When you’re ready, it will be too late

manygoodtips.com_22.03.2016_s3VeC0r2BBAuvThis planet is not adapted for slowpoke. But if you’re one of them, moreover, do not want to change, then forget about the legacy you want to leave behind. Can count on some kids (making them time enough, be proud!), and that’s about something monumental like the moonlight Sonata or scribbling level Kerry don’t even think about. Moreover, if you wish to achieve success at the local level, you still have to go beyond the inferences and take the hell over! But you still have not made the first step. But to blame his «stupid and bydlovaty» friend who has everything, you’re always capable of. No, he’s not lucky, he’s just not such a lazy ass.

The eternal lack of time

Yes, the hours are never enough for all the invented in your head! It is a given, not only the realities of your life, you know? All live in such conditions, and therefore does not need to use a banal lack of free time» as an excuse, because some have time for a couple of hours that you don’t have time for weeks. They’re not talented beyond measure, not geniuses and not demigods. They simply have the guts to deal with the task, and you don’t. Why? You better ask yourself.


Do you think that the work robs you too much. But what are you doing after work? Let’s imagine that you are honest and spend their 8 hours a day (forget about the weekend). From the day you subtract those pesky 8 hours and received 16 hours. However, the man needed sleep, because subtracted from the 16 8. Remains as much as 8 hours – here’s your free time. And where do you spend it? It is clearly not for self-development or the organization of the business.And if you think well, the time you have even more. Don’t have to sleep half of the day, do not have to sit at the computer a lot of hours and already it is not necessary to turn on the TV to learn something new. Leisure time should be used to the maximum, and this does not mean that your transformation into a racehorse, which in 30 years to fall dead. Even on your smartphone useless you spend hours a lot more than for its implementation. So it changes, go ahead!

Tired? Do something else!

manygoodtips.com_22.03.2016_Ly5cqBaySTdEcPavlov once gave a brilliant idea that rest is change of activity. Such inspiration can be compared with the «Eureka» of Archimedes, and therefore should implement this wisdom in your daily life. Work where to work and then rest at work that you like, although it is not yet revenue. Develop in all directions now, and not wait for the right moment.

Simply remove from your mental setup the postulate that the work can only be a burden, and everything will change. Here, as with pre-school and school education. It is necessary to interest the child that it was interesting and fun to learn, then it will perfectly cope with the task. The psyche of adults, let them think they are smarter, organized on the same pattern. If you are interested in the work, it is easier to work with. But the interest sometimes you need to instill in yourself. In the end, any result you have the euphoria that is never going to be traversed or viewed another season.

Sometimes you just need to start

Preparation is important, and she has a hell of a time. You analyze and analyze, write out your plans and paint, dream and dream. And then postpone the idea indefinitely, to a couple of years again for them to return. With me it happened very often, again to repeat this monotonous and defeatist way. The success of any venture it is impossible to predict at the stages of forecast. So, you need to set aside a piece of their personal time to understand the subject, study it and form the first steps. But then… then you just need to gradually do this.


For example, I want to open a bar? OK, you painted the whole design, formed the menu and even came up with the name! Well done, but what did you do to find funding? Is there anyway you afford it? If not, you can find sponsors? Can begin, finally, to communicate with interested people which your topic interesting? Take on the analysis (if business) a couple of months. Study the matter carefully, thoroughly, and then just jump in the ocean from the dangers of unknown worlds and possibilities.In any case, you will not be able to consider everything. You will not be able to deduct on actual experience in the books, because the experience is always individual, and his need to understand himself. So just start.

Start to write a book, start to think its moonlight Sonata, rent the place under the bar and start building, find sponsors for your science project go to the Antarctic expedition, to approach the girl you want, without considering a failure scenario of his conversation with her.

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