Who got the most expensive phone in history?


We wrote many times about the most expensive soup in the world. Who needs them? Fans to show off their wealth, of course!

Stuart Hughes — a designer who deals with luxury gadgets. It was he who made the iPhone with a dinosaur bone. Today he presented to the public the iPhone 5 Black Diamond, cost of which amounted to $ 15 million. Who are they needed? you can ask.

The body is made of pieces of 26-carat gold — garbage, you will say — but no! Instead of huge buttons on the device — a real black diamond, and the sides of the device is studded with small diamonds in the amount of 600 pieces, the logo is gone 53 diamond. Little, man? Glass is a device made out of sapphire. The entire device was made by hand for 9 weeks. It’s amazing how much and who paid for this nonsense? — you ask, we will answer: some rich dude from China. So that’s China, that’s the game!


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