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manygoodtips.com_20.10.2014_PKaF9Uk5OTBMbYou’re not the first and certainly not the last one left so a Dasher — Muse. The lack of inspiration is detrimental not only to the representatives of creative professions, although, in fact, it is their daily bread. This problem can affect all areas of your life: business, relationships, family, organization and planning. Creativity is closely linked with the psychological health of the person and such concepts as lateral thinking, enthusiasm and inspiration.

«Lost inspiration…» of the Association immediately suggest the image of a lonely and tired writer who sits at his Desk among piles of papers in the company of the typewriter, resting his hands utrachennoy head. A trashcan full crumpled in anger cores — rejected bad ideas. But you’re not the hero of this novel? And certainly you’re not going to sit around and wait for the creative impulse regain possession of your soul? No, you’re definitely not one of those! Lose believe of samoloty and go seek inspiration. And manygoodtips.com happy to point you in the right direction.

1. Media field

The Internet is an obvious starting point for searches of large ideas. Various lectures, video stories, workshops, short documentaries are popular among those looking for new images and emotions. Pay special attention to the TED conference (Technology Entertainment Design; TED Talks), where famous people share their brilliant ideas which have changed or can change the world. Don’t think you have enough output to revise hundreds of performances and master hundreds of speeches that we heard from the stands of this event. But it’s good: let these esters will be your kind of juicing that can last for quite a long time.

Another good source of ideas for inspiration is there a website Kickstarter.com where startups around the world exhibit at the public projects wanting to attract to your product, not only attention, but also sponsorship. And if you do not want to wool the Internet and just watch a good movie before bed or read a book, pay attention to the biographies of successful people, books written by them or motivating movies. After all, the creative work of others is also an undeniable source of inspiration.

2. Communication with interesting people

Another interesting source of inspiration can be the people around you. Says CEO of Disney Anne Sweeney: «Never refuse help.» So, if you’re determined to find the lost inspiration, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from others.

Some will inspire you with his zeal with which they went to achieve their goals, and someone will strike its non-standard solution to common problems or questions. Relatives and friends, colleagues and business partners, just people on the street and in public transport — everyone has his own opinion on any thing in this world. It often happens that «hanged» on a work project for a few weeks, you get the idea the solution from completely stranger with no connection to your work, but just because he has fresh eyes, blurry from the constant work and looping on the same.

Another great way is based on the observation of people. We all know that one can endlessly look at three things: fire, water and working people. And finally: should not be taken as a joke: watching other people work, can make your gray matter to think a bit differently. Other categories.

3. Shift

Alfred North Whitehead British mathematician, logician, philosopher — once said that «the clash of theories — not evil but a blessing, for it opens new perspectives». Shift is a powerful tool for the realization of our creative potential. When we shift our focus from internal emotions and feelings, just talking to people who deal with the same problems, we can learn a new perspective and look at the situation from an interesting and new angle.

4. Nature

Beauty surrounds us — the most common source of inspiration throughout the history of humanity: artists, writers, composers, game designers – all of them sooner or later turned to the power and greatness of nature. Almost all the colours in nature, bright, clear and fit together in different ways (and these combinations continue to be pleasant to our eyes). The contemplation of nature soothes and tones at the same time, and fresh air rich in oxygen is like gasoline for our tired consciousness. In addition, many inventions ever created by man, is based on ideas inspired by nature. Even created a whole branch of science called bionics. In General, nature is an inexhaustible source of both energy and ideas for creativity and activities. Observation of nature, whether a walk in the woods, admiring the starry or cloudy skies, starts the process of internalization when these unusual structures and the images are absorbed and digested in our minds. Doing a similar exercise, it’s like you planted the seed of creativity, which has its roots at the level of your subconscious mind and grows into new ideas, plans and solutions.

5. Leisure and fun

Describe in detail the paragraph does not make sense, because we all know how it is useful in the working day to take a break, during which you can be distracted and do stupid crap to improve mood and let off a little steam.

Moving the attention to those things that absolutely do not concern you need doing, your subconscious mind still continues to search for solutions of urgent problems, but in the background. Maybe by the time you finish watching the new series of SBS, you’ll have a ready answer, suddenly illuminating your head.

6. Silence

Deepak Chopra in his book «the 7 spiritual laws of success» says that silence is something that can awaken the hidden abilities of any person. Ideal just to sit half an hour in absolute silence. Not to speak, not to think, to calm the internal dialogue. Maybe peace of mind — that’s your source of inspiration.

7. Self-talk

No, this is not the first sign that you’re out of your mind. Positive self-talk the most positive impact on your subconscious. This is confirmed by a statement psychologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They found that almost everyone a few days at least once, but speak to himself, and this fact very favorably affects the functioning of our brain. The experts decided to conduct an experiment during which the volunteers had to look for something. One of the volunteers had to seek out the lost thing is absolutely silent. The second group could act at their discretion, and almost every participant mumbled something under his breath, thinking and reasoning aloud. In the end, they coped with the task much faster. So psychologists came to the conclusion that our speech helps to speed up the process of thinking and perception, which in turn significantly helps the brain to find a solution to the problem. The same approach can be applied to the search of inspiration.

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