Where is my drive?


Good time of day) Thank you for your editorial that always help and open a new view on some things)) I Have a new question… lately I have made in my life trying to fill it every minute… but I lack drive. How to make your life richer?


Maybe if you lack drive, you’ve overloaded your time and can’t catch a break? Or have you chosen what you really are not interested? If you love your work, from the drive not going anywhere — it will haunt you wherever you go.

Another tip from the category of things — to change your attitude to what you’re doing. Who refers to it as a serious business, it will always behave as the dull grandfather. The secret of passionate individuals — to transform any lesson into a game. If you don’t just perform tasks, and each of them perceive as leveled in the quest, it definitely adds interest. If you don’t just clean, and clear an imaginary area contaminated imaginary nuclear waste, you’re going to do everything much more thoroughly and faster. If you don’t just take pictures on film, and found how to make a camera with their hands out matchbox, that’s another level. The main thing — not to take their time and approach any activity with interest. When you will drive.

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