Where to get sexual confidence

The interesting question, of course. Even if in ordinary life man is confident, he can orobitg when it comes to sex. It would seem that what has to be afraid, you’ve reached the main base — but no. Still weak in the knees. Edition manygoodtips.com as always, wears superhero costumes and to the rescue. Mind you I’m Superman.

1. Open the source of confidence

Where does it come from? With knowledge! If you’re able to give pleasure to a woman, what is the question? You just have to know that the woman will love it. You have to understand everything: from the first eye contact to the very end, and you have to wait for each stage. Read our educational program.

2. Stop manipulate

Many dudes only those concerned how to get a girl into bed: what are the magic words, magic gestures and magic the hell knows what else. I have met such people in my life and my head cut off that such tactics even if they work, pleasure does not bring. It is not necessary to manipulate and rather to look for dishonest ways. Cheaters nobody likes! Much more interesting to be a tough type to attract women myself. If you think you are doing something wrong or unethical, stop it. There are better ways to get what you need.

3. Stop idealizing beautiful women

Dudes often mistaken by thinking that super girl — super-being. Well, Yes, and her beauty would not allow her to lie to you, cheat on you or leave you. Fuck it floated. There are situations, when anyone would have stolen or insulted. Just understand: people are people, even beautiful women are people too. No pedestals.

4. Looks don’t matter

Sexual confidence is nothing to do with how you look or your age or height or weight or income altogether. When you are in bed, all these parameters do not matter. The main thing to remember is that after a woman gets you giddy pleasure, your abilities will make it so that the rest won’t matter. Draw yourself in the mind of this picture. Motivating.

5. Delayed gratification

It is a pleasure twice, including in relation to sex. So between the two of you growing sexual tension and you make her wish even more: tease and don’t wait. You will reach more if you’re cool and calm. Don’t need immediate results. Drive her crazy.

6. Act like sex is normal

Many guys get nervous when it comes to sex. Somehow they think they should behave any differently when it comes to that moment. And what is the reason? Sex is normal, so act normal. Do not make sex a big event. Have fun, tease, be easily. Gently, confidently and deftly transitions from one to another, and enjoy. This is normal.

7. The correct view of sex

Instead of questioning the ultimate goal of sex, develop a new value system. Let the sex will be only one of the goals. Sex is the natural result, if you feel for each other affection and spend time together. But that’s not all. Relax, and everything will go much easier.

8. Tame your fear of rejection

With the progress of your relationship with a transition from periodic meetings to kissing, touching and then all bets are off. Climbing the ladder, men become with every step less confident, relationships are made all the more intense. In actual fact, we are not afraid that we rejected, and not that stop us, and that all our efforts were in vain, and the road led nowhere. To a full zero. Fortunately, the more you get involved, the more chances you have for success. Quite the opposite: with each step all the risk decreases, and the chance to have sex with a friend increases. Remember this.

9. Understand the meaning of her actions

If she stops you, it is not always mean you have to stay FOREVER. You just not started it. It’s not ready. Interpreted her reaction as such, not in the spirit of «go away, I don’t like you». Stop, I renounce, talk to her and relax. And make it stronger. She has asked you. «Please» is a wonderful word, let him remember.

10. Touch their animal essence

Women like men who feel animal. If you are logical and analytical, if you have everything always under control, and education climbs from all cracks, it shows your friend to you a little of what remained of the animal. Instinctively she understands that you will not be able to feel you strong sensations. Look inside yourself, and stop the pressure. We’re all animals, well.

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