White bike with blue tires

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I’m another sheep who will not write a specific question, and will pour a little water. Digest because reading the answers to the questions in the community, I have actually got the answer to your question. Helped me get answers to questions about reflection, the meaning of life, the former, etc standard whining.

I realized that I’m the same as many a whiner, mumbler, or rather understood for a long time and try to change. About girls, I’m your signs (25/32) were in the friend zone, and in General, my super-duper unusual and unique relationship a million times then someone was.

Whining to add to the problems with debts, do not have enough money from paycheck to paycheck. During the life tormented by the desire to «everything at once». Well, it’s the lyrics.

And the question is: How in your opinion will look white bike with blue tires?


Edition manygoodtips.com on his side, too, will not whine and complain that us editors receive a lot of questions that we have long been answered, not once in our articles. Moreover, most of the questions answered already 500 sites to us, and it would seem that the student already knows the answers to these questions, but no…

So thank you, man that you talked with myself and asked us not from the category of «what to give?», «what is the meaning of life?» and «where to take money?».

About white and blue bike tires, why not. White and blue do well together.

I remember as a child painted the tires green, bike was also green but a different shade, and looked green miracle miserable, and when I went for a ride, green tyres got a dirty grey shade and began to look else sucks (OK, that bike was not mine, a neighbor guy, who I realized after someone «borrowed»). And then I understood why the default of black Bicycle tyre.

So, you can and blue tires, red and green. Another question — why?

Ask your question wording manygoodtips.com

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