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manygoodtips.com_28.08.2015_rH3X1hvi2vjm7You finally found a dream job, but she doesn’t pay your bills and other needs. You understand that financial satisfaction is not about you and you have to look for some additional earnings.

Fortunately, there are options that require too much of your time and adequately paid, only if the hands grow from the right place. This list is valid in the case if you already have a main job.

1. Photographer

These guys make decent money, unless, of course, know how to present herself. The main costs are in equipment, and it is now complete, and it is possible to take b/DSLR for not very much money. It so happened that in the West pictures are more thoroughly than we do. Mainly because Russian customers may have little understanding of what «good photography» and what is «bad photography». As a result, we observed, as an absolute layman a good idea to make at various corporate events, weddings and other festive events. Besides, what girl doesn’t want to gave her «professional» photo shoot? It may sound cynical, but do not have to be a good photographer to make good earn. However, you can do this more seriously.

2. Translator

Interpreters are highly valued in many industries. The main thing is to understand where to look for work. And, of course, much easier to find a job of translator who knows, say, the Chinese language than a translator who knows English. The fact that it’s the last knows one in five people, even in Russia. And with Chinese companies now being more often.

3. Tutor

Yes, it is. While teachers in schools to make money, you can do tutoring and to cut down on this a lot of money. Knowledge is power, power to make money. Your clients are students, pupils and their parents who will pay for this. Do not have to have a license, just write a program and place an ad. Even young teachers who only yesterday learned the English language, you can take 1,000 rubles for a 2-hour session. You can also come up with their own courses, though for divination by Tarot. When there is no money to talk about the moral component is not necessary.

4. Driver

We have said that this is easy to raise the money. If you know the city and you have a car, you can proceed. Don’t need a checker taxi driver, just think about it logically, who needs a car. If it is night, then all «visualsite» taxis are the bars and night clubs. The cost of petrol will be compensated. Great will add to your wallet.

5. Developer

These people will always be able to find a job. But unlike the photographer, the developer, their job should know because this profession a lot in the labor market, and only the best can get good customer. Pay well usually the finished project. Better, of course, before beginning such work to prepare a portfolio that shows your capabilities. Well, there – as lucky.

6. Travel blogger

If you are traveling to different exotic and not so countries, it’s time to think about your blog or YouTube channel. Many travel companies, real estate firms, restaurants, bars and cafes do not mind to pay you for the videos. Of course, advertising should not be Intrusive, otherwise you will turn away all subscribers. Maybe the money will not be huge, but it certainly can help to strengthen the financial position.

7. Designer

Actually, now full of designers and all of them are unemployed. And why can’t they stay without a job? Because I don’t want to develop their skills. Of the thousands of «designers» there is only one person who really is something of yourself. And companies, firms, magazines, designers really need is a good simply no. Payment for the project is always worthy, the key is to learn to understand how much your work, because employers will almost always want to pay less, but the result will always be to select the best work. Do not look only on sites, think about what is in your region, what stores are going to appear in your street – everyone needs designers, even small-town musical groups, who will not spare money that you have adequately designed the CD.

8. Concert organizer

It’s money out of thin air, actually, especially if you call the local group to the festival, some of which will even pay for the opportunity to speak. To take money from them or not – your private affair. We would not recommend it: and unpleasant, and has a reputation. The rest of the scheme simple. Owners of small entertainment always beneficial to have people. Dudes leave money at the bar, pay for the entrance, all are drunk and happy. The main thing – to agree on acceptable terms and to understand how organized advertising company in the context of festivals and concerts. And specifics from city to city can vary. The first couple of times you might need to rent, but then offer to work for a percentage of the input (usually 50%) that will save you from the risk of losing money. Better to start advertising for a month or two and spend an average of 2 hours a day of event preparation. In General, the organization of concerts is a very fertile soil, the main thing – to do everything well and not be scammers. And in this business is throwing a meet, unfortunately, very common.

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