Who are the judges?

The society needs pastors? Those with large staffs, smelling of the elite aromas of the garments, in which case you can hit this stick violator of moral standards. Like as needed, because the terms will prevail to total abandon, some will kill those who do not pray, others spin a wild porn with Japanese girls stuffing various sea reptiles of their genitals, and the truth will not, for it is at everyone.

All our public relations needs to be regulated, people should be clear what is possible and what is not. Only there is one «BUT» less and less pay attention: this system must be as flexible as a Romanian gymnast, namely to rely on features of a society, its cultural characteristics. It’s in Texas you can go with a carbine on the edge, and we have terrible.

And, as usual, for any system there are people. Are ugly, smart, know everything, can do everything. And even if you go down from heaven to earth and to be around people who feel entitled to point out errors and correct them with or without cause. Judging by their trills, it is given the right by the Lord himself. But often these reformers was extremely nervous short-sighted aesthetes who do not recognize other position other than their own, or notorious individuals, which is more, they say, «nothing to beat». As they say, only the Acharya has the right to point out the «mistakes» of ācārya.

Most often, these people, by the way, correct those who incorrectly put accents in words. However, in the Russian language, so many nuances, it transformered, baddest of the Autobots with the Decepticons, so it is logical to assume that such matters should be dealt with exclusively linguists. Although the linguists say that there are only two cases when you need to correct: when correcting a foreigner and a child. In other cases, it’s basic ignorance, as an adult, if he doesn’t want, re. Don’t ask – don’t correct, despite the fact that every patriot should know your language if he himself certainly believes. Hell, better then use the wrong word in the right context, but right. It affects not worse than the phrase «Your wife left you to me.»

Who we basically teaches corrects so? One who otherwise declare themselves cannot, who have nothing more to say, because parents are not always dropped on the brains of young, worrying about their way of life. Just want to be closer to the new family nest. That’s something to brag necessarily need to splash out on full force nonsense sounds, for example, to say that waste mixer could fix, and not thrown away. Learning needs a professional. How can you talk about the value of the Mat, about its irrelevance in the Russian language and culture, if people don’t read «Barkov’s Shadow» by Pushkin, «mischievous» the works of Chekhov, Yesenin and others? To judge, it is important to have expertise in some area, know it. It’s important to always remember that there is a third party, and not everything that you don’t like is shit. If you don’t like electronic music, it does not mean that it is bad. Ridicule a man for his tastes and preferences (of course, if they do not have borders with common sense) – fierce ignorance. Worse, only when judged and taught the non-conformists, who believe any attempt to be a trend weakness.

It turns out that the train can only be experienced and knowledge is correct, knows the modern trends and life. Everything else, says Alexander Bubnov, «inexperience»!

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