Which occupations will be in demand in 5 years


Dear dudes from the office manygoodtips.com soon I will have the choice of a profession and would like to know your opinion about which of them will be in demand 5 years from now?


Our lives are changing so rapidly that sometimes even the next day is pretty hard to predict, but nevertheless, the labor market — the sphere of predictable, and to answer your question properly, we had to shovel the research of sociologists, the personnel centers and headhunting firms, to tell fortunes on a coffee thick, to contact Pavel Globa and to hear what’s being said on this subject in SKOLKOVO.

1. The IT sector and developers of computer hardware

This area is extremely large and offers work for a wide range of specialists.

Software development, website development, technical and hardware support, client consulting on all stages of production, and web design — all well paid today, and it makes sense to assume that the development of Internet technologies is inevitable in the future, requires highly qualified professionals who will meet the relevant professional requirements.

Also it is a synthesis of several disciplines, for example, an administrator healthcare it, Informatics-pharmacist, engineer of cloud computing and big data analyst.

2. Engineering

On the modern labor market is the acute shortage of engineers and technical specialists, and in the future this profession will come to the forefront. And again, the more you will be versed in different fields of activity – the better for you. Think about the second tower or special courses, trainings, your chances of being highly paid professionals has greatly increased.

Do focus on the study of languages, management and marketing. Here, as in the previous paragraph, the projected synthesis of several features. For example, engineers, doctors, and operators of drones will be to develop, test, and continue to serve new types of devices: from new dentures and implants to exoskeletons.

3. Nanotechnology

The future is unthinkable without cool nanotechnology that made the breath freeze when we watched movies about the distant future. Hard work with atoms and molecules in bright and huge laboratories, chip manufacturing under the mysterious light flashing lights, creating robots that will certainly sooner or later will conquer mankind — nanotechnology will be present in all spheres of human activities, from engineering to medicine.

A country that has achieved a breakthrough in the development of nanotechnology, the world is waiting for leadership. Dude, it may well be that our country to this leadership will lead you.

4. Synthesis of biotechnology and electronics

Currently, biotechnology is widely widespread in the field of molecular medicine, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and in agriculture, where day and night are created GMO products.

Rumors and fast implementation of biochips in each person’s body may be, and not rumors, here comes you, the person who has knowledge in both international and bioengineering.

Here is a fantasy about a possible future specialties knows no boundaries: food technologist, bioinformatic, the analyst of waste processing and even designer microorganisms and GMOs – all in the very near future to prepare to meet the labour market.

5. Medicine

Along with the classical professions in the medical field that are in demand now and will demand in the future, there will be new branches of the specialty. For example, the designer of the implants, neuropsychologist and genetic counselor.

6. Education

In the next five years education will «move» in the online sphere. Fully expect to see the list of vacancies of the profession of distance education, designers of online courses and natural interfaces, and psycholinguist.

7. Ecology

The pollution of our environment has already caused strong panic among «green» and all nenesuschih to the future of our planet.

The growth of harmful emissions into the atmosphere pose environmental problems on one of the first places in the future global world. On the one hand, will increase the demand for professional ecologists, and with another — to expand the demands of conservationists. Specialty ecologist will require knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology, skills of computer modelling, taking place in the nature of the processes. The profession of an ecologist will be one of the most important and most sought-after professions.

The problem of resource extraction will also take leadership ranks: requires a specialist in difficult produced oil reserves and exploitation of the deposits of the Arctic shelf.

The question of what we breathe goes hand in hand with the question of what we eat. It is expected that by 2020 there will be a specialist in genetic engineering of plants.

8. Logistics. Marketing and sales

Analytical mind and systems thinking, the ability to quickly find a way out of difficult situations, communication skills with people, communication skills is an integral quality of a successful professional in the field of logistics.

Experts predicted that after 9-10 years on the Russian market of goods and services arise glut, and the task of a highly qualified specialist in the field of marketing is to develop competitive and resilient business plan.

9. Chemistry

Chemists will cross with energy to work on the development of alternative energy sources.

We wish you good luck in the search for himself and the profession of your dreams! Do not forget to write to us. Five years from now.

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