Who knew life, he is in no hurry

Who knew life, he is no longer in a hurry

Savors every moment and watches

As the baby sleeps, prays old man

As the rain comes, and like snowflakes melt.

– Omar Khayyam –

as people say, «Haste makes waste». However, it turns out that we are hurtling in orbit at a speed of «I don’t have time to» km/h, transferring and reducing, perhaps, the most vivid moments of our with you, in General, ordinary lives. Looking for what, comrade? Time? For the money? Much saved a lot of money? The paradox of life, which, alas, nothing can be done. We work without sleep and rest, to once a year for two weeks doing nothing. I think it’s brilliant in its idiocy.

Do not hurry to live, otherwise it will not make it!

– Lao Tzu –

All in a hurry

I must say, the world has entered a new level of shit. Each new generation is maturing faster, but that in their heads? We leaf through magazines and news feeds for two minutes, knowing that 60% of the content is an empty water. We do not inspect film and not finish the book because «everything is clear». The food is exceptional such that it does not require long cooking. Some book publishers, following the lead of the era, began to reduce a literary work. Simply put, they leave only the most interesting places of the novel. Did with «Moby Dick» and other masterpieces of classical literature.

Since the desire to accelerate humanity has been obsessed and inspired invention. It would seem that we live in Paradise, but just why is everyone so unhappy? It turns out, we had time for reflection and introspection. Such a Horde of do nothing whiners were not even in the Rome of the period of decline. Why? Yes, because in the pursuit of… something (by the way, I advise everyone to think what he’s chasing), we lose the essence. Skip people that seem to be unnecessary, we lose a precious page of the «Moby dick», not even thinking about that, perhaps in the torn lines the author has put the meaning of the work. Pointless chasing the elusive white rabbit. If you catch up, your life is meaningless, void, nothing else to do, man. But more often to catch up does not work. And laziness, to be honest.

Commodity-money relations

A friend of mine, he’d just turned 22, told of his plans to get married any time soon, if only to find suitable female. It the female, in his case needed a female, because the attitude to life of his purely at the level of «beneficial – not beneficial». The fact that the wife should give him a descendant who will become his business partner. At only 22 years, when the business in General, no. And love is… And what is it? We, as Ivana the terrible: a woman fed up – throw, kill or come together. And the fact that the family is not only commodity-money relations, which is a microcosm, and live with a man you don’t know it is difficult and even dangerous, it does not take into account. He did not have, let suffering, he strictly believes in his innocence. Let the family become a burden and will not bring any joy.

All that is sown now, is earned by us. Family is such gibberish that many people prefer even not to do. Rush to spawn business partners – and suddenly they want to upset you and will go to librarians or musicians? And your wife, that you are indifferent, suddenly leaving you for another, leaving the heart an unpleasant feeling deep Sobornosti. Such things should not be taken lightly. Now a lot of people who marry after six months of Dating. And I think in six months, what sneakers to buy for yourself and you already family! All in a hurry, someone caught – Eugene. What kind of nonsense?

A man with nothing to do, always in a hurry.

– Thomas Dewar –

Enjoy the moments

It is possible to do everything not in a hurry? Well, take a past era, with a more calm over time. However, there were outstanding scholars, who had time to do several things at once. One of these, just the same was Mikhail Lomonosov. Now Lomonosovs are few, but each of them knows that any success requires regularity and consistency.

By the way, in business as well: before something to undertake, we need to evaluate, trace, analyze. And in business. It is clear that a busy person is immersed in a whirl of duties, but if he doesn’t pause and is not able to eat the fruit of life, the worthless of his work.

We need to learn from children. They have not forgotten how to savor the moment and be content with what we have. And you should, you’re not Superman, you all just will not need to work hard. And the fruits of your labor is not in vain, I recommend carefully, thoughtfully eat every moment of our fucking lives, comrade.

You can, of course, with all of the above not agree, but remember that deep thoughtful Masturbation much more pleasant and useful reactive busywork.

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