Where to live, if not in Russia

Where to live, if not in Russia

«It is good there where we are not,» says the proverb. However, if you can’t come to terms with the laws of the country in which to raise a stink because the school twerking» and release the «Orthodox» iPhones where running the show Milonov and Russian melancholy, then go ahead. The country will thank you, because the less of dissidents, destructive elements, the calmer the country!

Journal manygoodtips.com sincerely loves and glorifies our Homeland – Russia – and deeply supports all political and religious leaders. Without sarcasm. But common sense and their readers we love more, so let’s find you a country to taste. Trust me, we’ll do it better than the proverbial tests in the «VC.»

«Homeland where ass warm». The taxi driver from «Brother-2»so you has again visited by an irresistible urge to go somewhere away from the boring and gray birches residential districts, such family domestics, drunks and broken playgrounds. The question arises, what is needed in the first place for immigration? First, the money. Of course, you can hitchhike, illegal, attached to the aircraft chassis or launching yourself into the epic bosses. But it would be better if you cross the country legally, through customs, and inhale the fresh, brand nonnative air at the airport than smelling of fish in a barrel in the port of Cape town.

Oh, and most importantly – hard to decide for yourself what you expect from a new country, what requirements must meet your new government. Believe me, in Albania you won’t be happy. Even the animals aren’t happy that you were born in Albania.

The main thing – remember that the countries where it is easier to immigrate does not guarantee you a better life. Some countries will give you the freedom and cheapness, and other benefits and human rights, but might give you financial independence, because they live in a very, very expensive.


manygoodtips.com_15.04.2015_EAkjQQ6o67UnMKoala bears, kangaroos, the group «Bee Gees» and «AC\DC», Hugh Jackman and famous Opera house in Sydney. Nice to know that the whole continent is one big country. However, it is still smaller than Russia in size. One of the most attractive places on the planet for immigrants. In General, the ideal place for a pacifist. First, do you remember what ended the last war of conquest of the Kazakhs in Australia? No? Of course, because the last war on the territory of the «Green continent» was already in the beginning of the 20th century. And war it was hard to call. Rather, the total destruction of the indigenous population. 150 years, the colonists massacred the indigenous people without fear and without reproach. However, if you’re a citizen and you miss blood, you can safely go to Iraq or Afghanistan as a peacemaker and spread democracy away from a comfortable new home, which for many years did not hear the gun shots and blood shed.

Secondly, the locals are quite friendly to immigrants, especially immigrant women. Yes, the ratio of male and female population in Australia 3 to 1. On arrival you can fall into the hands of a very sweet pervert who buys you ice cream and give your love. Yes, and how not to love immigrants when most of them are themselves descendants of immigrants. Yes, some: in the dry, not yet fit for Australia were deported convicts and other riff-raff.

Third, a variety of natural conditions and favorable environmental conditions allows almost all easy to acclimatize. If you came from the Kalmyk steppes, you’ll get along in the wilderness of Victoria. Well, the inhabitant of the subtropical Sochi will be easy in Sydney. Common in the vast country, where the population is dispersed along the coast where tropical forests are interspersed with giant deserts and savannas, – hot climate.

Fourth, a country in which all people. Low unemployment, affordable health care, high pensions and a program independent of emigration, which allows you to leave husband, wife and children under 18 years. Oh, and most importantly, generous Australians rather quickly be given citizenship in just 2 years. By the way, the average house in Sydney costs roughly 550 000 Australian dollars, or about 515 000 American. Oh, and most importantly, all the costs for a family without the plane tickets amount to about 3500-4000 USD.

However, the Australian Paradise is possible only in the case that these two years before obtaining citizenship you’ll plow like a horse. By the way, there live many Russian. So if you wanted to hide from the views of compatriots, not destiny.

New Zealand

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2015_N3AfpGSq6DjPlIn a country where a very good indie-rock scene, a strong Rugby team and stunning, rare nature, with emerald, like a magic city of tales Volkova, meadows. In General, the beauty and diversity of the new Zealand beauty can be seen in «the Lord of the rings.» By the way, one of the most popular excursions is to walk around the filming locations of «Lord».

New Zealand is traditionally considered a haven of peace, which is on the outskirts of civilization, far away from wars, bustle and oil conflicts. If you are looking for peace and harmony, it is enough to sit down between the ferns to watch the sheep peacefully eating organic lawn and thinking about world peace. And here is one of the highest levels of social protection in the world: free higher education, payments for children, unemployment benefits, free medical care. And besides, getting new Zealand citizenship, you automatically get a passport Australia. Once in Australia with a NZ passport, you automatically receive a residence permit with the right to live in Australia for as long as you miss the quiet outdoors Zealand. Such is the attraction of unprecedented generosity. British dominion – and that’s it.

In terms of requirements for immigrants as Australia has: the advantage of a healthy (if you have a serious disease that needs long and hard to treat, the chances of getting citizenship are minimal, therefore it is necessary to undergo a thorough medical examination and to submit a pile of papers, as to the conscription, young, highly skilled. Yes, here on the edge of the world, I love and appreciate highly skilled professionals. So take your time, following a widespread tradition, «to wipe useless diploma.» I want to find him a worthy application come here.

Of course, you need decent knowledge of English. For the citizenship program to attract skilled labor you will need to tell us about yourself and your work details that give points, and then hope that you have enough space in the annual immigrant quota. Yes, it is not so simple. Wishing – the sea.

However, just having lived in the country for three years as a resident, you can petition for citizenship, and in 99% of cases it will satisfy. It remains only to buy a decent house by the sea for 200-300 thousand and say to myself looking at the scenery of Rivendell: «Life is good!» The average annual income in the country varies from 25 000 to $ 50 000. However, this is not the limit.

No cost and no disadvantages against a wide Russian soul, who is looking for adventure in New Zealand, nothing happens, and sometimes awful, unbearably boring. Is that the Rugby match. Plus earthquakes are frequent. But there is an obvious advantage: New Zealand is not as hot as in Australia. Mountainous area ventilated on all sides, gives freshness. But there are no severe frosts. Beautiful island, or rather two Islands, where virtually all.

By the way, in Australia and New Zealand have something in common in terms of immigration: both those, and others have become a victim of immigration from England. Yes, many people confuse the dominance of Muslim immigrants and prudish traditions, which the inhabitants cross half the world, and leave Albion in search of a better life.


Poradi.s.ua_15.04.2015_gnRdnv69oS5C1The nice feature of Montenegro: property owner here can count on a residence permit. You need to buy the Republic home or apartment and you can apply for an annual visa. A year later, the visa will need to extend, and in two it is already possible to apply for permanent residence. That is why Montenegro is very, very, very much Russian. So, if you want to get away from your countrymen, Montenegro is not the best choice. And why? Because real estate in the country budget. And here is the blue sea, magnificent mountains, beautiful scenery, yellow sand, good-hearted people and always warm.

In this country, like the Russian, because the country is living on the money of Russian investors and tourists. Besides, one faith, one people, and the like. Never mind the recent case of Akinfeev, Russian is viewed with great warmth. Moreover, there are many. Stronger Montenegrins Russians only love is that in Belarus and Serbia. By the way, I knew a Serb who called for this blessed holiday region «Chernoglazaya».

Another lure for potential Montenegrins close to the country’s accession to the EU, which, however, all the time postponed: until recently talking about 2007, then 2010, and so far nothing is clear. But the national currency in Montenegro for many years is the Euro. And the prices are quite European. Medium size apartment in the popular among our countrymen Budva costs from 150 to 300 thousand dollars.

In General, this country was created for laziness. Credo Montenegrin: love the bed as his neighbor. Short work day, punctuated by a long lunch with coffee and wine. Sit yourself under the Fig tree, open your mouth, wait until there fall fruit, and hand over the apartments to tourists. In short, the best place to give Oblomov «magic doing nothing.»

Czech Republic

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2015_bQJzjPg94ZGZ0Many Russian people Czech Republic is associated not only with beer but also with the correct immigration path. Walk around shops in Prague castle, and there is every third seller says in Russian. Here are the nuts, horseradish in tomato sauce! Why? Yes, because it is relatively cheap, beautiful and delicious. Great beer everywhere, and membership in the EU and Schengen gives the right to visa-free travel in Europe.

Many say that the Russian in the Czech Republic enjoy, and hinted at the closeness, but it’s all a blatant lie. Not like in Europe Russian, you must understand it finally. The Czechs vindictive and still remember tanks on the streets of Prague in 1968. and with us only they have in common Slavic roots and a love of beer. About the Czechs say they’re trying to be like the Germans more than the Germans themselves.

To the right of residence is very simple: you need to open a Czech company and on this basis to make a business visa. This visa gives the right to freely reside in the Czech Republic, but does not give the right to work. This is what can not hurt.

If you have no other sources of livelihood, entrepreneurship will have to be addressed seriously. The process of registering a company and obtaining a visa is quite time consuming. You need to run ten instances, to defend many hours of queues and to get a huge pile of different references. All, as we do. You can, of course, to consult a specialist, who for all the trials will charge you 2000 euros. But firstly go, and secondly, it may be a fraud. But a firm can buy and the apartment. The average «kopeck piece» in Prague costs about 130-180 thousand euros. Foreign natural persons to buy property in the Czech Republic is prohibited, so the owners of the apartments, as a rule, there are firms like «OOO Teplostar».

If you know nothing about Commerce, the hunger will not disappear. It would wish to work. Find «your » Czech», which will give you a job simply. Now the Czechs need specialists. However, experts who know the language and understand that «pozor» means «attention», «uroda» is «beauty», and not what you think, and if the roll says «cerstve», so it’s fresh. Well, the best option would be fluent German or English.

In the Czech Republic is very difficult to miss the domestic bureaucracy, because in order to extend the residence permit to the police for foreigners to go to, and many of these visits remind the receipt of social benefits and other common penalty in our country.

After five years of residence in the Czech Republic you will be able to apply for permanent residence, and after five years for citizenship, for which, however, have to abandon the Russian. For representatives of various valuable specialties the program works early obtaining permanent residence for 2.5 years. But the program is furnished so the number of conditions that in recent years she was able to take advantage of less than a thousand people. Now it is recognized as failed, and its successor is preparing another. What is this program, as always, is not clear. Should I wait for so long? Up to you. Another question, for what? Czech Republic sometimes can remind Kaliningrad – a city with European architecture and a large number of Russians. By the way, except the Russians, a lot of Kazakhs and other immigrants from the CIS. But that’s not the point. This is not the most comfortable country to live in. To move there for a tasty beer at least silly. Moreover, Czechs do not mind to immigrate or at least to go to work in a much more prosperous Austria and other EU countries.


manygoodtips.com_15.04.2015_exoRIq3E1Y3CySpain go secured unemployed people. The main way of immigration to this country is called – no laboral. In order to obtain a visa of this type, you have to prove that in Spain you have shelter, no money and no job. The last point is particularly important: if the work in Spain will be, may be refused a visa. The immigration process is long and tedious.

First, housing is acquired. Very expensive and not always comfortable. Medium size one bedroom apartment in, say, Barcelona is about 270-330 thousand euros that can not disappoint.

On the basis of tenure the Spaniards give the annual multivisa, which allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days every six months. Further, if residence in Spain is already there, you need to provide the Embassy with medical insurance, a certificate of good conduct, a certificate of mental and physical health and, most importantly, evidence of self-parasitism, namely regular income into the account, preferably in a Spanish Bank, money in the total amount of 50 000 Euro per year plus 10 000 Euro for each family member if you’re not going alone. To the money you need to make inquiries about their origin. Information about salary it is better not to bring. Who knows, if you do the same in Russia, why don’t you do it in Spain? After the papers are collected, – a long wait, sometimes up to a year.

Another way is to open a Spanish business. Theoretically on the base of own enterprise, you can obtain a residence permit. Almost, there’s one catch: to obtain a residence permit the company has at least a year to work and show good income. And how it should work, if it is in Spain, and you in Russia? Output from this situation two: either to buy an already done, working and bringing money business and hope that its Spanish staff in your absence will be fair to work all those long months while you’re in Russia, prepares the documents, or again to buy a property in Spain to obtain on this basis a multi visa, and then to open up a business and finally, after a year apply for a residence permit.

Very popular among prospective immigrants business idea is to buy tobacco or a newspaper stand: it costs about 30 thousand euros, and this is probably the cheapest way to get any business in Spain.

Pole living in Spain? You can visit the El Classico, enjoy wines and seafood. However, if you have the money. When Spain was one of the few countries in the world that bore the proud title of the country of «developed socialism». However, after the crisis, this title once one of the most economically developed countries have lost. The result is a lot of debt, but not as much as in Greece. It is nice to meet a happy old age. Fun to watch fights between the bulls and the people at the bullfight, but very expensive. Although, statistically, is one of the most livable countries. Part 2

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