Whether to take out a mortgage?


I wish you health, dear manygoodtips.com! Listen to almost everything that you write, and you want to convey. Your theme is imbued with humor, creativity, wisdom, and life experience, of course! Success in the future! And the question is: is a twenty-two year old dude to get into the mortgage if he has, as they say, «a homeless person…», but the availability of work and wages plus. Besides, if you get all the delights in life will have to forget spending money on noodles and Chinese stuff of low quality, and bound himself for five years at the old place of work. But their homes, like. Your opinions and want to hear from me)))

The answer

Great, mate. Thank you for your kind words. I advise you to listen to absolutely everything that we write.

So, the housing problem, which, according to Woland, spoiled Muscovites. The nasty word «mortgage» symbolizes long anal slavery of their homes. But to live in his house all want. It is important to sit, to think well and to consider a number of things before it.

You need to understand that the decision to buy the den, and even for a long period of time – one of the most important decisions of your life. At the level of the child’s birth accurately. The mortgage is not a loan to the iron, and the purchase of an apartment is not antifreeze gulp drink (although also very dangerous). A debt of a million rubles, two, three – it does not take the neighbor to pay, because the Bank is not a neighbor, there are even less good-natured guys who love big numbers in his pocket.

God forbid you are in trouble you live long and prosper, but keep in mind that in life anything can happen, for example, you can lose your job, and anything good did not find. Especially now, when labour on the field absolute mess. That salary is not always growing, and sometimes falling, should also be considered. The fact that inflation can be reduced to 2% and will not eat your debt, should also be considered. Even if you’re good, no one knows what will happen to your salary and need for such professionals like you through the years and months of payments. One friend not so long ago did the anti-crisis marathon with the aim to support all those affected by the mortgage crisis.

It is important to consider that in Russia the mortgage is impossible to get off. She’s like a needle. And if you don’t want to pay, you will kick your ass huckster. So provided the nervous life, the constant attempts to calculate and set aside. Although nervous pointless. By the way, do not have to eat instant noodles to eat, there are ways to eat normal food, but most of the things and it is done in China.

In addition, it is important to consider some points:

– What can you contribute as Deposite?

– If you lose your job, you financial to protect family and friends?

Are you ready to withstand all the monotony (apartment, job, surety)?

Think with your head, don’t fall for extreme opinions, decide, on the basis primarily of their current capacity and not high expectations for the future. Of course, you will drip on brains that, say, prices are rising. Well, what do you care, if you can’t afford to live well?

If all items do not cause you fear, then take it. It’s better than a rented apartment. While the debate about what is more profitable: renting or buying an apartment in the mortgage – do not cease. It is believed that to rent an apartment profitable as an overpayment on the mortgage interest can be equal to the cost of another apartment. So, interest rate is quite high, but the calculations must take into account inflation, which reduces the cost of the loan over time. Besides, when buying an apartment in the mortgage you pay for your apartment and ever going to live in it, just paying for communal and rented will have to pay always. I think your bitter experience we gathered in the apartment, paying good money for the best rent, it is better to omit.

Housing prices are jumping, in addition, there are disturbing rumors that housing is in a newly built house to buy it. It is an absolute servitude, but if on the horizon there are no other options if you are sure that you will have to collect on the secondary apartment for 10 years, it is better to suffer and take it.

Good luck to you, let it grow your salary as libido Stas Mikhailov at the mere mention of itself, and the purchase of an apartment will force you to ask a single question: «should I get a bigger apartment?» But you need a lot of fruitful work.

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