When you feel old

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_7i8qNFWWr08dtIt is difficult to understand what happened to this world in the last 10 years, but something clearly happened. Have you ever noticed that children are now not children? Where did the carefree life of a teenager, which we actively show on TV?

Life has clearly become the other, the world spinning faster, you don’t want to hang out, although your age seems to be designed for this. If you look at life like this, then welcome to the society mental the elderly. Usually all write about that can be bad, but we decided to focus on the positive aspects.

1. Time

You begin to appreciate time and use it completely differently. Simply put, you do not want with rare exceptions, to find adventure on his ass at 3am as before. The day you will spend at home, in the company of friends and a nice person and not with a strange man.

2. Interests

Your interests and Hobbies, cease to rush from side to side, your brain slowly begins to age, poor digestibility of everything new or strange. But the old knowledge has expanded in different directions, and if you’ve been fascinated by the history of antiquity, we now know almost every important battle in this period of time. To be old in the absence of insanity – it is a pleasant thing.

3. Mass events

Your girl keeps pulling you for any events: wedding, friends, festivals, get-togethers with relatives. But you’re clearly not interested to go somewhere, to put your brain to the damaging effects, in fact, total strangers. It’s not for you. Again, where better to spend your free time in the case where you don’t have to interact with people. People managed to bore you.

4. Contemplation

Before you ran, as usual, is now well understood that a business should think about, and quiet contemplation will save you a lot of time. Old always stare at one point for no apparent reason, but really mentally, they are found in places that you never thought you would. Beauty can be enjoyed while in a static state. Before you all want to touch, feel, taste, but now just one.

5. Party

You are not at ease at various gatherings. If it’s a concert, you will be the only one in the room who really came to hear the music. Others will drink, have fun, dance, pick up girls and get their heavy slaps, but you will come quietly, listen to music and also calmly go. Trouble eliminated.

6. Communication

You find it hard to have a simple conversation about anything. Each of your replica is something that carries at least a small sense of proportion. Do you love to talk about current news, politics, history, culture, work. You have no idea how you can seriously discuss Instagram friend or relationship other people that you don’t understand the meaning of after-dinner conversations, toasts, and more. In the company of young and energetic you are the black sheep, which, however, all suffer.

7. Dissatisfaction

It became less, and it’s not bad. Another plus in the Treasury of the pros. Before you could irritate different things, events are such that you do not in any way relate to, such as the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. Any controversial thing that you subtracted in the Internet, was a challenge for you personally. However, the syndrome «on the Internet someone is wrong» is in the different age categories of our country, but mostly they hurt the population closer to the school period. No, it’s not indifference, it’s just the maturity and the ability to look at things from a different angle.

8. You expect nothing and trust nobody

Gone youthful maximalism. You’re no longer a child, and the dreams errors mistakes, but now you do not want to participate in all of this. Aging is after all not only age category. So don’t think that there is no society that is entirely composed of children at all age levels. When you listen to the promises of the President, as for all this wrapper to capture the essence. Usually a three-hour speech can be described in a few sentences, which are the main ideas of the show. You don’t believe in miracles, so never expect that money will fall on your head without any reason.

9. Planning

You made the decision before? Head banged the thought, the thought embodied in the action. But for now, something to do, it may take more than one day, and some of the things you’re planning years. We’re not telling you about what we all love to do, namely, «procrastination», we are talking about a real plan that you can take away from a large amount of time, if you want to do something in all seriousness.

10. Memories error

The most unpleasant. In life, you have already done cases that you would be ashamed for the rest of your days. They say «what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger», but you already want to forget about a lot of things from the past.

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