Whether to go on vacation alone?

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2014_BEOqdzNH5getCYou have the whole year I worked really hard on the job, came out from behind the Desk and chair already has two peculiar hollows under your ass. You’ve been waiting for this time of year and here it has come and is already coming to an end.

The floor of the summer you procrastinator, planning and thinking about how and where you’re going with your girlfriend and managed to snatch time to vacation at work, but here’s the trouble: your paths diverged in different directions just before the holidays. Whack. Not to mention the breakup, your plans to relax «as a man» gone along with the plans to marry or at least have regular sex for some time…

Of course you can spend your entire vacation lounging on the sofa, picking up from the floor, the remnants of the chips and their pride. Or you can wipe your nose and go to rest in solitude, or, if to look more optimistic, it is absolutely free. On manygoodtips.com already mentioned about the benefits of travelling solo, but if you think about it, you can find several advantages of single holidays:

1. All in 2 times is cheaper

Let’s be honest dude. Every time you take a girl on vacation – you paid for it. Of course there are different couples where the lady pays for herself, but now I’m talking about classic relations. So it’s simple: ride one spend two times less (some tickets are worth). Or you can spend the same amount of money as her, but will not themselves anything to deny.

2. There is no war for the interests

How often have you went somewhere and your interests diverged? Of course, your tastes may not coincide in everything, but I bet that it won’t jump around yelling: «I want to go to a match of Thai Boxing, let’s hurry!». Here’s another big fat plus. Want a tour? Go on a tour. And then there will be no hard feelings that you didn’t go with her in the same house thousands of cats and then left for tea.

3. The whole room at your disposal

When did you last sweetly slept in the bed ALONE? To be able to walk the room in your underwear (or without them), scratching all sorts of places, to lie on the bed and pick your nose, throw the socks and do not care at all at all.

4. The possibility of a new relationship

You just checked into the hotel and first went to the beach (you may serendipitously confused and wandered onto a nudist beach), and the happiness — no one will wail♪: «are You staring at her Breasts?». You may consider beauties as you want without fear that your eye is following an attentive pair of loving eyes.

And you know that the holidays are often short-term relationships. Moreover, this novel will be useful to you, be distracted from your ex.

5. You have your personal time

How long have you stayed alone? Now is the best time for this, man. Nobody will bother you. Think about where you’re going. What you have already done, and what was going and in the confusion business days forgot. Restore or arrange your priorities in life. Take care of yourself!

6. Romance just for two?

You’ve read almost the entire article and still I sit and think: «how will I go alone? Everyone will be with their pairs, they will have a romance and stormy night, and I even hand no one to hold…» Dude, are you serious? For starters, re-read paragraph 4 and then look at the 5th and go to the beach, watch the sunset with a bottle of beer. Look, meet a sexy girl and your night will be filled with not only romance, but also what is usually out of all of these a romantic evening.

7. Try out a new way

Strange as it may sound, but this is a great way new way to learn to give themselves to people. And if you’re not, no one will blame you that you do not behave. But, it does not mean to throw dust in the eyes of other people. Do not have to lie to everyone that you’re an oil tycoon and the house you live tigers (though try). Just put those part that you don’t show your friends/colleagues. Suddenly a new image you like, and you’ll come back a different person?

8. New Dating

Not necessarily Dating girls. One is always easier to meet new people. So you can find yourself a new friend or a great listener your sob story about how «something went wrong». In any bar there is a man who will listen to you if you pay him beer (even though he doesn’t speak Russian).

9. To learn a new hobby

Arriving in another city or country, you will surely find this activity about which you even did not know, only heard and not seen live. You definitely will be time for that, especially if you’re alone. Learn how to play Bongo or take surfing lessons. You’ll become a more interesting person. Besides, it will raise your self-esteem.

And don’t forget that with the end of any relationship there will come a new, and a vacation this year, frankly you will lose if you do not go. And wait for another year. And there, who knows what else will happen. So pack your bags and go.

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