Who is waiting, he gets twice as much as


Really want to illustrate this thesis is the story of life. Let’s say someone thick (not pointing fingers) decided to lose weight. He chooses a diet and exercise program, which is carefully observed, and as a result six months later, this person drops, say, ten pounds. The other one does all the same (initially) with only one difference: adheres to the planned schedule of not six months and two weeks and the result is… no result. Looking at these two guys, we understand that there are times when it is vital to be patient and wait.

Our age is not simple: we’ve learned that the result should come immediately. All good things you can get at any time, at any time of the day or night. I want to watch porn? One click. You want to eat? Sun food in the microwave or pop down to the supermarket. Decided to buy a new camera in three hours of the night with drunken eyes? Lots of sites at your disposal. Want to talk with each other? To send a message. Want to have fun? Yes, lots of options!

Our age is the age of «now». Every second the machine is with the production and delivery of the pleasures of working at full capacity. At any time you just putting your mouth under the faucet and fill themselves with any entertainment and pleasure until you feel stuffed to nausea. You can control the flow, turn off the faucet and to set boundaries, not because it is a natural necessity, but because you think it is necessary. Previously, the company determined that sacred and wise, and now we’re doing it on their own.

Why should we do it? So, strangely enough, have more fun and be happier.

Why it’s good to delay gratification

We are going to talk about a very unpopular nowadays things such as self-restraint and discipline. Even thinking about it uncomfortable. Why deprive yourself of instant gratification? That, in truth, there is a lot of good.

1. You learn to settle for less

The same example with the weight loss. Sitting on a diet, you gradually accustomed to a different diet, and a Cup of herbal tea without sugar may zaenit ‘ sweet dessert. When refusing food with a strong sweet or salty taste, you regain taste sensitivity.

When you delay pleasure, and then finally get what they want, then discover that actually you need less, and before desired you no longer need. I think you need a new computer and collect on it for two months and when you have typed a sufficient amount of, you understand that your computer you’re satisfied with.

2. You begin to handle things more carefully

If you still do not refuse from the idea to buy a new thing when you finally buy it after a long wait, you start the best way to go. Your parents were right… When you buy things, you realize their true value. Always want to be a good thing for a long time, and when you’re making money with their work, do not want to waste them. This brings us to the next point…

3. You enjoy without guilt

Have you ever bought something that you really wanted, but kindly couldn’t afford? When you received this, along with the joy you felt guilty and thought that you might ought to tighten the belt and not spend money. These thoughts interfere with you to fully enjoy the new clothes.

However, when you just long for something and truly earn it is a joy and pleasure is not marred by any regrets. It’s like sitting during the diet: you eat a lot, but I know I deserve, what are you going to do, and each piece will be good for you.

4. You better feel life

Sometimes in life we don’t have enough of this feeling of life. Feelings. Not just a good mood, and deep sense of life. Therefore, women begin to inflate scandal, men are changing without love or looking for other ways to feel alive and overcome depression. Paradoxically, sometimes depression is good because in times like these you have a deep and clear experience.

There are healthier ways to experience life: it is not necessary to make trouble and change. You can instead give yourself to get hungry and then to eat well.

We often think that hunger is bad and a feeling of fullness — good. However, both belong to the natural spectrum of human feelings and has its own value. People equally need to feel both in order to properly understand ourselves and the world.

If you want to experience the fullness of life, you need to feel all sides of it: hunger and satiety. If you’re fed, you don’t know the true value of satisfying hunger. This applies not only to food.

5. You become stronger and more disciplined

The development of the required person. We must learn to control their desires, to satisfy or extinguish them. Man — a king, not a servant. To delay gratification means to cultivate confidence, learn self-control, not to obey the emotions and circumstances and to be disciplined. Discipline is like a muscle: exercise makes it stronger.

6. You’re happier

The journey is much more important where you get. Surely you yourself noticed that much more fun receive, reaching a goal, and not enjoying the result of their work. Waiting for the New year much nicer than the holiday itself.

I once read an interesting study that is associated with the release and on how happy people feel during the holidays. It turned out that the level of happiness returns to normal level within two weeks after returning from a trip, and the greatest happiness people experience, waiting for vacation, not relaxing! Thought about how great it would be to go somewhere, make us happier than the trip itself. Therefore, we recommend you to divide your month into four weeks and take them out one by one throughout the year — so you’ll have much more fun.

The best seasoning for food is hunger. Without contrast you won’t feel full satisfaction from what is a much more pleasant sweet taste after bitter.

Make no mistake: we are talking not just about the food. Remember that after a separation with my girlfriend, sex seems much nicer, and a lot of couples before the wedding even at some time refuse to have sex so the wedding night was interesting.

Whatever you want, don’t do it immediately. Pull fun and you’ll get it twice.


Each person has the power to make sacred anything. This power should be used wisely: this behavior is a sign of maturity. Postponing pleasure or reward, you’re becoming happier and get more out of life.

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