Whether to return the girl after another divorce



Whether to return the girl after another divorce?

If you each other constantly insult good from such a relationship is not worth waiting. On the other hand, if the feelings are so strong and you really don’t want to lose your girlfriend, you should try to get her back, at least now she probably expects this.

But in fact, decide to return it or not – only you. Weigh the pros and cons (I understand that it’s hard to do when emotions tearing the head).

Imagine how you see your future together and see it at all.

Give yourself time to think, in which you beg her to come back to write, call, etc. During this time, and she’s bored, and images of the last argument will come to naught. How long? Don’t know exactly, but if all previous quarrels and separations that lasted for a week, this time take more time out.

By the way, if during the break she will offer to talk or not settling, it is worth considering. After all, maybe she really has reached the point of no return and want to continue that relationship doesn’t want.

There is another point. In my opinion, 4 years is quite a serious period of transition to the next stage. Perhaps the girl is waiting for you to make an offer of marriage?

And remember, if you all the same will come together again and start anew relationship, you should still «on the beach» to agree on how you will each other to take that you will try not to offend each other and configured for an adult Union, which in the first place, except passionate love must stand still and respect.

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