When you feel that the people around are not your friends

When you feel that the people around are not your friends

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_QGGLvd1zwaGriWe often observe what other people do: they go to sports halls, go to parties, drink cocktails in the clubs, hang out near the shops. A plain, in a sense, life is measured. But not everyone likes it. Sometimes you feel in your gut that are very different from many people around you. And it’s not chatter on the subject of your oneness. You just think you’re wearing the wrong things, say wrong words, even joking is wrong. If you missed the year in school, where students are taught how to dress and behave in society. That seems to be that you’re some kind of outcast, or normal people, and you’re one worthless. And like as friends, but they expect you to behavior that made them, but not you.

It’s sad. Begins to break down the idea of involvement in modern society. Perhaps this is the birth of misanthropes — they have no real friends. But recently we realized that it’s not so bad. The world absorbs a huge number of different people. Just in friendship, as in love, career and the battle, no one path — there are a great many ways and each is simply obliged to make everything to find the correct path. manygoodtips.com of course, it will help in choosing the right strategy.

Don’t need to change — find your tribe

If you have to change yourself to fit in with a group of friends, then no they are not your friends. It is not that they go bad, requiring you changes, they just don’t suit you. Instead of having to change to meet the expectations of other people, spend the energy on finding your tribe — people who think like you, have an identical view of the world and do what you do.

Find your tribe — it’s like coming home. You don’t have to pretend anymore. You can be yourself, love yourself and other people, do not be afraid to look stupid or wrong. And today, in the era of information boom, find your tribe couldn’t be simpler — open the Internet and find a online community which raises interesting topics, find people from your city and add them to friends. And then only communication, meetings and offline friendship. Don’t be afraid to look Intrusive.

Don’t rush someone else’s idea of a «successful life» for themselves

Unfortunately, many of us spend time thinking about what we «should» do instead to allow our desire to lead us forward. This is due to the pressure from peers, family members, companies. We say: learn to be «proper» profession, get a good job, earn money, start a family, have a car and a nice house.

Work.kom.ua_29.09.2016_yPrfwdKKejgo0Sometimes it requires great courage to stop and reflect on this whole traditional way of life to understand what elements of a burden, but a real desire. The concept of success itself is very individual. So no need to look to others to consider them cars, money, «littered with» friends. Perhaps all this will not make you happy.

Try to answer the question: «What will I be proud when I become decrepit?» Maybe you want to create something useful, and your personal success will not be buying an island in the Pacific Ocean, and the creation of any public organization, which oversees implementation of road maintenance. Find the job that will make you happy.

Meaningful life

Most of the attention we pay to the external signs of success such as earning money, buying goods, etc. Perhaps it is because of fear that our lives are meaningless in nature. If people can’t find deep meaning, it is easy to distract yourself with this nonsense. So even a simple question: «What does this mean for me?» will help to look at life differently. You will focus on their own satisfaction and not the approval of others. Actions you can do every day, and they do not have to be on a global scale. Regular habit to ask yourself this question before every action would add a little sense of existence, and from there, and fortunately the path is short.

The worth of the individual, not society

When you think of a reasonable way, then think about the artificially created patterns of behavior that have nothing to do with normality. If you want to work only for a monthly salary, because «as necessary», then you are not investing power in the future — you just allow others to make money, carelessly using your talents. If you buy a new car or the next iPhone, then this purchase may not initially be useful — it serves the interests of others, in this case the interests of big business.

We are not called upon to deal with consumer society, it’s stupid. But we urge them to think about their actions, and to analyze their system-level values. There is a big difference between buying the same iPhone in a moment of true desire and the moment the desire of suggestion. Not politicians, businessmen and ideology should rule your life. And not even family friends. You decide that is valuable to you and what is not. And when you learn to live by the rules of a strong man, you will easily find people who will become your true friends.

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