Where to find the best craft beer

Not so long ago we went to the pub, on the sign whose neon lights proudly sparkled clarifying the phrase «Craft beer», but when we drew attention to the range, nothing interesting have not seen — ordinary «beer on tap», which bakes the throat in the morning and evening break brains. Alcohol swill, which was good only in a hungry student. We of course took it and drank, but think hard about what to a good drink quickly, and this country is not enough business advice from manygoodtips.com about the cult or just a good beer places to visit any carrier of the ideology of «cultural drinking». In the big book devoted to this issue, there’s no time, but a little review we wrote — it will be useful to you if you live or visit Moscow.

«For the beer»

Address: Novoyasenevsky Ave, 25/20.

Let not bother you title: you guys started in the 90s, and at that time, rigor and simplicity are empty sounds was not. The owner of the store in those days kept the iconic «Beer shop» in the Mall Bitsa that stood out among the rest by the presence of a wide variety of regional Beers. To the «Beer shop» went all: simple people, complicated people, hard workers, students, men and women, as well as a large number of collectors of beer labels and bottles (rare folk in those years). «The beer store» is not enough all year to live up to its age — has closed a place of worship for the next «smart» law, which restricts private trade foam in the markets.

But nobody discouraged — after all, the client base remained. Had invented a new store concept, which has received the name «beer». This store was one of the first in Russia, where they sold real craft. This beer on the shelves of the store started to appear unique for the Russian market beer from contract Breweries.

The selection of drinks here is really wide: you can see beer representatives from well-known craft Breweries monsters. There is a Russian «rock star» like Af and Victory Art Brew, there is even underground, which startles the audience with their gustatory experiments, Breweries like Zagovor, Bakunin and Panzer. Not without a beer of such famous artists as N. rigas and StammBeer. In General, a lot of beer, and it is different.

The owners are not limited to one store and opened your crafty bar «I like craft bar» (Sretensky Bulvar, Dom 7), and are going to start to brew its own beer. Given that experience in beer sales and they are many, the beer produced must be of good quality. Children actively lead their social media pages (Instagram, VK), so watch for new additions and progress on the basis of brewing the beer there. Wait, drink, and be sure to rate, but for now will limit ourselves to shopping and bars.


Address: 2-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, Dom 2.

Love it when bars are named after good writers. You’ve read «Doctor Zhivago»? Powerful book that cost the author, in fact, life. But now it’s about beer and a place where you can drink beer.

PasternakBar different from the bar that we described at the beginning of his narrative: it is a craft, and there is so much that one night is better than trying to try everything, even to the half of the way will not happen, because the bar holds the record for the number of beer taps in Moscow.Imagine the largest number of cranes that can be in the bar. Presented? In «Pasternak» they are fifty! That is, 50 cranes, which are exclusively bottled craft beer: lagers, Ales, stouts, porters and an endless amount of other styles. And each beer has its own individual taste that cannot be confused with anything else.

Guys seriously, because their cocks are filled not only with domestic Beers and foreign Beers, among which was a place even Japan. On Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Britain and we will not speak — it’s all there. Each month bring a guest beer, so if you want to become a regular at the bar, you will not be bored. With bottled beer, things are even better — 100 items, which are also regularly «update».

We have found at least one reason that can dissuade you from going to this bar. Even if you don’t like beer, then you will be treated to a single malt whiskey. If you want to eat, you can look at a collection of burgers — quick, extremely nutritious and tasty food. Moreover, there are three variations of Burger Assembly, and 1188 (this is not a bug, but the exact figure!)


Address: vul. Sedova, 15, korpus 2; ul 5-ya Kozhukhovskaya, building 9, Prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya, 18, building 1.

Familiarity with this shop we started with a website. Very nice choice, and unknown to us the brand is described by strength, density, hop bitterness and flavour.

Of course, the range in stores will be different from what is presented on the website — such diversity is difficult to hold in one store, so they «Backshop» just three.In fact, what distinguishes this store from the darkness of others?

First, it is the people who work there. They don’t just stand behind the counter and get paid for what to get a beer from the fridge – they really impress people, immersed in the beer business. Talking with the sellers we learned that the guys regularly visit different Breweries, drink beer and even make monthly tests for knowledge about beer. They repeat memorized phrases about «beer culture», because I know not only what is written in the fashion magazines, but what they say true connoisseurs of the brewing. So the consultants «Bookshop» can be accessed without fear.

Secondly, storage conditions of beer exclude the possibility that you sell sour swill. The store has a refrigerator compartment. In addition, all equipment is washed on schedule, and flushing is not only cranes but all beer lines, dispensing heads and fittings keg.

Thirdly, beer is bought in small batches to preserve maximum freshness. So that deliveries to the stores are held daily, except for the dead seasons.

Each store features 26 taps, 15 of which are guest — this is important if you love each week to try something new. A change of sorts happens quite often, not even have time to get used to.

We managed to visit only one store, Sedova, 15, and he made us comfortable and «his» space. Almost all customers know the sellers personally, and it’s very nice to see. Shops are in the format of «Location», that is, they focused on regular customers who live next to the store. Almost metro is a store on the Avenue 60 years of October, 18. Where we are, but judging by the photos and quality of service, in all the other stores reigns the atmosphere.

So now if we were in the area of store locations «Bookshop», be sure to visit for the warm atmosphere and cold beer. And you recommend.


Address: Pyatnitsky pereulok, house 2, street Makarenko, the house 2/21 C. 1

Glavpivtorg is a kind of Mecca for fans of craft beer. First of all, their range is famous for its gorgeous beer variety, which was presented to contract Breweries from Russia. The crane is more than four dozen items. While there is not only permanent stamps, but the seasonal guests that have a unique taste palette and the ultimate limit (a seasonal beer ends and becomes unavailable until the next time).

In fact, due to the fact that Glavpivtorg decided to work only with domestic producers, you have the opportunity to take high-quality craft beer, which is no worse than American and British, but much cheaper. If you love cider, grab a cider on the taps he is also. And cider will also be Russian. And it’s actually very cool.Will not be superfluous to say that bottled beer is also held in high esteem in this network. The brewery, which provide their goods — not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also to the froward Tula (Saldens Brewery) and Ural (Ural’s Custom Brewery). There are representatives of the towns of Zarechny, the Red Pakhra and Zhukovsky.

All the beer is thoroughly tested. So you will never see in the refrigerator this store a bad homemade beer — only the best representatives from all over Russia. Probably, from this store you need to begin your acquaintance with the Russian craft.

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