Whether to legalize prostitution

Love for all ages. And for those who are too lazy to spend precious time on the romance, the relationship, or one turns out to have a girlfriend, or who despises love, and created prostitution. And judging by the «honorable» title of «the oldest profession», such people in all times was not enough. Even the Bible had its own confused, however, repented. In different times the attitude towards prostitutes was different. As we know from the history of prostitution in antiquity, the prostitute was not only selling her body, but was an interesting conversationalist, is very educated. In any case, Patricia loved to spend time at fascinating reasonable conversation ends with a passionate intercourse. Residents easier just soothed the flesh with harlots for a few coins.

In our time, in our country, hot ladies in pantyhose ruble have been living in an irregular basis, putting their lives at risk. «Not received», «concern» and simply unhappy looming on the slopes, visit the rooms, take yourself and a bunch of diseases in addition. So every year the question arises: is not it easier to legalize? In our officially intolerant of the vices of society. We should not look back and to look at the experience of foreign countries. Experience tells me that it is useless, and we have, at least in the near future, «abroad» will not. So just compare the pros and cons of legalizing the «oldest profession, without affecting the political and moral prostitutes. It is, as they say, is another story.

Of course, you have your opinion, and of course, it will diverge from the author. So happy to read it in the comments (preferably not to repeat what was stated in the text.)



1. Shame

If prostitution becomes legal then in the workbook next to «teacher», «Manager» and other familiar professions will be «proud», «noble» or «prostitute». Or «priestess of love». Although there is now fashionable even to the most dumb and ugly of the profession to add the word «Manager». So it turns out «the Manager of carnal pleasures». Well, or at worst «Manager in the sphere of services». Poor animators, and other inventors. Said the official name of his profession, and you all considered a prostitute. It’s a shame.

Here minus, especially in moral terms. Very few people will want to have his daughter or son (Yes, many people forget that prostitution and men) officially earned a living such an honorable craft. Well, think about it, meeting with the survivors, not in jail and not to suffer from cirrhosis of the liver classmates 40 years later. All tell their children that became successful businessmen, financiers, and even actors. What do you have? And you daughter slept with all your former classmates.

It is clear that a normal person would be able to raise my child, to instill in him good values and to prove that even as part-time work for the summer this craft is unacceptable. We are not too liberal Europe, our society will always be to spit in the direction of harlots, though legal. What a shame to be unhappy teachers and doctors who probably will receive less.

2. The path to iniquity

Legalization will open many loopholes for criminals. When something is forbidden, the dual interpretation can not be. But in our case who knows what it can mean. In any case, the adoption of the law on legalization would be a «start» signal for permissiveness. Because people, as you know, do not know the steps.

3. The collapse of morality

Hey, guys, what’s going to happen with the institution of relationship and marriage, if sex for money is acceptable the norm. The more flaws will be legalized, the less society will be the brakes. And what is the result? To the moral decline of the population. We like decaying Europe, only with their Russian-Asian flavor.

By the way, followed by heterosexual prostitutes are legalized transvestites, same-sex traders love and other perversions. And in our country, proud of roots and curse of the degenerative the dominance of perverts, it’s useless.

4. Nobody wants

It is believed that the legalization of prostitution is disadvantageous primarily by prostitutes. Why? They will have to pay taxes, to legalize their jobs (and the landlord agree to this?), undergo a medical examination, to declare themselves openly: «I am a whore» (now hide it all, at least not really advertise). There is also a security problem, now solve the pimps and the roof. Well, knowing the country in which we live, is convinced that properly organize this process, our bureaucrats can not (will not) – not Europe. And the roof of the «priestesses of love» «keepers of order» (of course, not all) would not want to lose money. Because protection gives very much profit.

There is one drawback. Such «exotics» as bestiality and child prostitution, of course, is not legal. Therefore, the «shadow» side of the business will not strangle, not kill. There will always be something left and incredibly dirty.



1. Demand

It’s No wonder craft is called «ancient». What does this mean? That the need to pay love has always been and will be incredibly high. In many European cultures it is considered perfectly normal when a father brings a trembling, shaking from the excitement of the guy in the brothel, where for 100-200 Euro (depending on how much the dad loves the son) priestess vicious love plunges him into a whirlpool of passion and teaches the intricacies of intimate fellowship with the «weak» half of the population. Some parents engage in this way «the knowledge of sin,» and we have, mostly in saunas and places like that. And here the question arises: «may be anything to conceal? Everyone knows the prices, everyone knows where to look for them. It might be easier to legalize?» Possible. The more that sexual attraction lies at the very essence of man. It’s like the desire and hunger. Only sexual hunger. And if we can’t have a relationship, well, you are not born a «alfach», then why not to satisfy the body’s need? Especially for the money?

2. What APE

Prostitutes are like cockroaches. At all times, in all ages, for any problems prostitution flourished and was popular. It will survive even in a big room smelling of rats in the underground and will feed the «noble» bandits, its the roof. There is the actual question: why not legalize the sex trade» and not to put money in the budget.

In the Russian Empire understood it. Not immediately, but over time it became clear that without the legalization of brothels is not enough. In fairness it should be noted that prostitution in Russia is not legalized due to the special perversity or unexpected liberalism of the authorities. Just the Emperor Nicholas I realized that the punishments and restrictive measures to deal with the second oldest profession is completely useless.

In short, since prostitution will not strangle, will not kill», «moths» can be easily found on the Internet sites, since it feeds the crime, the better money from copulation are in the budget. Moreover, from legalization there is one very, very big plus, as described below.

3. The rights of prostitutes

If legalized prostitution, the girls (and guys) will be able to regularly check their health, will receive more rights. But such measures could reduce the total number of diseases. In any case, it should. After all, the idea is that «butterflies» will test not dream of undermining doctor and normal medical examination. Although managers recruiters (aka pimps) is probably in order not to lose money will be to pay the greedy doctors. Well, not to lose money on a non-working «unit».

And in retirement, tired old prostitute would get money for your hard work and to tell recruits, as in one night she met a whole company of hungry soldiers.

The bottom line

Summing up the above, we still think that prostitution is not legal ever. Well, it’s just not beneficial to all. Although I had the good fortune to talk with one Orthodox activist, who, reproaching the profession in depravity and poverty, agreed that it is necessary to legalize. Supposedly, the demand for it will always be, so it’s easier to legalize in order to reduce the evil.

Legalization does not mean that society has become better, more normal. It just makes accessible what everyone knew and enjoyed a lot.

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