When you forbid to look at pretty girls



The temptation to post this question would be great, but please refrain. Don’t want her to see him, and there was another tantrum (just to share with someone and ask).

1.5 years in a relationship, living together. Six months ago saw me in I recommended a few half-naked women. Then we quarreled and made up with the words, «well, I want — look».

Today there was a post a «friend» you, and I sent it myself to VC, then to watch when you have time for procrastination — go articles etc. I Think like everyone else.

The girl saw and threw a tantrum, started to show members of the beefy men and went to the balcony and pulled up the shirt, saying «just nothing» — there was a man.

In General, I’m confused, it’s OK like that. And nature of such claims I do not understand.

Judge, please.

The answer

I’m sorry I couldn’t resist, as there is in this magazine manygoodtips.com one minus — his workers have no time to consult everyone about their personal lives. Excuse me, excuse me all those who are sending us a personal question to consult you in personal messages, we will not. Trust me, she won’t know and if you know, then you have nothing to fear — I think you described very well, no offending. Well, if it was once again something is not liked, then face it, you got just a passionate woman. So sorry I didn’t heed your request. Things dropped on our mail, does not remain without the answer. Public answer.

Now to your problem. The root of it lies in the proprietary relationship of man to his partner. Sometimes people get jealous of their friends to their new companions, but here the relationship deeper and more intimate. As they say, without scandal will not do. Many girls treat their children as property: my. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee them to be monogamous to the end of life, because that’s how vile human nature is.

You visually satisfy their primary male needs. If the man is all right and testosterone levels if he is a member of, if he’s got balls, he will visually assess all the women around. So congratulations, you’re all right. It is a natural animal instinct, which is responsible, ironically, for reproduction. No kidding. Scientists have conducted studies which found that during contemplation titted women for men includes the area of the brain responsible for reproduction.

And you’re young, you have a hormone it works, so don’t worry: you’re not a freak and not your fault. See better pictures than touch straight women. Although your girlfriend can not understand, if it’s even drawing potential opponent looks like the threat of a breakup. One dog told me this thing: «no bitch has the right to touch my dog». On the one hand, rejoice: you very much. On the other hand, the fact that men sometimes need to look at other women, does not fit in her pretty head. You will soon be accused of debauchery, that you’re cheating, don’t like doing it, and to heap you arrive hysterical on «I’m fat, I’m bad, I’m not happy with you». Given the propensity of women to ingenious reasoning, you can say that attempts to reach out to the voice of reason will be smashed to smithereens.But over time, the young brain comes common sense (it’s called growing up), and she will begin to understand that its a hassle, it only makes things worse and actually provokes you to sin. So be patient and try not to palitsya. No need to openly subscribe to, and then see what you have it. Wait, eventually when you get tired from each other, and your relationship will enter a phase of «do what you want, just to be happy,» will be a porno to watch with her. And be honest, you too would not be very pleased if she looked at the male members, especially surpassing in the sizes of yours too often. You started to accuse her.

So please be patient and conspiranoia. Your guilt in this, to explain the girl that it’s okay to look at other people’s Asses, too, will fail. We will not advise you to strengthen the bed-sex relations, it is not being. You just need to Mature and grow up. And we will hope that the value will come to your house much faster.

If absolutely unbearable, you can try to talk to her. It can to agree with you and calm down. Externally to calm down because deep down it will break and, as often happens, it breaks there, where no one expected. So be strong — we thought, like you asked.

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