Who is the asshole

Why do I consider this person an asshole? Because he’s an asshole.In the life of citizens very often mocking parasite slips capacious word «asshole». 5 letters that could explain a lot. Only now is one of the most popular words in the language is always different. Many say it’s a synonym for «fool» or «idiot», although we know that the value of the word more. How many assholes got awards, and many preside over the destinies of the world! All these people are far from stupid, just assholes.

We tried to dig Philology of the wilds to wrest from the earth the plain truth, to clean, to wash and to present it to you on a silver platter.

In ancient Russia the «mood» called the male testicles. By the way, the poetic legend of eroticism «Luke mudischev» got his nickname for this reason. At the time, «asshole» called the man with prominent genitals, especially the scrotum. However, this sense has long been obsolete, and we do not care what the asshole sacko.

By the way, in Handbook of animal husbandry «asshole» is referred to a castrated bull, which brings us back to the vital subject of the genital organs. But again: in this sense the word is used from the time of Herzen, because we love the values based on the genitals, move on people. So here, but the interpretation has changed radically.

It is believed that the word was formed from the Japanese «muda,» which means «marriage», that is the man who takes his job seriously, as time is on his head… Well, you know. Close to the truth, but, unfortunately, inaccurate. Even if we assume that in our language it came from the Far East, the word «muda» found in the Russian language long before the Russians settled on the coast of the Pacific ocean. And given the passion of the Russian people to endure the reproductive value on human qualities, we get a just unpleasant curse.

So, the assholes in the nature very much. Around one… Bastards. Idiots? What the word means in vital domestic aspect?

The word «asshole» is unique. It has no synonyms, moreover, to explain its meaning by using other words that are not cognate, is not easy.

Asshole is not a characteristic of intelligence, mental abilities, or external data, as many believe. Asshole is a characteristic of human psychology, his attitude toward other people, their activities and the rest of the world. It’s such a negative type, which in its indifference, disrespect, disdain, hatred, anger and jealousy of the people was noticed by the society, separated from the crowd, and was honored the naming.

He despises public morality, generally accepted norms of behavior, rules of civility, good manners, respect for other people and other etiquette. Simply put, it’s selfish with a good dose of moral faeces in the body. It is characterized by indifference, callousness, rudeness, insolence, arrogance and dismissive attitude towards others. In addition, he doesn’t keep his word, is lying and is eager to profit at the expense of others. Asshole with his modismo trying to climb through imaginary deeds, to enrich themselves and occupy a higher position in society.

Asshole likes to learn other life, nothing presenting. Sometimes he deliberately gives wrong advice, to spoil.

But this is not the worst. The most disgusting thing he’d never admit to his illness. And in the words of Vladimir yepifantsev, «the most terrible is not none and be a jerk and not know it».

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