Where better to relax in the fall

Fall so miserable, so sad that there is an urgent need to visit something outside of the hometown, especially if he worked all summer. Traditionally, we rarely spend the vacation months with both sides from the summer. But in vain, the prices are generally lower, fewer tourists idyll. While pupils and students are busy, visit a popular tourist destination – is a pleasure. However, the September we missed, with only October and November. But nothing, something is lost.

Beach idyll

Since we are considering only two months, the range of places where you can swim in sea water and not be afraid of pneumonia dramatically reduced. For lovers of bathing-beach autumn – all time Golden. The heat subsides, the number of tourists decreases, «VAS» and «Petruch» from Nefteyugansk too little. And most importantly, low prices. So take a globe and poke at countries located in the subtropics. Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro – choose, I do not! The water will be cool – 23 degrees, but comfortable. October is so generally considered by many to be the best month for vacation in Egypt.

In October, begins (and continues through the month of may) is the most favorable for a beach holiday in the UAE.

From October to March is the most favourable time to holiday in Thailand. And November is the best month to travel in India and in particular Goa.


They say that Vietnam is able to come July or crazy or Rimbaud. Don’t know, what does the great French poet, but really hot, Parco humid tropical climate of the country, which was on the trail of Ho Chi Minh, spoils the impression. To go there in October or late September. Even the Americans rushed to Vietnam on 1 November. But instead of heat they were met by the rainy season, so better not.

Without a visa to citizens of the Russian Federation can be in the fraternal Vietnam up to 15 days, so if you have money, you have to get right now. But bear in mind that weather varies greatly from region to region. Vietnam is narrow, stretching from the socialist North to the South of the socialist elephant proboscis. In Northern areas it’s getting colder and felt the proximity of winter, in the Central part of the country has not yet ended the season of typhoons and in the South is just beginning to heat. In most parts of the resort areas to swim is cool. To be able to swim in salt water, it is best to go to Khatyn or Nghe an. Except for a rather low temperature, bathing prevents poor water quality – in November it is usually unclear, and swim in the sea is not too nice. The average temperature in Vietnam is quite high – from +15ºC to +22ºC. Rain can happen, but in November cloudy days usually not more than 6 per month. It is in the Northern areas. But to those who love the sights, visit a Khmer festival, OK Om Bok, dedicated to a lunar deity, and to visit the sights of the notorious war and many ancient temples and palaces.

Also worth visiting is China. During this period, in China many many festivals, celebrations, exhibitions, fairs. And all this with a Chinese touch, bright colors, as they are able.

The fall of China celebrates the moon festival or Harvest festival. He is accompanied by colorful theatrical performances and festivals.


«Broad old woman Russia from edge to edge» – sung in the famous song. And where to go in the fall… Just sometimes it is cheaper to fly to Turkey or the Czech Republic than in Kamchatka. There is another problem: it’s getting cold quickly, and to witness the beauty under the piercing wind – a dubious pleasure. In the Krasnodar region can not be bought. You can get out to the mountains, but this should be done in early October, as the autumn light «cold» does not like happy tourists. Think about it, if Altay – cold Baikal – cold, Kamchatka geysers, too, look terrible, get some attractions. Peter and Moscow – for the curious periphery, Vorontsov Palace, cool but not cold Sevastopol and other delights «off-season» of the Crimea. Well, the most popular option – a gold Ring.

The Golden ring – the tourist anomaly of Russia. It is visited by almost every foreign tourist, but the majority of Russians know about its beauty only by hearsay. But this is one of the most interesting tour routes of Russia, the quintessence of our culture, history and religion. Alone of the Kremlin here – three jokes, plus objects under UNESCO protection, laurels and beauty. And the fall of the ancient city look even more beautiful. However, it is possible to escape from the ring and to call in Nizhniy-Novgorod and other surrounding towns. Antiquity and nature… only Better whisky by the fireplace on a rainy day. But if the case concerns only the nature,…


Focus on one Patriotic attractions read more. Let’s start from afar. As you know, in the Kaluga region, in particular, a lot poluprostykh, extinct villages. That’s one of these in 1994 and settled by the talented Moscow artist Nicholas Polissky. In the village at the time of the attractions was only nature, a ruined Church and own unusual name – Nikola-Lenivets. In the early 2000s was Nikolai «inhabit» the surrounding villages, forests and meadows, unusual structures, or scientific objects of land art. These facilities were built and assembled from natural materials: wood, snow, vines, cones, etc. – and built not «hit and miss», and carefully blended into the surrounding landscape. Such actions have attracted creative people, and since 2006, Nikola-Lenivets was held the festival of landscape objects «Archstoyanie». The festival takes place in summer but need to come here in the autumn. Why? Yes, because the lush paint stunning nature can’t leave indifferent. Let someone say that the nature of the Central boring, but not in these places. Here it is special. In addition, little people. No ban enjoy the beautiful scenery and art objects.


Of course, this is the time to visit the country, which is teeming with all sorts of attractions. The Czech Republic, which is beginning to breathe more freely after the summer tourist crush. Plus the historic beauty of Prague look even more spectacular in the autumn fog, and the beer is not getting worse.

Italy, Spain, France cease to be like the queue to the toilet. People as early enough, but compared to crowds, I prefer to take vacation in the summer, is like comparing ant and Stas Beleckogo. Lower prices, cleaner air. Plus a large number of various colorful fairs and festivals, especially in rural areas. The Biggest – Oktoberfest. On television strongly frightening that in this year’s festival will be more like Cinefest, but who doesn’t risk doesn’t drink. Do not drink.

In the Nordic countries (including the Baltic States) it is better to go in October. Unless, of course, wind and humidity do not scare me. It is believed that heat to walk nicer but the price difference (winter – not Christmas, and other events or summer travel peak) is thought-provoking. Especially against Holland. After all, what you go there, you can do a whole year… We are about pleasure, no, again not the kind of contemplation of the surrounding beauty and attractions.

Mountains and skiing

But for many, the autumn – an occasion in all senses prick up skis, because November marks the beginning of the season in many ski resorts. In mid-November, open ski areas in Austria, Finland, France and Switzerland. Also in the middle of the month begin work Russian resorts Dombay, in the Khibiny mountains or in Mountain Shoria. By the way, in the resorts of the «Dombai» and «Elbrus» has formed a natural snow cover. In Norway in November is not less natural snow, and open up the snowboard parks and ski centers.

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