Where and how to make friends


Our society has developed certain stereotypes that are hammered us with the idea that human life may not be a lot of good friends, and indeed all good friends in the past and new — not friends, and as a by-product of social relations. We with it categorically do not agree. In high school, College, University you have a lot of friends who quickly «fall off», leaving behind a few people, those notorious buddies for life». But the fact that you did not receive a new Dating does not mean that people become worse. Just when you had a job, girlfriend and financial obligations, you turned his attention on them, naively believing that this will help you to cope with future challenges and problems. But, as you understand from your experience with these problems you can’t handle. You just don’t have the support, «ties», there were people who could stand up for your business. These are the kind of friends we are always looking for.

1 Destroy the barrier at work

There is an excellent rule that applies to corporate ethics, it reads: «Divide work and family.» We agree with that, because you can’t put your identity in a situation where you have to choose one of the two. However, this is not the written law never mentioned friendship. Work plays an important role in our lives — we spend a lot of time there, sometimes more than family. And the longer you work in one place, the more you understand your colleagues on a personal level. Why not start with them hanging out? What is the difference? It will be worse? The fact is that a colleague who knows you for five years, is more suitable for the role of «friend» than some random guy off the street. The advice is simple: get out beyond the professional communication on the job.

2 delve into their own interests

This is natural, because men’s relationships develop according to the principle of common interests. They can be based on profession, leisure, tastes and even booze. The main thing is to find a common line, which could connect you and the other person. Not necessarily looking for something global. The link could be the love for cinema of the 80s or the football team «Manchester United». Even if two people start out as a simple drinking buddies» there is no reason to think that they will become good friends in the future.3 But don’t forget about what you never did

It is not necessary to focus only on yourself and your interests, especially if they revolve around one person — you. A good start for a good friendship can serve as collective activities, like bike rides, wine tasting, travel Hiking. As a rule, these things do cohesive group of people who were not previously know each other. That is, you just need to look in your town and find leisure, prefixed to which is the word «collective».

4 Joining the organization


Joining any organization can be a great way to meet intelligent and active people. And we are not talking about the sects and parties (almost synonymous), and all sorts of clubs, sports leagues, student societies, debating clubs and the like. Do not think that you will forever connect their lives with other people, getting any badge of the organization — to get you can always, but even if you don’t find anything new, you will have the experience and a couple three good singles.

5 Join the professional community

Another option, but only designed exclusively for your specialty. Usually in such communities experienced workers share their experience with the young in between drinking and discussing news in the chat. So, of course, modern professional community, especially if you work in any it/media sector, start their own chats in Telegram. Such acquaintance, in addition, will help you to evolve in terms of career, what will not be superfluous.

6 Attend events, festivals, art exhibitions

Look in the city’s calendar of events. If you see it as art exhibitions, fairs, charity events and festivals, write down the address and time and go with God — there you will find friends, especially at concerts, where tongues untied a high content of alcohol in the blood. No one promises you that he will become your best friend, but at least you will find yourself a good friend. Therefore, any urban event is a great excuse to go out to clear my head and try to be happy.7 Become a volunteer

With volunteers it’s complicated — they either hate, or up on a pedestal of public adoration. The fact that volunteers are people of a special device of the mind, which is sometimes terribly annoying such cynical people that we are. On the other hand, if you’re a compassionate guy and you like to help people for free, why not volunteer? If you make friends with somebody, be sure that you are not a man obsessed by yourself.

8 Communicate with people where you always have

Look, you go to the gym, and in the morning drink a Cup of coffee in a certain café at a certain time. After a while you will see that people in these places don’t change. I mean, every day you meet the same people, so why don’t you meet them? What will you lose if you talk to the guy who is constantly drinking coffee at the next table? Maybe he thinks you’re weird, but our fathers and grandfathers so start Dating — they didn’t have the Internet and social networks. They simply approached people and began to speak. It’s easier than you think.

9 throw a party «blind»


Method with low risk of running into idiots. Here’s how: you call your single friend and say: «let’s gather a company of scumbags who like beer, chips and a film about Godzilla in my house! Call all your friends, it’ll be fun!». Even if he brings two or three people, then you will have the opportunity to have a General acquaintance with the people who you are unlikely to disappoint, because they are your sidekick other, and therefore adequate. Next time can gather more people by asking friends of a friend to invite their friends. Such tactics have you seen in numerous Hollywood films, so why not use it?

10 Party for those who are in the subject

Another way, this time last where you take on the role of organizer. This time you need to gather people according to certain criteria. For example, they are all fans of the TV series «twin Peaks». You cleaned your apartment, hiding valuables in the safe, pull out the sofa bed and check the projector, and then tout nice people from the community of fans of «twin Peaks» to his home for a collective view. Many will call you a fool, an idiot, and will put you in the black list forever, but there are a couple hundred people who will read your appeal and ask yourself: «why not? I am already tired to sit without friends.»

So, everything is in your hands.

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