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An avid teetotaler, ulcer. Never in my life did not smoke. A drop in the mouth for more than 5 years (weddings, funerals, new year, etc, whatever). BUT! Know often meet this «myth» that alcohol in small doses is needed and even necessary (in particular red wine). Don’t want to drink, can I drink alcohol intravenously??? Sounds crazy, but who, if not you have to ask that))

From. S. direct the syringe into the vein, the taste of alcohol causes vomiting, sure. Checked.

The answer

Well, you, of course… a sophisticated storyteller, just exquisite. Okay heroin into a vein to put the crocodile, the air at the worst, if you live tired, but the alcohol… And you just don’t drink?

Let’s deal in place with the intravenous use of alcohol. Let’s say, in medicine, a similar method is used, and for a long time. Clear not injected Crimean port and not «Chilliwack», and 20-33% solution in sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution or sterile water for injection. Simply put, not lucre. There is nothing radical, the usual thing with gangrene and lung abscess. That is, if you really want, then look for a solution.

Before, by the way, these solutions are used as an anesthetic. Even in small doses, alcohol, snuck inside of your carcass not through the mouth, acts on the body much stronger than drinking a hundred grams. Enough for a pair of cubes to be intoxicated like a dog, which scratch their belly. Unfiltered by the liver, the alcohol is carried by the blood, enters the brain and turns you into an amoeba. So if you decided to engage in such nonsense, it is better to do it under the supervision of a physician bought, and you yourself is currently namudrili that the next event in your life will be a funeral service under the weeping relatives. In any case, do not enter the pure alcohol, otherwise you’ll burn your veins to hell. This is not the worst result, it can happen very fast the formation of clots, which will lead to blockage, and she is to heartbeat. Blood is a protein, try to throw in a glass of vodka, a raw egg, you’ll like it. About the same thing will happen with your blood, and you will transform from a handsome young guy in the sex and solar empowerment by. Believe me, it is much worse than to be born Kyshtym dwarf. About possible pulmonary edema, conversion of vessels to a pulp and tissue death in internal organs (e.g. heart) we have already spoken.


If the taste of alcohol very unpleasant, I highly recommend the vodka enema. First, the taste of vodka to be felt not be because of the booze absorbed through your rectum. During normal use of the alcohol is decomposed in the stomach, especially if the person ate a good, part of the same reason broken down in the intestines, resulting in blood not all the alcohol drunk. When setting the same enema 100% alcohol directly into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the rectum, as a result, the amount of alcohol that with normal use gives mediocre intoxication, when setting anal enema intoxication gives very tangible and decent. Only, for God’s sake, don’t try to eat this place will not work!

Be careful not to overdo it, and you, as a man unprepared, so many absorbed alcohol can paduret not childish. One Briton, who suffered from diseases of the throat and there was this inability to consume alcohol, started playing with enemas from Jerez. Was porazvleksya. As a result, the blood turned out to be a lethal dose, almost 5 ppm. And why? Because, as said Anton Semenovich Shpak: «Snack right».Alcohol serves as a shock absorber for the body, and the process… Mmm, it’s a song! A glass of cool red and the warm beef tenderloin, tender as the skin of the beloved, and socuy as a Paradise fruit. Drank a delicious SIP from a convenient glass and gently, aesthetically, the fork was sent to the mouth cheese with mold (not processed cheese, and noble, though Kostroma but the cheese). And beauty and the angels sang, and the body appeared irreversible ease. So if you don’t know how to drink, do not understand the beauty use for the benefit of the soul, body and spirit, if you and alcohol is incompatible, as Comic Sans and thesis, as Khovanskii and «lion vs», in what doses it you will not go.


In General, it is the absolute truth: alcohol in moderate doses cures. But under the acceptable norm. The unit adopted a «drink» is equal to or 30 ml of spirits or 100 ml of dry (7-11%) of natural wine, or 200-250 ml of weak (5 %) beer. For men-Caucasians a relatively safe dose in a week is considered to be less than 21 drink, and for women less than 14 drinks. But it is provided that during the week you’ll take at least two days soundness, provided that the other days you’re not going to touch. If you drink more, the alcohol starts to work against. But don’t forget, it is at normal, oral use, not rectally and intravenously. And now answer the question: if such a fine line, if the recovery needs to stretch a pint a week, it worth the bother? One too many glugs, and 100 ml becomes 150, and as an organism under attack «Green Snake».

Many scientists are trying to refute this idea, and the result is that many theories, so many opinions. Increasingly, they are inclined to believe that neither much harm nor much good they bring. Humanity drank the whole story, there was no other way – alcohol was a salvation when it was impossible to get clean drinking water. But despite this, every year the comrades with an acute intolerance to alcohol. Not everyone has the enzyme breaks down or a special variation of the CETP gene, which stimulates the production of «good cholesterol».So, let’s decide what is useful alcohol?

Take the champagne, they say that carbon dioxide and enzymes of white grapes improve respiration, stimulate the respiratory centers. Also it has a lot of magnesium from fatigue and selenium for immune support.


High blood pressure drinking brandy, which relieves cramping. Hypotensive rum and wine. Those who have stomach problems, like drinking is the safest alcoholic drink – vodka. Well, if you have problems with cardiovascular cases of wine, only wine. By the way, the beer is full of vitamin E, good for skin and hair, and brewer’s yeast are beneficial to the intestines.

But there is one huge «BUT». All this is in normal, good and, unfortunately, expensive alcohol. The wine in the package, or the «Baltic» such beauty, alas, no. But this appeal not so much to you as to the rest of the companions, obliznulsya when the phrase «drink healthy». You absolutely don’t need. All the benefits of alcohol can be found in vegetables and fruits. Don’t torture yourself from such frauds will not be healthier.

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