When swing is already enough?

when swing is already enough

Probably every man knows that women don’t particularly like ducks. It is constantly discussed, and dudes with moderately developed muscles and a sigh of relief, saying that still works are vain. I heard a girl talk about that too much muscle is weird, scary and antisexual. Dudes try to, but girls don’t. Sad story, if the muscles are built up solely for the sake of female attention. It’s one thing to swing for yourself, for fun, for achievements, there is nothing wrong. Another to build muscle for the sake of popularity from friends, which in this way is not achieved, because the muscles, girls don’t like. I propose to develop the theme: what for to swing and when to stop? In my opinion, is the burning question.

Body or wife?

It’s pretty hypocritical of me to ask such a question — because women are known to like guys in good shape. Yes, I had one fat who lost weight to make a proposal to the girl. But, to be honest with them, and so all was well, and she agreed to marry him in any case. It wasn’t her, it was him. He / she liked. Women love our body, but even more they love when we take off our clothes and stay with them forever. And when we know how to cook.

So all these gym and stuff is for us. To look exactly as we want. To be strong enough to see the results of workouts to help friends move. Someone does not like our appearance, let yourself sometime to cope with this problem.

As women are muscles

Do people primarily want to be attractive. Just look good, though to make it look natural. However, it is their personal choice if they decide to become bodybuilders. Over them do often laugh, because most attractive people are those that have moderate muscles, but the ducks are starting to scare.

We even interviewed 100 friends, asking them a question that they consider attractive in men. That’s how they set priorities:

1. Personality.

2. Face.

3. Moderately developed musculature.

4. A good Bank account in conjunction with the flat belly.

5. Relief press.

6. Huge muscles.

You know what I mean?

What I mean

When I was a kid, I loved movies such as «Conan» and «Terminator». Then I even dared to wonder how the hero managed to become so big, what it cost him. Steroids? Protein?

The question is, what do we want from ourselves. We all have different goals, but all we dream to achieve them. Sometimes we calm down and settle for what you have, because «go». Sometimes we do even more than I believed myself capable of. Sometimes we look in the mirror and understand that you are not satisfied.

You yourself will understand that it is enough

It’s not that other people consider or do not consider sexual, and that’s what we want. You can take creatine and grow to unprecedented sizes, but if you don’t want it, and do not think that this is just «necessary». After workout is not to push a protein shake and just drink a glass of milk. I don’t care who and what it will say.

With regard to the opposite sex, even if someone doesn’t like how you look, you can always find a good friend that will like it. Or maybe your friend just pleased that you’re pleased with yourself. It’s not even physical attraction: they will certainly appreciate your efforts on the path to perfection, your determination and perseverance. When swing is already enough? Don’t listen to me. Do not listen to anyone.

No one but himself.

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