Whiskey — the drink of the monks and rebels


The Irish, probably more than any other nation in the world, similar to Russian: they are sociable, love alcohol, love parties and accompanied by a lengthy toast, not stupid, to make noise, to sing drinking songs. In General, as the Russians have. But no, toast — more like the Georgians. The Irish hundreds of long toasts for any occasion. And the Russians are toast, as you know, short, as a team: “Well, art!.. Well, for the rest!.. Well, for the hunt!..»

Like the Russians, the Irish love to drink a dose of whiskey with your pint of beer, known all over the world. Soft, sweet Irish whiskey perfectly «mounted» velvety, filled with tiny gas bubbles of the Irish «stout» or the most famous black beer in the world — Guinness. Peter, whose opinion in Russia, few could disagree, believed that «the best of all the wines, the Irish spirit». «Irish spirits» (whiskey) then was a pretty terrible drink — strong, brutal, not aged in barrels. But apparently, «the Irish spirit» back in those days was still higher quality and much more refined drink than vodka. However, Peter especially had nothing to compare, because he did not try Scotch!


There is the doctrine of the national psyche — but no one has yet compared the algorithms of thinking of Russian and Irish. If doing that, perhaps the assumption about the proximity of the psychology of the Irish and the Russians there would be scientific proof.

In Irish pubs there is a break — Holy Hour (the Holy hour). Cynics claim that one hour break between 14:30 and 15:30 is made specifically to the priests could safely, without prying, to go to the bar and a drink. Like it or not, we don’t know, but we know that priests in Ireland are absolutely still go to bars, as well as laymen. That, however, and not surprising, because the first process of distillation in Europe met what the Irish monks who brought the knowledge from Asia approximately in the VI century B. E. it is True that the Arabs were made of alcohol, perfume and incense, and the Irish came up with a more rational use of distillate — oral, calling him by Celtic Uisce Beatha (ishke BAA, or «water of life»).

The history of Irish whiskey. In those days antibiotics were not serving the «water of life», which performs the role of disinfectant, in fact, often lives up to its name and probably saved many lives. The Irish say that the first who said whiskey was the main Irish Saint, St. Patrick, then the Irish learned the art of distillation from the Irish monks. But in fact Saint Patrick by birth — Scot: he went to one of the monasteries of Ireland to spiritual education.


When the soldiers of the English king Henry II invaded Ireland in 1170, they were amazed at the courage of Irish soldiers: the king said that before the battle the Irish, drink some liquid courage and fighting, and after drinking and having fun, celebrating the victory. The British then alcohol still knew nothing.

The oldest operating distilleries in the world, Bushmill, for the first time throws whiskey in 1608 (however, this date received the legal license to produce whiskey; the production here began in the XIII century), located in Ireland, in the village Bushmill.

Until the beginning of XX century, Irish whiskey was the dominant variety of whiskey around the world. While Scotch whisky peacefully and quietly have evolved in the Highlands and had no access to the international market, the Irish beverage was already known to the whole world. But then the Irish made a mistake — refused to implement the continuous column cycle, invented by an Irish tax collector Ainacom Coffey. However, to understand the Irish can be when they have experienced the products of columns of a continuous cycle, it was horrified: alcohol, of course, was easy, but it was just the alcohol, far from the rich buttery taste of the drink, which the Irish used to call whiskey. The Scots broad introduction columns gave a huge advantage: once they learned how to make cheap blends of grain whiskey is a traditional malt production volumes have increased many times over. Add to this a few political points, and as a result Ireland in the early twentieth century was cut off from world trade.


Ireland has long struggled for independence from Britain, and when it finally happened, in addition the country received economic embargo and soon could not sell their whiskey. This niche, and Irish whiskey to the early XX century was the main whiskey in the world — quickly became Scotch whisky. Reasonable the Irish government realized completely stop production during the Second world war. For alcohols this means death for new born whiskey, after distillation recovery will be at least another three years! And so shortly the main consumers of Irish whiskey — or rather, the remnants of the former luxury — were themselves Irish. Industry, once powerful, has fallen on hard times. If in the XVIII century in Ireland had distilleries in 2000, the beginning of XX century they have less than two dozen, and to 70-th years of the last century — only two! And it’s a really sad story, man.


Types of Irish whiskey

Single malt is, as in Scotland, whisky pure barley malt, distilled in copper pot stills. This is a very rare category of Irish whiskey, there are at least a dozen varieties.

Pure pot still — whiskey, too, ousted in copper pot stills, but not from pure barley malt and mixed with other cereals. Until recently in Ireland even used oats is very hard to distill the grain. Why? And you have the oatmeal did? Remember, what is it viscous? In the distillation of a mash of oatmeal, the same issue occurs: in the alembic rises rabid foam, and stick it to the walls of the cube. Pot still is the main type of Irish whiskey.

Blended whiskey — blend of whiskey, kicked in pot stills in the traditional way, grain whiskey is a relatively new category. The fact that until the mid eighties for the production of Irish whiskey is generally not used columns of a continuous cycle, which is a highly refined grain whiskey. Traditional Irish whiskey is triple distilled through very easy and clean — why kopirovat with even lighter whiskey? But as sales of Irish whiskey in the world grow, it is necessary to use a cheap grain alcohol. Now the whole mass of Irish whiskey — a blend.


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