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Hi, guys! Thank you very much for what you have and what are the magazine. Information obtained here, have not once helped me very much.

So, let’s get to the point: I am a hookah, and one day in our school came DJ. After 2 hours, he received 3 tons of wood and gone West, leaving me wondering about the choice of profession, which means you can have money, but you still have time for self development, girlfriend and friends.

Something told me that my choice is worse than this guy, and I thought: if I do not go in his footsteps.» But your loving reader, decided to make contact and ask advice from you. Where to start? Where better to go to work? Tool to work better to take? Explain to me this question please.

PS. Thanks in advance, you guys are the best.

The answer

And Hello to you, my friend! We like questions from grateful readers, and love when these questions we can answer more fully and knowledgeably. And this is the case. No doubt, the answer is filled with personal experiences that for you, fine, because there is very little to advise you the dude who has never dealt with the clubs and music in General. But first, we will convince you in our procurenet.

The fact that quite a long time I was busy in organizing various events where DJs were ordinary people, with whom had to communicate every day, and whose problems had to be solved every hour. If we turn to memory, to work with the electronics was not better than live music. The number of Amateurs wild, and some of them are regularly burned equipment. In General, not everyone in General be called a musician, but everyone referred to themselves as such. A few friends of the environment has outgrown this period, for example, write music for movies, various games, social videos, working with foreign Directors. But this is an exception to the rule, because basically, if you work in a small-town bar, club, put something that is interesting to people. Your success is cash on the bar and number of satisfied visitors. Then you will call on Director and even to bestow money. But don’t think that every DJ goes with «three tons of wood». It is not so.

The success of any small-town musician depends on three components: a) skills; b) ability to self-PR; C) foolishness or the interest of the Director (art Director) companies, that is, if you’re outrageously talented DJ, but can’t bring on your set at least his friends, then pay you not will. All three need to beat in harmony, because it affects the value of the purse budding electronics engineer.

But before you go out to work, you need to know the theory and understand what this job is. Where to start? Just start listening to good music, which is good not only for you but for others. You can watch video tutorials, but it is always better to learn from active musicians. You can definitely say that clubs would prefer to release its residents, on which they can rely. And competition in the most popular genres is simply intolerable for a young body, even at the level of a small provincial town. This difficult situation has two options: or you’re looking for the necessary and useful experience, begin hanging out with the art Directors and how to present themselves to be «the guy», or do you develop in a very narrow area and are looking for accomplices, to create a kind of conglomeration that will somehow affect on the club life of the city. We have, for example, these gatherings are built around the most extreme styles, and they can spend enough quality raves as for the sound, and revenue.

If we talk about hardware, you first need to be the usual laptop. It must have enough RAM and a good hard drive, so nothing is hung at the most crucial moment. Generally, if it’s good, you have to buy the controller. Need to buy new, you can borrow some from the hands, the main thing that worked and all the buttons were in place. And, of course, study programme for DJing. Highly recommend Traktor DJ Studio from the German office Native Instruments. If you write your own music, these Germans can find a lot of useful, essential programs that are used by composers around the world. They can legally buy, but the Internet is full of pirated versions, which work fine (we’re not calling!). Always have a good pair of headphones with infinitely kosher sound insulation. While working you often have to listen to tracks before mixing, and to improvise without quality headphones I wouldn’t recommend it.

Don’t forget the wires! They need fucking! Need to be set, be sure to «tulips» and for directing the mixers in the pair of wires «Jack-Jack».

– Advice from the current DJ –about earnings. Nobody will guarantee. I have many friends that develop in your direction for a few years and they are still not often called in the clubs. Here we are talking about PR and relevance of the genre. Especially do not wait, and already the heat of the moment to change jobs is not worth it. At first the theory, then the practice and endless experiments. If you sure you’re ready, then go for it. The first sets are better to play for friends, let them criticize. Then try it in a small institution, and then develop, fix bugs and not just be the guy that switches the tracks.

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