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Good day, dear editors manygoodtips.com! Thank you for your heroic efforts! Every day starts with reading your articles, being charged with motivation and positivity.

Well, now here comes the question. You have a lot of articles on how to pump your body exercises in the gym, at home, etc. I start every morning with training at home, thanks to your advice. To go to the gym is not my thing, I’m more «athlete», like running, Cycling. So, to add variety to your «healthy lifestyle», I want to join the pool. What do you think about this alternative for the development of shoulder muscles? If you have experience in this area, then where to start your trip to the pool, I mean with any exercise of such articles I have found. If you would have described this topic in a separate article that would be awesome, I think no one I care about that?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

The answer

Congratulations! For you, because you’re happy for us. This here is a mutually beneficial adulation — everyone is happy, and I hope you, too.

Immediately noticed your question, because many friends go to the pool regularly, some even have level. So, we are writing you an answer based on experience experienced swimmers», which, by the way, initially your question is not understood. One even said, «he wants to know? Let them wear swim trunks, floats! Don’t need anything else!». Actually, if we talk about swimming, then you really don’t need anything else to start. Is that in any normal pool require a health certificate, and if not required, it is best to choose another pool, because there you can wait «»nice» innovation in your health.

If you’re serious about athletics, you have already done half the battle — learn to breathe correctly at high loads. Otherwise, for a beginner there is no difference prepared or not. The pool exercises are doing, and swim. However, the warm up never hurts. How to spend it? Yes, and you know — just loosen up your muscles to jump, you better stretch. Warming up is especially important if you’re focused on jumping and serious lesson, which would not be possible without a coach. But remember, swimming doesn’t make you a relief. It increases stamina, develops the lungs and leads to tone all muscle groups. This I like swimming myself — it is designed for practitioners, not for guys who admire yourself in the mirror, playing with muscle mass. Then we’ll reveal the perceptions of the swimmers in swimming.

Swimmer #1:

«Depends on what counts for exercise. If he wants to achieve results and not to go to the coach, you have to study the styles of swimming. And I do not recommend you to swim only one style is the main mistake beginners, which tells about the unwillingness to learn. Let search be useful channels on YouTube that teach you how to swim. Basic styles — front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly. If he will learn to swim in these styles, he will only improve them.»Swimmer #2:

«If he wants to get serious, let them start to set ourselves a specific goal. For example: «Today I would swim 100 meters without stopping». If you swim, then good, if not — let pressed 50 times. In swimming the important warm-up, as well as willpower. If you just splash around in the pool, it will do nothing. For starters, you can take the thing to put the hands (forgot the name, sorry) and swim 400-500 meters with the help of some legs. Then, let them swim back and forth, every style.»

Swimmer #3:

«When I started to do, then just do exercises for legs and arms. The most common, to warm the body. Then I was allowed in the pool and I swam from one end to the other without stopping. So, as best he could. Separately were jumping from the bedside is an important part of any race. To learn how to jump you need to find someone who already knows how to do it. To understand is difficult, especially if you don’t control your body and do not understand technology. In General, I would recommend to friends with any coach to understand the basics. And then you can do it yourself, if the goal is keeping the tone, not the primacy of the swimming competitions.»By the way, you are very badly looking for the article on our website. Here we found one useful material, keep it as a souvenir.

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