Where to celebrate New year on the mountain or under water

How tired of these banal celebration on the main square of the city or in the family circle at the TV. If you’re over 20, it is quite a legitimate reason in order to celebrate another winter holiday abroad, and in the most extreme conditions, far from comfort. Specially for you we have gathered a list of the best places in the world where new year celebration is not trivial.

1. South Korea

Koreans in General from childhood to old age love to celebrate the beginning of the next year. And celebrate it better than in any other country: with lots of fireworks, under Ricky «fire breathing dragons» and screams fun of Koreans. Anyhow, this is the East, and here are the first to meet the newborn sun, bright and orange it rises, lighting the local foothills and serving as the perfect backdrop for many selfies. But we are a dangerous thing to say here gathered. How about diving in water at 5-degree temperature?

The coast of the Korean Strait every year, for almost 30 years, collected several thousand walruses, who are dressed only in swimming trunks and bikinis. However, here they are called «polar bears» and they don’t so much celebrate the New year, how many competing run 10 meters on the sand beach Gawande, plunged into the icy water, and then swim 80 meters to the finish line. It’s not three times rinse in the hole on the baptism there is not only extreme, but also wildly fun.

The event is 12 January so don’t be late and register the application form for participation in advance on the official website of «Polar bear». And don’t forget to eat the traditional morning soup dumplings — ttokkuk, very tones.

Where to book: of budget: Angel Hotel, received the international prize «traveller’s choice for 2016»; expensive: Renaissance Hotel with spacious rooms.

2. UAE

New Year is a holiday, the essential attributes of which are Santa Claus and snow Maiden, decorated with toys Christmas tree and lots and lots of snow. But what about those who do not like frosts and cold? The residents of Sunny Dubai decided this question originally, the corporate style of the sheiks and emirs, they built a skyscraper height of over 800 meters high in the shape of Christmas trees, which can be seen from space. New year’s eve it becomes the epicenter of the famous new year’s eve fireworks — then the entire waterfront of Dubai arranged a Grand show of pyrotechnics (rumor has it that the budget for the new year’s fireworks equal the budget of small States for a whole year!). The individual bonus will be promotions in local bars under the wonderful title Ladies Nights & Happy Hours — happy days and hours, when all the girls buying alcohol for the house, and the guys doing the 50% discount.

Generally, about Dubai, how about Russia, there are a lot of stereotypes: they say, go there once in a burqa, and on the street people move exclusively on camels. I hasten to reassure you: it is not so. Dubai is a modern metropolis and one of the largest tourist centers in the world. Everything is here: go-kart tracks near the tracks of Formula 1 » Ferrari Park, ski centers, Aqua parks with artificial waves for surfing, zoos and much more.

It is worth noting that in Dubai there are things to do for outdoor enthusiasts. Next to the famous island in the shape of a palm tree called Jumeirah, the most expensive yacht club, is now working Russian school wakeboard and Wake surf Wake Summer Dubai. Here give a ride on best-in-class towing Malibu Wakesetter 247LSV under the guidance of professional instructors and in the best company — directly across the waters of the Persian Gulf. And then go to the Park for BBQ or a tour of the night Dubai, and this is best done in a big company.

Where to book: Wake-Wake Summer club Dubai is located in the yacht club DIMC next to the beach bar Barasti. And book a place in the camp and to apply for a visa Agency will help active leisure #SNEGIVODA.

3. Finland

Speaking of karting! How about a trip on the frozen lake in Kuusamo? Extreme here, of course, the notion of nominal, but of fun and adrenaline through the roof. The only criteria: your height must be taller than 140 cm. Otherwise, everything is fine: you just press on gas small car, dodging the snow from under the wheels rivals and trying not to fly off into a ditch on the turns.

Why Finland? First, there’s a lot of lakes and rivers that are ideal for these races. Secondly, in Russia this sport is in its infancy, and to find a good track — a real stroke of luck. Third, what New year without a Finnish sauna?

And of course, do not forget Finnish Lapland, where he lives, the local version of Santa Claus — Joulupukki. Here you can bake cookies, choose the tree in the forest, to spend the night in a real Igloo and witness the famous Northern lights — the local myths they arise like sparks from the fact that foxes are rubbing their backs on rocks. But going back to extreme sports: if you were in Finland and never had a ride in a dog sled — you weren’t in Finland. Dog breed husky is famous for its humane nature and all those still nyashki.

Where to book: the hotel Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki has its own sauna and water Park and Ski-Inn Ruka Suites give a bonus when booking for the New year (in advance) give for free the same number in the summer at the same time.

4. Sochi

However, in the pursuit of winter sports it is possible not to go, especially because the main resort of Russia just near by. At least for those who live in the Central district. Indeed, the Olympic village deserves the highest praise, and a variety of opportunities for sports fans is impressive: here you can go skiing marathon, jump from a springboard, to play Curling and ice skating — all in the finest venues in the world. Must warn you that it is very easy to be infected with love for the Olympic disciplines and to devote his life to a gold medal.

In addition, in Krasnaya Polyana, you can relax in a more peaceful environment. We recommend to book trips with the contemplation of the magnificent scenery, decorated with snow tops most of these mountains; to visit the great parties in the clubs of Krasnaya Polyana, which at the time took the famous athletes; stroll through the manicured paths and among the green mountains, — the more so that in two or three steps from the Olympic village located on the slopes. Isn’t this the place to celebrate the New year?

Where to book: virtually all of the above is available in «Rosa Khutor», in particular, in the hotels Rosa Ski Inn and the Riders Lodge, where there is a private movie theatre, restaurants and ski equipment rental. Plus interesting quests and gifts from Santa Claus.

5. Nepal

One look at the mountains, and they will forever capture your heart — a fact confirmed and undeniable. Some they capture so much that evoke the indomitable desire to conquer one of them. Where is mountain climbing in the Nepal region, where the highest peaks of the planet are very close? Here you can select a vertex on your taste and professionalism. Nobody tells you to climb to 9000-metre Everest to open a celebratory bottle of champagne, because here there are many mountains that you can conquer even those with mountaineering had not previously contacted (physical training, however, remains an important item).

Perhaps the ideal option in this regard is the AMA Dablam 6814 height in meters. The mountain will not accidentally fell on the banknotes of the country and a bottle of Aqua Minerale — slopes and ridges it is so picturesque that even the hand of a master artist falter, to doubt his professionalism, because this beauty is impossible to convey anything. The summit offers unique views of Everest and the bottom of waiting for you the national Park Sagarmatha — «Mother of the gods», full of picturesque gorges.

Russian tours at this time on the mountain no, but if you want you can use the services of local professional guides — climbing will take approximately 12 days, and the same amount will have to spend on the descent. But what can compare with the same celebration of the new year as a symbol of the conquest of the country?

Where to book: the only hotel in the area — Hotel Everest View, but don’t freak out because the service there is very good. Yes, and what else might be the hotel with the highest mountain in the world?

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