Who in Russia is what cowards

Once the male part of humanity was running around naked. Then the Females began to choose males not only for the dignity (and that’s a fact, so the man drove relatives of primates), but also by other factors, and shake «the bow» was unnecessary, men put themselves in loincloths. Then there was the pants, and that’s the evolution of lingerie got to his underpants. If at the beginning of the last century, except for a long satin shorts, nothing happened, now the diversity is dazzled with all sorts of hipsters by, the trunks,, jockey, briefs, slips – so many people live on earth, how many types are similar to each other cowards. So we divided into 4 main types and add on those who don’t like clothes at all, to tell of all the benefits, and who has what.


In such pants uncle Mike in my 56 still goes to the beach, and its large, like the surface of Jupiter, the belly hangs menacingly over otvoevanija the gonad. They say that such cowards are, or models Dolce&Gabana, or virgins, because such wears shorts most of the children. Maybe because stupid American comedies were definitely incompetent, finds himself with his pants down and shows the world his underwear white. But maybe people are just conservative, appreciates his past and those briefs, which was celebrated the most memorable birthday in 11 years, and he in them just comfortable. These shorts are really comfortable, especially for sports. Nothing stirs, not legs. Remembering the ancient Greek Olympians who ran in the buff, I feel discomfort in the groin area. How uncomfortable was that? Rumor has it that these pants are extremely undesirable because it causes the greenhouse effect for eggs, press them to the body than dramatically increase their temperature. And this in turn is extremely bad for reproductive function. But if you are a virgin or you have a contract with Armani, which you are obliged to wear them (no other clothes), it is possible not to be afraid. And we see the following.


Dad approves, grandfather, the other does not recognize, is still giving their old satin to the knee, the production of the factory «Red October». For real men who value freedom in «special» places, so that nothing is pressed and was not bound to the primary body fell out of the textile shackles, and proudly broke the tent, embarrassing mom when she comes to Wake you. They can even run in the morning. that was clearly shown in the «Gentlemen of fortune». However, with age, they become shorter and do not look like Bermuda shorts and short shorts. Freedom, proven over the years, Soviet and Russian army and sailors. Sailors selected family, the sailors not bad advice. Let the «small caliber» choose your Thong.

Much has been said about that in your boxer shorts need a body feels most comfortable. Therefore, previous generations did not have such problems with the «male» part. Children were born healthy. But it is important that also the quality of material was excellent. Preferably, no synthetic materials, and better cotton and silk. This applies to all pants at once, and not to go to the market and not to buy questionable knitwear, after which the body is covered with bright, as the order of Lenin, spots, suggest you a nice lingerie storewhere the range is wider than the mouth of Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler.


Boxers is the middle ground between boxer briefs and boxers, and simply put, their bastard child. Somebody smart enough to do boxers, so to speak, slim. Cowards for a normal kid, confident in its future and its a great shape… so I want to believe the designers. In fact, they are all and Sundry, especially those who don’t care about underwear. Bought, and wear. And they buy the easiest way, because it is the most common and popular option. Well, among other things, more convenient, so to speak, and testicles helpful and nothing is loose. And sit well: not «defiantly» as the melting, and do not develop sailing as a family «the patriarchs.» Elegantly and conveniently.

No panties

Well, what do you say that… You or a hippie with a 69, the year when the hook was considered meaningless, since the reigned free love, and shoot you from time to time acted in porn selfish, more confident in myself as not confident in their irresistibility Dmitry Nagiyev. More and pants are narrower to boot. We can assume that the Lord gave you something «iconicism», but, most likely, or you’re a rogue, and you have no money in the pants, or too much pontueshsya.

A normal citizen without panties will not go. And suddenly you have to jump into the water to save a drowning man or to spend the night not at home? In jeans or sleep or uncomfortable to swim. Well, except that it is indecent, it is also not hygienic. So no shame, just ask here. The range is large, so choose «their» is not a problem.

Or thongs, jockey

Nooo, hell no… What the hell!? What are you, a stripper? Or a homosexual? Any attempt to justify this division of lingerie is equivalent to sexual orientation. Well, what it is, even fart ever. To wear such a need to be tightly beaten off, or the whole soul, to love experiments, to be ready for the new unconventional discoveries, such as bisexual sex with ten men on the roof, in front of the camera with the animals. Probably the questionnaire of this lover’s weightless Laundry hanging on the websites of dubious reputation. You can justify what you bought them for role-playing games with his wife, but what the hell do you have for these games, and why would you strap on? It is inconvenient and ugly. How do we know what’s awkward? Well… we women told.

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