«Whisker Dam» – an umbrella for your mustache


If you’re the bearded barbel, then you know how it is when the foam is spreading around the vegetation on your face after the first SIP of Guinness. This is not a sexual spectacle, especially for the redhead who sits at the next table and reviewed with you the last 15 minutes. «Whisker Dam» – a device which was conceived as an umbrella for your face like a dam that will not give mustache and beard treacherously wet, while you enjoy a frothy beverage.

«Whisker Dam» in the style of the Old West and is made of 100% copper. The Creator of the simple but practical subject claims that he was inspired by similar samples of the XIX century, performed an identical function. After all, a gentleman should always monitor their appearance and neatness luxurious mustache. «Whisker Dam» will protect you from the expense of beverages such as latte, cappuccino, beer, milk – all that before you could «substitute».

The price of this osobogo shield – $ 15.

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