Where to go to study abroad. Part II


You have kind of large, so you don’t have to explain why you need a foreign education. It at least opens up a lot of doors, even here in Russia. And as a maximum is a good guarantee of employment in another country. But we often want to start life with a clean slate, so why not start it somewhere on the other side of the world? And, of course, the knowledge – level of teaching abroad (not everywhere, of course) on the order above our domestic ones. So, if you want to obtain a first class diploma, the foreign here to help. However, and learn there will have serious, but you can handle that, for sure.

Where to go to learn? Now tell, since the publication of the first part, we gathered a lot of worthy candidates.

1. Malta


Island nation South of Sicily. Huge deposits of historical material, as well as natural diversity and beauty. The perfect place to live if you love diving diving in Malta is possible until December, there is a great depth and visibility. If you live on this island, you can easily engage in virtually any types of water sports. The bonus is Mediterranean food.

If you have serious intentions about education in this country, then turn to the Agency «World of education», because to put yourself through the jungle of receipts is not easy. But you still need housing to find, and the right language school.Good options actually a lot. In Malta, there are family programs, so it is possible to study language with the whole family. There are even programs for children (from 5 years). That is quite possible to move there as a family, send the youngest to kindergarten, and to gnaw the granite of science. Language programs are numerous: you can study English for lawyers, businessmen and for admission to international universities. There are programs for managers Executive Course, where for a week you can prepare for presentation at the conference. With housing, you can find both budget options and luxury apartments.

2. Austria


I think that the country that gave us the Austrian school of Economics, is different, in a good way, of its educational system. The way it is. Austrian institutions are regularly included in lists of the best institutions in Europe. A rich tradition that goes back hundreds of years, rich libraries, good professors, the best experts. Study in Austria – it is prestigious, there is nothing to think. And if you want to go, then go to Vienna, the amazing beauty of the city, each quarter, which breathes history. Is there places to stay: plenty of clubs, bars and other entertainment venues. More places to play sports: fitness centres, skiing and snowboarding, and in summer 43 outdoor pools, wakeboard and even surf on an artificial wave!

If you go to do, it is only through Education in Vienna. They are leaders in the field of higher education in the universities of Austria. The advantage of education in Austria is simple and straightforward:

– low tuition (from 380 euros per semester);

– a huge variety of universities and specialties;

– international diploma;

– guaranteed receipt of a residence permit;

– the prospects for a successful career in top companies;

– quality education;

– high standard of living.

3. Spain


Spain is a country free, independent, full of romance. Don Quixote by Cervantes, perhaps the perfect symbol of the Iberian Peninsula. Well, people we like, not stiff like the British, and open, full of zest for life, despite the fact that the economy of the country is experiencing not the best times. In General, Spain is a country of contrasts. Although she is in Europe, but it is full of the exotic and the mixing of cultures. Many went to the Peninsula from the Moors, especially if you look at the architecture, much of what remained from the Middle ages (castles, traditions, national holidays), and there are remnants of the Franco regime. Overall, this is the country that simply should visit at least once.

To enter into language schools Spain, we recommend using official representative of the private European language schools – Language4you. The office of this company is in Spain, they cooperate directly with the Ministry of education of Spain.If you enter into a private Spanish language school, Language4you not going to charge you additional fees for their services. Their prices are prices, the schools themselves, what is good for us. You can, of course, and the state University to go Lanquage4you in this case, it will help you with the preparation of documents for a modest fee. The database also has language courses, language camps, and receipts, and transfers in institutions of higher education. Payment years of higher education in this country, so ranges between 1800 and 2500 euros. If you don’t believe our opinion, then look at the feedback of the students – they absolutely love to travel.

4. Turkey


Now complicated relationship with her, but such things are no obstacle for ordinary people on both sides. Besides, Turkey has been and remains a source of inspiration for many people. This is especially true of Antalya, which now can be called a great resort and a great place where you can touch the past. Universities in Antalya there, and many of them have excellent training programs with good conditions of entry.

For a robust example, consider the Academy of Tourism, which has all necessary licenses, including from the Ministry of education of Turkey. Tourism is something the Academy spetsializiruetsya. The system of education is built on the basis of the Educational programs Institute of the Association of Hotels United States EI-AHLA, Budapest Metropolitan University, which confirms the high status of the institution. There is accreditation from the Institute of Hospitality Great Britain.

Recently built a new campus, which absorbs the educational campus area of 8000 square meters. They have, of course, has all the necessary modern equipment and computer technology, laboratory for practicals (physics, chemistry, biology), three pools (indoor, medical and semi-Olympic outdoor), restaurant for 450 people, a cafeteria, dance Studio, gym, party room and a fitness center. That is, the infrastructure is completely rebuilt and works perfectly.

Speaking of specialty, you can go for are:

– hotel management;

management of public catering;

– economy;

management activities;

– PR and marketing.You can leave after 9th grade (4 years of study) and after 11 (only 3 years). At the end you get not one degree, but three: the diploma of the Turkish Republic, the American diploma and the diploma of the European Union. The Academy is an accredited centre for TOEFL, so the investment of money, time and mental powers more than just good.

5. Italy


If you have not visited Italy, then you haven’t lived. The country itself is surprising in its diversity. The Italian, once told TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, primarily considers himself a native of the region and only then a citizen of the country. Hence growing some fragmentation of the territory into the cultural and traditional. Northern Italy is not like in the South, and people from Sicily are nothing like the Romans. Even the food is different, what can we say about the Outlook. The history of Rome – a topic to which we experience the thrill. At one time, it brought civilization to a harsh and wild lands of Europe, giving the Latin language and public institutions of tribal peoples. The Peninsula later became, though not center, but the real heart of Europe, its most expressive part. Remember the world-famous national cuisine, elegant Renaissance architecture and friendly people, with whom easy to find common language – the Italians are very open people.

Schools in Italy are many, many of them institutions with rich traditions of the University, and hence the high level of education. Pay attention to the two cities, which are famous for its best educational institutions, namely: Milan, located in Lombardy and Florence which is in Tuscany. There are concentrated the largest credit rating institutions in the country. This is especially true for those specialising in fashion and design, like Istituto Marangoni, Domus Academy and Polimoda. Of course, if you want to study Economics or business, then you have here is a very wide choice, for example: Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, SDA Bocconi School of Management (SDA Bocconi), Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore (UCSC).

In order to understand all this and, most importantly, find a good option specifically for your needs, you need a helper.

Best with this task will manage the company Studies&Careers, which specializiruetsya on study abroad: France, England and, of course, Italy. The company has official representatives of the best Italian universities.Thus, if you want to get a quality education and achieve success in the future, then talk to him. And if you still can’t decide on this crucial step, then visit the exhibition of Italian education Studies&Careers organizes every year, it is useful for anyone who wants to study in Italy and chooses the suitable University. At the exhibition representatives of Italian universities, which tell about the study programmes, the universities in which they work, communicate with visitors and future students. The exhibition is called Studiare in Italia, and it passes in October.

6. Netherlands


This country is great for learning. First and foremost, for the reason that in the country everyone knows English, so Dutch you don’t need to know.

Of course, in Holland there are better things to do than study. You and he, I think, you know, to describe once again the wisdom of the Dutch life, we will not, and here’s a tip give.

If you want to enter a Dutch UNIVERSITY, then apply primarily to the insight lingua. The universities themselves are divided into two types: research (research universities) and applied Sciences (applied science universities). In the first and do the more complicated, and the cost of education is higher. To enroll in the first course of this University, you have to spend a year in training or studying for several years in a Russian University.

But in the universities of applied Sciences can proceed immediately after the 11th grade. And if you have higher education, then you can begin his training in the Netherlands directly with the judiciary. Dutch universities are good because they are the cornerstone of their study put practice. That is, students are given many practical tasks, and encourage work in international groups. Most training programs provide work experience and various internships. After graduation you can stay in Holland to gain work experience for 1-2 years. Tuition is about 7-9 thousand euros a year in research – 12-13 thousand Euro. But if you’re a student, you will be given a discount in a thousand, maybe even two euros.

Many people are afraid of the cost of living in the Netherlands, but it is not as high as it seems. It is possible to do 600-800 euros per month. Of course, the bigger your appetite, the more you will spend. But to live on the money you adequately.

Areas of study in this country is full of, but the most popular are, perhaps, business and management, innovation and information technology, urban planning and architecture, marketing and communications, Finance and wham. accounting, engineering, hospitality and tourism management.

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