Where to find motivation?

Work.kom.ua_7.05.2014_UMJ5yBkkLX8SUQuestion: Hello, edition. Describe the situation: that is such a cool dude, loves to read, visit new places, listen to new music, watch new movies and to know new people. In General, spend their leisure time in a positive way. And here one meets a man. For example, he saw the guitar, heard her play and wanted to learn. What he does, goes to the music store, buying a decent instrument to start playing and, in the end, sits behind him and learns. But in a few weeks, this zeal is. Dude knows what guitar this is cool, this is a wonderful skill that can give you a lot of buns, that’s just interesting! But, not enough willpower, motivation or just balls from the guy to learn how to play it. And in the end the instrument is gathering dust in the corner. And so with a good part of new ideas and things. How can a dude learn how to give yourself a kick or motivation to finish these things?

Answer: We have repeatedly written about the fact that there is motivation in General, motivation of labor, and what is not true, and how motivation works.

In truth, it’s all very complicated and that important, individual, man. Would be very cool if at least one of the many tips mentioned on the pages of our magazine, will work with you. In my opinion, the only more or less universal answer to your question is simple, centuries-tested truth: think with your head.

To be honest, due to the fact that I am being quite limp, I understand your problem. But, you know, even such a wimp and a rag as I still found a «magic kick» — that same button that starts the mechanism of creation of motivation in my head. This may sound weird to you, but for me the best motivator is anger. And anger at himself. Plenty Panyu about his unhappy fate, bad luck, lack of implementation and other «no», I inevitably start to feel self-loathing. If I have myself seem pathetic, so – bad thing, I think, so it’s time to tear your ass off the couch and do something that will give me back my self-respect.

I’m pretty sure that from the point of view of a professional psychologist, what I’m here to tell you – more like «bad advice» from me in your favorite childhood book Grigory Oster.

But the moral of my story is not that we have to do what I do, and that is by reading all our articles, talking to friends, sit down and carefully poked his head. Answer you can only find there.

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