are auctioned for a sum of $500000, and their predatory cut along with the walls. And while you’re absorbed in cynical thoughts about what you spent the money, Banksy is preparing another provocative picture. In 2008, the work entitled «pest control», created by Banksy in collaboration with the British artist Damien Hirst was sold at auction in new York for 1 million 870 thousand dollars.

But nothing characterizes the glory as the fans. If among them there are a couple of glimpses on television celebrities, we can assume that you are a successful artist. In 2006, Angelina Jolie spent overall, more than 300 000 dollars for his work. A collection of Christina Aguilera’s has three works by Banksy, including painting with exquisite name, «Queen Victoria as a lesbian», which the singer bought for $38000.

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2016_CnOAXdT2cpDnBBut money underground the artist is able to share, what characterizes him best. It is unlikely that he is trying to appease the not-so-friendly society and raise your personal rating. Just endlessly assists charitable organizations that study diseases of the eye and help to restore sight to blind people. But there is one case, provoked by the artist’s ignorance, but for him it is justified. Banksy painted a water tank in Los Angeles with the words: «It’s a bit like an elephant». This tank is long 7 years was home to a man named Tacoma Covington. An innocent prank by Banksy, not only attracted the attention of fans, but also encouraged collectors to buy the tank and evict Covington with the art object. Recognizing his mistake, Banksy gave the guy enough money in order to live peacefully throughout the year. In an interview with Independent Covington said: «there is No better man than Banksy… He was my angel. He helped me more than anyone in my entire life.» Someone will say that there is nothing noble in this act is not, after all, a man without a home left. Someone will complain that moving these amounts, it is possible to allocate funds for the purchase of small huts with all facilities. That may be so, but is the remission of sins is not an excuse?

It was in his career and the good of ignorance, when he exchanged the tickets for the festival in Glastonbury on the right to paint the van. It is clear that over time the van specified by Banksy, has brought its owners an incredible $500000, even though he red the price is not more than a thousand.

A little bit about personality and more about his career

People either love me or hate, either they don’t care about me.Banksy should be called «Maestro paradox» because it is his admission that his work from the very beginning became familiar in the London streets, and then began to buy up for big money. However, his whole life is a simple paradox. He struggles against capitalism, yet he is a millionaire. He has created around himself an aura of absolute mystery, but publishes books, gives interviews, makes films and arranges exhibitions and mass rallies. Its brand brings a considerable profit, but he fights against the corporations. It is considered to be the main culprit, art parties, because technically his paintings disturb the public order, but in many municipalities, Banksy’s drawings are protected as cultural heritage. Already there were cases when attempts to paint graffiti Banksy officially qualified as vandalism.

However, the fact that a simple guy from the suburbs are terribly provincial and nondescript Bristol became world famous due to the painting of street architecture, is a paradox. It is still waiting for administrative fines! And to be quite honest, not all of his works are for the benefit of the landscape. Clearly, this social calls, the fight against the depravity of society, but sometimes they enrage colleagues.

Work.kom.ua_31.03.2016_afXFKkovOEo7XInteresting story associated with his most famous work, the one where Travolta and Jackson in the way of your favorite characters from pulp fiction are depicted with bananas instead of guns. First, London transport workers painted over the work of Banksy, after which he returned and depicted actors with guns in their hands, but this time dressed as a banana. Then in the role of censor was made by 19-year-old graffiti artist named Ozone, which has promised to leave the next option, if that appears better than the previous. Truly, Herostratus feat! However, the assessment of people’s criticism Banksy did not wait: Ozone killed in a train accident. Banksy returned to the spot and painted an angel wearing a bulletproof vest, holding a skull, and fixed the same picture. So, the innocent victims sloven helped to create the best work of the artist. On his website he wrote: «When we lost Ozone we lost a fearless graffiti artist and, as it turns out, quite insightful art criticism.»

Probably a bit rash to call this creation the most popular work of the artist. His rat is still the more iconic. If Banksy himself is the personification of the art underground, rat – a personification of the artist. They expose the bestial, the cruel rat nature of society, as a grim warning. Hungry cunning rat prowling in the corners and does not spare neither, nor the others. One of Banksy’s friends suggested that this animal, the artist has chosen arbitrarily the word «rat» (rat) is an anagram of the word «art» (Iskusstvo). But in his book, the artist admitted that, despite the good idea, the rodent was elected for no reason.

I was painting rats for three years, and then someone told me: what a talented anagram of the word «art». And I had to pretend I knew about this my whole life.Now he can afford everything and even more. His company, Picture On Walls brings a stable income, causing the envy of avant-garde Bohemian workers of canvas and oil. All you need to do self-respecting Creator is almost done: spent to charity, the book’s autobiographical content is written, even the film, but still some. «Exit through the gift shop» – an artistic farce, where the Director appeared in all its glory in front of people with a pulled nose and hood with a distorted voice, a gun was nominated for «Oscar» and was warmly received by critics and audiences.

What is the main factor of success in the Western world? Two things you mentioned in «the simpsons» and «family Guy» and call for one of the many evening shows. With the first task Banksy did, and, moreover, that an infinite number of times appeared in the «Simpsonai» even became the author of the Intro to the third series 22 season. But on the show he hardly ever appears too much of a mysterious figure.

If the Ukrainian underground, behind the pashas Technician, the British through Banksy. And this idea is unbreakable and unshakable. Main anonymous became a symbol of the era, perhaps the greatest artist of the era from the times Given, causing a revolution in culture and genre. However, if Given took eccentricity, Banksy takes total anonymity. Strange public anonymity. And it seems to me that if journalists wanted to debunk the myth and unmask, they would have done it long ago. But Banksy too vivid symbol of the era, bright with its stealth, dominates the minds of the mere status of «incognito», and if you lift the veil of secrecy, the magical aura around the main fighter for justice through the arts has evaporated, will have to answer for their crimes. Maybe he just has good lawyers? Anyway, Banksy is good not only anonymity, but also the absolute inconsistency of Affairs throughout his life. And while there are those who paints his work and considers them ugly, beating heart in the most independent, the most daring and incorruptible niche in the visual arts – graffiti art.

But there is one thing that is alarming in the image of the hero city walls. Almost his every utterance, he actively abuses the police, praises his fellow vandals. The position is infantile rather than logical. To be against the rules, against the arts is more like a mad nonconformity. And then the statements below the writer himself completely discreditied: and the something which made their drawings? But this is secondary. Banksy is necessary to take an example of a man, a little changed the world and proved that only dedication, idea, originality and craftsmanship will put you on top of the world, even if your face nobody knows. This is definitely the product created for making money, but don’t deny that initially the main idea was a protest. However, this product made me look at the world differently.

Only when the last tree is cut down when the last river is poisoned, — only then man will understand that the eternal quoting of Indian Proverbs makes it look like a fucking doll.

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