Whisky swing


I think that this strange glass was invented in the following situation. A man came home after a hard day, poured himself a glass of whiskey, sat down at a computer and thought it would be nice to find a rocking chair, and then I remembered that it is not there yet: it hurts young for rocking chairs. So why not make a glass-swing? It is done!

In fact, we think these glasses were the result of marriage, and the clever Manager came up with how to implement them, and a bit more expensive. The contents of the Cup cannot be shed it in a safe place. Even if you shake the Cup from side to side, sure he’s a doll-the dolls, anything you never proles. Look at the measured swaying of the liquid, which sits in a rocking chair, makes you wonder and eternal and beautiful. Or session who have it, of course.

The glasses are sold in sets of 6 pieces. No manual work — the usual stamping a soulless machine. The price does not bite 20 euros.

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